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A Grade ( (きゅう) Kyū?) refers to the power scaling system that ranks jujutsu ranging from grades one to four, and special grade. It is used to categorize the strength of jujutsu sorcerers[1], cursed spirits, cursed objects and cursed tools.


Jujutsu High assigns their sorcerer's grades to assess their skill level ascending from Grade 4 to Grade 1. Students generally start at Grade 4 upon joining the school, but this depends on experience.[1]

Cursed spirits are ranked on a similar scale but not exact. The higher-ups can be particular when it comes to ranking cursed spirits. The distinct difference between a grade 2 and a semi-grade 1 curse is whether or not it is capable of using cursed techniques.[2]

Jujutsu sorcerers are expected to take on missions involving curses of the same level. A Grade 2 sorcerer should be able to defeat a Grade 2 curse because their skill level is closer to the strength of a Grade 1 curse.[3]

Cursed tools are also categorized from grades 1 to 4 based on power and potency. The higher the grade, the greater advantage in battle.[4] All Special Grade cursed tools except for Playful Cloud are imbued with a cursed technique.[5]


If traditional weapons were used against curses and sorcerers measured their effectiveness as a gauge:

  • Grade 4 ( (よん) (きゅう) Yonkyū?): "A wooden bat is enough."
  • Grade 3 ( (さん) (きゅう) Sankyū?): "If you have a handgun, you can rest easy."
  • Semi-Grade 2 ( (じゅん) () (きゅう) Jun Nikyū?):
  • Grade 2 ( () (きゅう) Nikyū?): "Close call with a shotgun."
  • Semi-Grade 1 ( (じゅん) (いっ) (きゅう) Jun Ikkyū?):
  • Grade 1 ( (いっ) (きゅう) Ikkyū?): "Even a tank might be insufficient."
  • Special Grade 1 ( (とく) (べつ) (いっ) (きゅう) Tokubetsu Ikkyū?):
  • Special Grade ( (とっ) (きゅう) Tokkyū?): "Cluster bombs might work".[6]


Jujutsu sorcerers can be promoted up in rank by receiving a recommendation from a sorcerer of a higher rank. The higher the rank, the more a sorcerer is paid for the more dangerous jobs that come with it. When it comes to students, their teachers are not permitted to submit a recommendation for their promotion.[7][8]

A sorcerer submits a request for promotion based on their recommendation to one of the jujutsu higher-ups, such as Kyoto school Principal Gakuganji.[9]

When it comes to being promoted to Grade 1, upon receiving recommendations from two or more sorcerers of that rank, the nominee will accompany a sorcerer of that level on several missions. The one who accompanies the nominee can't be the same person who put in the recommendation. If they perform well on these missions, the nominee will be granted a Semi-Grade 1 rank and be assigned a mission to exorcise a Grade 1 alone. Based on the outcome of that, the decision to permit or deny Grade 1 status will be decided.[10]

Grade Registry

Known Grades
Grade 4
Grade 4 is a rank meant for weak and inexperienced sorcerers. Maki Zenin is the only known Grade 4 but this is due to the Zenin Family holding her back from promotion.[11]

Grade 3
Grade 3 is an average rank for jujutsu sorcerers to have, especially students.

Grade 2
Grade 2 is an above-average level for a sorcerer. Most great sorcerers are between Grades 1 and 2, so they are not by any means weak.[12] It is exceptional for a student to be Grade 2, a status which allows them to on solo assignments.[13] A student receiving a Grade 2 rank upon enrolling is considered to be a genius.[14] There are also Semi-Grade 2 sorcerers but little is known about the purpose of that intermediate rank.

Semi-Grade 1
Semi-Grade 1 is a rank for sorcerers who have completed their accompanied missions following their recommendation for Grade 1 with satisfactory results.

Grade 1
Grade 1 sorcerers are the ones who uphold the standards of what a sorcerer should strive to be and are the ones fit to lead society. It is the highest status a sorcerer can hope to achieve through the natural progression of ranks, as Special Grade is something of a misrepresentation. The level of danger on missions, the amount of confidentiality entrusted to them, and the compensation are far greater than Semi-Grade 1 and below.[15] Naobito Zenin, head of the prestigious Zenin Family, is referred to as a "Supreme Grade 1".[16]

Special Grade 1
Naobito Zenin, former head of the prestigious Zenin Family, was referred to as a Special Grade 1 Sorcerer.[17] Other elite members of the Zenin Family carry this rank as well.[18]

Special Grade
Special Grade is a rank reserved for anomalies within the jujutsu community. It is reserved for sorcerers with such immense strength that their destructive potential is immeasurable, making them very exclusive and unique cases, hence the title "special". As a testament to its rarity, as of 2016, there are only four registered sorcerers with the Special Grade rank.[19]

Known Grades
Semi-Grade 1
Semi-Grade 1 curses have been a benchmark for danger on several occasions. A Semi-Grade 1 curse of Suguru's attacked Yuta and Toge[20], and the former of which noted it was much scarier than a gigantic one he had fought previously.[21] Principal Gakuganji also attempted to use a Semi-Grade 1 curse to assassinate Yuji Itadori.[22] Cursed spirits that can communicate like the Grasshopper Curse are automatically considered to be Semi-Grade 1 at lowest.[23] Curses of this rank can have their techniques extracted and utilized by Suguru's Cursed Manipulation, suggesting Semi-Grade 1 curses can utilize cursed techniques.[24][25]

Special Grade
In 2017, there were 16 confirmed registered cursed spirits. Many of them are Imaginary Vengeful Spirits feared by sorcerers.[26] Sukuna is recognized as a Fierce Vengeful God, the King of Curses.[27] Other Vengeful Spirits such as Rika and Tamomo-no-Mae were registered as special grade as well.[28]

Unregistered Special Grade
In 2018 following Sukuna reincarnation, several unregistered special grade cursed spirits began appearing. The first was a Finger Bearer born from a Cursed Womb spawned from one of Sukuna's fingers.[29] Satoru Gojo first took notice when he was attacked by Jogo. Following their fight, another unregistered special grade, Hanami, came to help Jogo, showing their intelligence and capability of working together. Along with Mahito and Dagon, these curses formed a faction to work against sorcerers.[30]


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