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The Gojo's Past Arc ( () (じょう) () () (へん) Gojō Kako-hen?)[1] is the sixth arc in Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen. It follows Satoru Gojo during the year 2006 back when he was a second-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Together with Suguru Geto, Satoru must escort the Star Plasma Vessel to Master Tengen as curse user groups conspire against them.


The Two Strongest Sorcerers

Yaga gives his students a mission straight from Master Tengen.

In August 2006, Mei Mei and Utahime go off on a mission and disappear for longer than they were meant to. Tokyo jujutsu second-years, Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto are sent to retrieve them. They're able to help them escape a haunted mansion that had trapped them inside with a time manipulating barrier. However, Satoru forgets to use a curtain and the event ends up on the news.

Following their return to school, Satoru is disciplined by their teacher, Masamichi Yaga. Satoru doesn't understand why its important to hide jujutsu from commoners but Suguru claims it's to protect them. Their disagreement nearly leads to a fight but Yaga breaks it up. He has to force the two boys to focus because they've been given a mission from Master Tengen. Tengen has a perfect match so the boys are tasked with escorting the Star Plasma Vessel to them.

Q makes their move on the Star Plasma Vessel.

Yaga explains that Master Tegen's cursed technique tries to force its user to change bodies. Every five hundred years, Master Tengen must merge with a compatible Star Plasma Vessel. The mission is to escort the girl to Master Tengen so they do not ascend to a new state and become an enemy to humanity. Master Tengen's barrier techniques are crucial to protecting the pillars of the jujutsu world. Only the strongest, Satoru and Suguru can handle such an important task.

Two groups are targeting the Star Plasma Vessel. The curse user group Q and the Star Religious Group the Time Vessel Association. The boys are too late to find the girl and Q attempts to assassinate her. Suguru is able to save the girl and both jujutsu students are able to deal with the Q soldier's without any trouble at all.

Escorting the Star Plasma Vessel

Satoru saves the girl.

The vessel, Riko Amanai and her caretaker, Misato Kuroi are taken to safety by Satoru and Suguru. As per orders from Tengen, Riko can't be taken straight back to Tokyo Jujutsu High because she needs to enjoy the final days of her young life. This allows Riko to return to school and spend time with her friends.

Meanwhile, the Time Vessel Association begins their own scheme to assassinate the girl. The infamous Sorcerer Killer: Toji Zenin is hired by the Star Religious Group for thirty million yen to kill the vessel and prevent an impure merger. Toji is well aware of Satoru's prowess, so he takes a unique approach to completing the job. He posts Riko's picture on a dark website for curse users with a thirty million dollar bounty. This is a ploy to wear down the vessel's escorts. Since none of them will be able to defeat Satoru or Suguru, its free labor.

Curse users come to collect the bounty Toji placed on Riko's head.

Two curse users, an older gentlemen and a muscular man wearing a paper bag mask over his face attempt to collect the bounty. They both invade the school but are quickly detected by Suguru's surveillance curses. Satoru and Misato move to find Riko and take her off campus while Suguru goes to confront the sorcerers.

Suguru makes short work of the old man and Satoru manages to find Riko and leaves the area with her. Misato gets in a scuffle with the bag masked man but he learns of Riko's location and surrounds her and Satoru using clones. Using the powers of the Limitless, Satoru easily dispatches the curse user and all his clones.

While Satoru and Suguru are occupied, Kuroi gets kidnapped by the Time Vessel Association and taken to Okinawa. Riko, Suguru, and Satoru make it to Naha and rescue her. For the remainder of the time before the last day of the escort, the group relaxes on the beach and enjoys other activities Okinawa has to offer. When they finally return to Tokyo Jujutsu High and enter the barrier, Satoru believes the mission is over and deactivates his cursed technique.

The Invisible Assassin

Toji stabs Satoru with the Inverted Spear of Heaven.

Suddenly, Toji appears and stabs Satoru from behind, shocking everyone. Satoru isn't grievously injured and puts his guard back up, allowing Suguru to finish the escort. However, Toji is actually able to defeat Satoru using the Inverted Spear of Heaven, a cursed tool that can forcibly stop the Limitless and any other technique. Suguru nearly takes Riko back to Tengen's area, but he gives her the choice to forgo the merger and enjoy her life. Thinking of all the time she's gotten spend with others, Riko cries and decides she wants to live her own life. Tragically however, Toji shoots her in the head just moments later.

Suguru doesn't understand how Toji is capable of all this and learns that the Sorcerer Killer has zero cursed energy, making him an invisible enemy. He was able to sneak up on Suguru and easily infiltrate Jujutsu High's barrier thanks to his heavenly restriction, which gives Toji superhuman physical prowess in turn for eliminating all cursed energy from his body. Utilizing this he's able to make short work of Suguru as well. Despite all their blessings, the escort team, including the two strongest sorcerers, was completely destroyed by a man who can't even use jujutsu.

Satoru awakens the true power of the Limitless.

Toji delivers Riko's corpse to the Time Vessel Association Headquarters: The House of the Child of the Star to complete the job. He learns about the history of Tengen and their role in the Star Religious Group but Toji isn't interested. He finishes up the job but is shocked to be confronted by a rejuvenated Satoru outside right afterward.

On the verge of death, Satoru understood the core of cursed energy, allowing him to use a reverse cursed technique to heal all of his wounds. In the face of the awakened limitless, the former member of the Zenin Family attempts to take out the awakened limitless. This goes against Toji's natural instincts and he's defeated by a technique of the Limitless not even certain members of the Gojo Family know off. Using Hollow Technique: Purple, Satoru hits Toji with an imaginary mass that erases his entire arm and a piece of his torso, dealing a fatal blow.

In his last moments, Toji tells Satoru that his son Megumi will be sold to the Zenin Family in a few years. Satoru retrieves Riko's body from the religious followers and Suguru arrives shortly after, surprised to see how Satoru has developed. As the children of the star clap for Riko's corpse, Satoru offers Suguru the chance to kill them all but he turns it down because its pointless and there needs to be a reason for a sorcerer to take a life.

Suguru Geto's Decision

Suguru finds two young sorcerers being mistreated by villagers he just helped, putting him over the edge.

A year later in August 2007, Satoru makes even more strides with his ability and stands alone as the strongest sorcerer. As Suguru is isolated, he finds himself struggling with the constant cycle of exorcism and consumption as well as understanding what his purpose is as a sorcerer. He can't help but stray from his duty as a jujutsu sorcerer by thinking of non-sorcerers as lesser humans. He doesn't want to lose his way, but Suguru can't come to terms with fighting for people like the children of the star.

While trying to clear his head with fellow student Yu Haibara, they're visited by special grade sorcerer, Yuki Tsukumo. Yu leaves as Yuki talks to Suguru about how she wants to go about getting rid of curses completely. While Jujutsu High wants to fight the symptoms, Yuki desires to kill the root cause. Non-sorcerers leak cursed energy at a much higher rate than sorcerers, so she wants to educate them on how to use jujutsu or find a way to eliminate cursed energy from their bodies. However, Toji Zenin is the only case in the world Yuki found where someone had no cursed energy at all. In a moment of realization, Suguru asks why they don't just kill every non-sorcerer.

"I don't like monkeys. That's the truth I chose."

Yuki claims she isn't that crazy and tells Suguru he needs to decide what his true feelings are. He must pick between looking down on non-sorcerers and following his duty as a sorcerer. Yuki leaves shortly after and reveals that Master Tengen has stabilized despite Riko's death.

Yu Haibara dies while out on a mission with Kento Nanami, furthering the darkness in Suguru's mind. He compares being a sorcerer to running a marathon, but the finish line is nothing but a hill of his fellow sorcerers corpses. While out on a mission to stop a curse haunting a village, Suguru exorcises the curse but finds two little girl sorcerers being kept in a cage and blamed for the curse's actions. Reaching the breaking point, Suguru murders all one hundred and twelve villagers, frees the girls, and makes his decision to become a curse user.

Satoru assures young Megumi that he'll take care of everything.

Satoru and Yaga are both disheartened by the news. Suguru is confronted by Satoru in Shinjuku and explains that he wants to create a world without curses by eliminating non-sorcerers without exception, even killing his own parents. Satoru repeats Suguru's notion about pointless killing without a purpose but Suguru argues that there is a reason. Satoru claims the sentiment is impossible but Suguru knows its possible because Satoru himself could do it. He walks off but Satoru can't bring himself to kill his best friend.

While Suguru takes over the remnants of the Time Vessel Association, Satoru tracks down Toji's young son Megumi. He finds the first grader walking home and tells him a story about his father to inform him about his situation with the Zenin Family. In order to make sure Megumi grows up to be a fine sorcerer unlike his father or Suguru, Satoru takes him under his wing and promises to take care of everything.

Jujutsu Battles & Events

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Geto defeats Kokun.png Satoru & Suguru vs. Bayer & Kokun The jujutsu students make short of the Q soldiers and successfully rescue the Star Plasma Vessel.
Old Curse User appears behind Geto.png Suguru Geto vs. Shikigami Curse User Suguru defeats the curse user with a brutal pummeling using his bare hands, and interrogates the old man afterward.
Kuroi defeats one of the curse user's clones.png Misato Kuroi vs. Cloning Curse User Kuroi briefly immobilizes the cloning curse user before he dispels his clone to go after Riko instead.
Clones stopped by the Infinity.png Satoru Gojo vs. Cloning Curse User Satoru defeats all of the curse user's clones and protects Riko from harm.
Toji gets behind Gojo again.png Satoru Gojo vs. Toji Fushiguro Toji cuts down Satoru with the Inverted Spear of Heaven and brings him to the very edge of death. Unbeknownst to Toji, who believed he killed Satoru, the sorcerer was able to survive.
Rainbow Dragon attacks Toji.png Suguru Geto vs. Toji Fushiguro Toji easily defeats Suguru after exorcising several of his strong curses, choosing to spare him so the curse manipulator doesn't unleash the curses his body took in.
Satoru using Red on Toji.png Satoru Gojo vs. Toji Fushiguro: Rematch The newly awakened powers of the Limitless allow Satoru to overpower Toji and defeat him with Hollow Technique: Purple.


Characters Introduced

Terminology Introduced


August 2006 - 2007
Renchoku Girl's Junior High.png Renchoku Girls' Junior High ( (れん) (ちょく) (じょ) (がく) (いん) (ちゅう) (とう) () Renchoku Jō Gakuin Chūtōbu?): An all girls' middle school that Riko Amanai attended. Suguru and Satoru allowed her to attend school one last time, but curse users invaded to try and claim a bounty on her head. Her escorts were able to repel them and they fled as a group shortly after.[2]
Escort group visits the beach in Okinawa.png Okinawa ( (おき) (なわ) Okinawa?): A prefecture in Japan that the Time Vessel Association took Kuroi to after kidnapping her. Riko, Satoru, and Suguru flew into Naha airport and rescued her. They spend the rest of the day relaxing at the beach and enjoying many of the relaxing activities Okinawa had to offer.[3]
Main Hall of the Tomb of the Star.png Tomb of the Star ( (こう) (せい) (ぐう) Kō Hoshimiya?): At the bottom of Tokyo Jujutsu High is the Tomb of the Star, where master Tengen resides. Getting here was the objective of the escort mission, but Riko chose to forgo the merger after being taken to the main hall.[4]
House of the Children of the Star.png House of the Children of the Star (星の子の家, Hoshi no Ko no Ie): The public headquarters of the Star Religious Group is a large modernized temple where members of the Time Vessel Association gather. Toji delivered the corpse of the Star Plasma Vessel here to complete his job. He was confronted by a revived Satoru shortly after and they had their second battle nearby.[5]

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