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The Grasshopper Curse (バッタの (のろ) Batta no Noroi?) is a minor antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. It was a grade 2 cursed spirit born from humanity's hatred of the grasshopper plague. Yuji Itadori encountered it on B2F of Meiji-Jingumae Station while it was guarding the commissioned curtain there.


The Grasshopper Curse is named for the obvious type of curse it is. It is a relatively large, bipedal, humanoid curse that strongly resembles a normal grasshopper. The Grasshopper Curse uses two of its six legs to stand on and the other four as arms.


The Grasshopper Curse is not particularly bright. It is capable of speech and communication to some degree, albeit with some occasional trouble. Despite barely being considered intelligent, the Grasshopper Curse believes itself to be very smart. Upon meeting Yuji nearly everything it talked about revolved about either itself being smart or asking if Yuji if he's smart. When Yuji revealed to it that smart people don't really talk about being smart, it was surprised and covered its mouth to stop talking.


Shibuya Incident Arc

Yuji Itadori encountered the Grasshopper curse munching on a human corpse, when he entered the Shibuya Station at the B2F entrance. The young sorcerer asks the curse about Mahito's whereabouts, to which the Grasshopper responded by answering the question and adding that it's protecting a cutain here. Yuji took it upon himself to exorcise the curse in order to get rid of the Curtain. The Grasshopper Curse was initially overpowered, so it tried a surprise attack, but it didn't work and Itadori promptly eliminates the curse.

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Evidenced by its ability to communicate, the Grasshopper Curse is at least grade 2 level cursed spirit with high combat abilities that surpass some semi-grade 1 curses.[1] It is more intelligent than most curses, but the Grasshopper isn't very smart compared to a typical jujutsu sorcerer. In Shibuya it was given two simple tasks: guarding the commissioned curtain and killing non-sorcerers.[2]

Despite having natural physical prowess superior to a normal human, Yuji was far superior in physical skill and easily defeated the curse.[3] Mahito mentioned that it must have taken a strong jujutsu sorcerer to defeat him.[4]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
High Cursed Energy: The Grasshopper Curse was formed from the combined hate, fear, and resentment associated with the grasshopper plague. It did not appear to have the ability to use cursed techniques, since it was a curse with cursed energy levels associated with grade 2.
Cursed Spirit Physiology
Curse of the Grasshopper Plague.png Grasshopper Physiology: As a Grasshopper Curse, it claims to have arms, jaws, and eyes all far superior to humans. All the abilities of normal grasshoppers can be adapted for combat as well.[5] It can shoot black mucus from its mouth, and expand its abdomen to stabs its opponents.
Grasshopper Curse jumping and biting.png Enhanced Jumping and Biting Power: The Grasshopper Curse can use its strong legs and powerful jaw to rapidly move across a contained area and bite everything in sight. Its jaws can knaw clean through a metal sign, let alone human flesh.[6]
Grasshopper Curse spitting black mucus.png Black Mucus: During a grasshopper plague disaster, the black mucus excreted by the grasshoppers covers all the land the swarm goes over.[7] The Grasshopper Curse can spit out the same mucus from its mouth as a projectile.[8]
Grasshopper Curse sneak attacks Yuji.png Expandable Abdomen: A grasshopper's abdomens expand and contract so they can lay eggs deep in the ground. The tip is hard and can expand up to three times its normal length. The Grasshopper curse can extend its abdomen quickly as a surprise attack to stab an opponent. It attempted to use this in a sneak attack against Yuji but failed.[9]

Battles & Events

Shibuya Incident Arc


Books Gege Akutami used for inspiration when writing the Grasshopper character.

  • When Lonely Grasshoppers Flock Together: The Mutation and Outbreak of the Desert Locust by Dr. Kotaro Ould Maeno
  • Bear Storm by Akira Yoshimura.


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