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Haba (羽場 (はば) Haba?) is a minor antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He and his partner Hanyu were Culling Game players who targetted rookies in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony until they were both defeated by Yuji Itadori.


Haba is a relatively short, mid-to-older-aged man with a muscular build. He has dark hair with wide eyebrows, short sideburns, and a thick mustache. Due to his cursed technique, the top of Haba's head is connected to a rotator with four propellers that spin and allow him to fly.

Haba wears a headband across his forehead with a light-colored sleeveless zip-up vest decorated with a shark design on the front collar. He also sported dark pants and simple shoes.


Haba is an aggressive and haughty man who likely played a cruel role in forcing Rin Amai to do Hanyu's bidding against his will. When Yuji took down Hanyu, Haba was upset and immediately attacked as any partner would be. Despite being defeated by Hiromi Higuruma, Haba heavily underestimated Yuji and arrogantly chose to ignore his aerodynamic advantage to attack at close range. When Yuji injured his hands breaking Haba's propellers, the latter was delirious from head trauma and arrogantly declared that Yuji lost because he broke his hand.[1][2]


Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

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Abilities and Powers

Haba cutting through a building to attack Yuji.

Overall Skill: Haba was marked by Kenjaku and gained the capacity to develop an innate cursed technique in order to participate in the Culling Game. He developed into a sorcerer of similar strength to his partner but it is unknown how many points either of them scored.

While Haba does try to infer his opponent's moves, his approach isn't tactical enough to properly take advantage of his cursed technique. He's too overconfident in his propeller's capabilities, boasting it can slash through steel. Haba should take advantage of the high ground during battles against opponents who can't fly but instead, he attacks at close range with his propeller blades. This lead to his downfall against Yuji, who lead him indoors and targetted his head as a vital spot.[3]

While he could threaten powerless people like Rin, Haba was soundly defeated by players with strength comparable to grade 1 like Higuruma and Yuji.[2]


Innate Technique
Haba's propeller.png Helicopter Hair: Haba's cursed technique changed his hair into a propeller with four blades. By activating it, Haba can fly around and suspend himself in the air. He's able to adjust the length and angle of his propeller as well as increase its rotational speed and toughness. Like Hanyu, it is likely that Haba's cursed energy is mainly focused on his hair.[4] (Unnamed)

Battles & Events

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc


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