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Gachinko Fight Club (ガチンコフアイトクラブ Gachinko Fuaito Kurabu?) is an underground fight club run by Kinji Hakari, which pits sorcerers against one another in hand-to-hand combat. The fight club is located in Tochigi Prefecture and serves as one of the main settings of the Perfect Preparation Arc.[1]


The fight club operates inside an abandoned multistory parking garage in Tochigi. There is tight security outside guarding the main entrance, where a guard and an operations manager are stationed. The muscle guarding the entrance is meant to reject anyone who isn't supposed to be there. In special circumstances, such as when someone new is looking to fight, the manager can contact the boss for deliberation.[2]

The parking area converted into a fighting arena. Spectators above and fights below.

The main fighting stage is located in one of the parking areas. The majority of the floor above it has been removed so the spectators can stand and look at the fights below. Spectators are mainly non-sorcerers who gamble on the fights, so there are two rules for fighters: no jujutsu and no retreating. Non-sorcerers can't see jujutsu and the fight needs to be where the spectators can see. There are curse users that participate in combat, resulting in a high turnover rate of fighters. Showcasing combat between sorcerers in front of non-sorcerers is a violation of the jujutsu regulations article eight regarding secrecy but Hakari hopes to take advantage of future revisions to these rules.

Cameras monitoring the premises.

The fight club business is all about putting on a show for the crowd. Hakari puts on two types of matches for the Gachinko Fight Club tournament, scripted and unscripted ones. As implied, Hakari fixes the latter fights to fit his interests. If someone does well in an unscripted fight and dazzles the crowd, they can gain Hakari's intention and be invited to participate in scripted ones to make more money.[3]

The roof area and the entrance to the monitoring room.

Security around the tight club is tight all around the building, not just the entrance. The premises are under constant surveillance from cameras and lookouts are placed all around the building as well. Hakari is located inside the monitor room on the roof of the building, where Kirara Hoshi is usually with him. Kirara's cursed technique keeps people from being able to approach the door without permission.[4]

There are four lookouts around the entrance and two on every floor except for the roof. They cover for the cameras' blind spots and call out any intruders or other issues.[5]

As expected, the monitor room has several screens live streaming feeds from the cameras. The room also serves as Hakari's main office with a large couch, coffee table, mini-fridge, and a rack for drink glasses inside. He has music playing and keeps alcohol with him inside as well. If Kirara is not inside the room, they will call Hakari if something is wrong. He doesn't have to answer the phone to know this is a signal for something being amiss.[6]


Upper Management


 Lookout x2 

Temporary Fighters


Perfect Preparation Arc

Security attempting to intimidate Megumi.

Kinji Hakari had a disagreement with a conservative member of the jujutsu higher-ups during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons on December 24, 2017. Hakari beat them up and the third-year was suspended from Jujutsu High as a result. Sometime after that, Hakari opened the fight club to make money as a bookie, and by November 2018, it was relatively successful.

Yuji and Megumi had to get Hakari's location from Tengen, a highly perceptive being at the core of Jujutsu High. They took off their uniforms to ensure they wouldn't alert Hakari with any allegiance to their school. Hakari is suspended and engaging in illegal jujutsu activities, so Megumi and Yuji disguised themselves to sneak into the fight club as random sorcerers looking to fight. They needed to contact Hakari to ask for help combating the Culling Game.

Yuji and Panda put on a show that dazzles the spectators.

Megumi and Yuji arrived in Tochigi on November 10, 2018. They approached the entrance and where security tried to turn them away. Megumi refused and demanded to fight, unphased even when the guard threw a punch at him. The guard was insistent that kids didn't belong there and the first rule of the club was not to talk about fight club. He wanted to know who told the kids and threatened to beat them down after they gave up the info.

In response to the guard's threats, Megumi remained intimidated and bluffed, claiming someone he killed about a month ago told him. It just so happened that someone named Kondo disappeared around that same time, making his somewhat story believable. Megumi asks to take his spot but the guard and the manager can't confirm. Hakari watches the situation unfold on the cameras and contacts his employee, telling him that Yuji can fight instead of Megumi.

Megumi subdues the guards while remaining in the camera's blind spot.

The same security guard preps Yuji for his first match in the tournament by reviewing the rules of fight club. Yuji's goal became to entertain the crowd and impress Hakari enough to earn a private meeting where he could make the request. Fortunately for him, Yuji came up against an ally that no one else knows was his friend, Panda. Together, they put on a show for the crowd and exchanged information. With Panda's help, Yuji really impressed Hakari, enough so for the boss to want to meet him. He asked that Yuji be brought to the roof after his next fight and that the rest of security stay vigilant, still suspicious of Megumi.[7]

Kirara catching Megumi and Panda sneaking around.

Panda met with Megumi shortly afterward and they exchanged information as well. Panda had been able to entertain the crowd and hang around the fight club without issue for some time, but he wasn't able to reach Hakari. He knew Kirara's cursed technique is involved in protecting the door to the monitoring room on the roof.

Despite Kirara remaining an uncontrollable factor, Megumi and Panda formulated a plan to sneak onto the roof and secure the door so that Yuji's meeting with Hakari could go smoothly. Thanks to Panda's familiarity with the layout of the building, he was able to inform Megumi exactly where all the camera's blind spots were. Megumi used his cursed technique to sneak into the lookouts' shadows before knocking them out in one of the cameras' blind spots. Panda was able to do the same by playing dumb and catching security off guard. They were able to regroup on the roof and got close to the monitor room door but were caught by Kirara, who they didn't expect to be outside the room.[8]

Hakari hits Yuji out of the monitor room and across the roof.

Kirara marked several objects on the roof using their cursed technique, Love Rendezvous, including cars and parking stops on the lot. This prevented Megumi and Panda from reaching the monitor room door or Kirara themselves. The duo was unable to approach either until they satisfied the conditions of Kirara's technique. Megumi was able to do so by outsmarting Kirara and figuring out the rules of Love Rendezvous. He even used the terrain of the roof to his advantage, hiding Divine Dog: Totality behind a wall so their marks wouldn't attract.[9]

Megumi restrained Kirara and forced them to release their technique, but Yuji was kicked out of the monitor room shortly after anyway. Kirara got a message to Hakari that made him suspicious, so he attacked Yuji inside the monitor room before hitting him outside the room in front of everyone else. Hakari hit Yuji several times and sent him reeling across the roof, but Yuji refused to stay down until Hakari listened to him. With Kirara's help, Hakari recognized Yuji's resolve and decided to cut a deal that would benefit the fight club in the future.[10]



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