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Gorilla Mode (ゴリラモード Gorira Mōdo?) is one of Panda's abilities as an Abrupt Mutated Cursed Corpse that allows him to switch to a Gorilla Core and utilize the strengths of his power-type brother.


Normally there is only one core that acts as the heart of a man-made cursed corpse, but an Abrupt Mutated cursed corpse like Panda possesses three cores. By switching to the Gorilla Core, the user can change their body into a power-type fit for close combat and short battles.[1]

Along with greatly enhanced strength and speed, Gorilla Mode provides the user with an attack known as the Unblockable Drumming Beat. Gorilla Mode's attacks are unblockable because each strike resonates and damages the target despite any guard used against it.[2] However, this power comes at a cost as Gorilla Mode consumes a lot of cursed energy very quickly.[3]


Gorilla Mode's overwhelming strength crushing Mechamaru's Ultra Shield.

Masamichi Yaga, Panda's creator, describes the Gorilla Core as Panda's brother and believed it would always be there to lend Panda strength. In Panda's bout with Mechamaru, his other two cores were damaged and he was forced to rely on Gorilla Mode to survive Mechamaru's Ultimate Cannon.

Gorilla Mode searching the decimated remains of Shibuya.

Not only was Gorilla Mode able to brush off the blast, but it was also able to effectively counterattack and completely crush Mechamaru's Ultra Shield using the Unblockable Drumming Beat.[4]

While Mechamaru was able to trade blows with Panda in his balanced form, just two Drumming Beat attacks from Gorilla Mode were enough to defeat him completely.[5]

Gorilla Mode leading the charge on Pseudo-Geto.

During the Shibuya Incident, Panda used Gorilla Mode to search the decimated remains of the area in front of Shibuya Stream. It was hit by Maximum: Meteor during Sukuna's battle with Jogo, a fight that caught Panda and Atsuya Kusakabe in the crossfire. While in Gorilla Mode, Panda searched all the rubble until he found and secured Kusakabe.[6]

Panda and Kusakabe joined the battle against Pseudo-Geto shortly after. With two active cores left, Panda volunteered to lead a last-ditch effort to rescue Satoru Gojo from the clutches of the curse user. While running at Pseudo-Geto with his allies in tow, Panda began to charge his Unblockable Drumming Beat. However, Uraume suddenly freezes the entire group of sorcerers in one fell swoop.[7]


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