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Furudate (フルダテ Furudate?) is a minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is the executor of Naobito Zenin's will.


Furudate is a short, old man who wears glasses and whose eyes appear to be barely open. He has a mustache and his hair is twisted up into a point.[1]


Furudate is formal and direct, calmly reading out Naobito's will and only showing any change in emotion when he reached the final stipulation.[2]


Itadori's Extermination Arc

As the executor of Naobito's will, Furudate announces to Naoya, Ogi, and Jinichi that Naobito has passed away and that he is to read the will when all three of them are present.[1]

After none of them object to the reading, he fist announces that Naoya will become the 27th head of the Zenin Family and inherit all of its assets (including the cursed tools stored in the Jujutsu High School in Tokyo and the Zenin Family cursed warehouses. He clarifies that Naoya will take over all duties only after he is approved by either Ogi or Jinichi. Finally, he reveals that that there is a clause based on a written agreement with Toji Fushiguro which states that if Satoru Gojo has died or become mentally incapacitated, Megumi Fushiguro will assume the role instead.[3]


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