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Fumihiko Takaba vs. Iori Hazenoki is a battle fought by comedian turned sorcerer, Fumihiko Takaba against incarnated sorcerer from the past, Iori Hazenoki. It occurred in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony during the Culling Game when Takaba chose to help Megumi separate Hazenoki from Reggie.


Takaba saves Megumi from Hazenoki's body-part bomb.

Hazenoki and Reggie pursue Megumi after he eliminates their teammate, Chizuru Hari. They corner Megumi and Hazenoki spits an explosive tooth at him. A newcomer suddenly appears and takes a direct hit to the face to protect Megumi. He says that only cowards fight two-on-one and that cowardly attacks don't deal damage. The newcomer is Fumihiko Takaba, a player with zero points who's clearly injured despite trying to claim that Hazenoki's bomb didn't work.[1]

The ripe thirty-five-year-old tells Megumi that he'll help him despite the young man having a bad face. Takaba is strange but he rescued Megumi so the Jujutsu High student decides to trust him.

Hazenoki tries to ascertain what time period Takaba is from but the comedian takes the question as an inquiry to whether he's funny or not. He explains his costume and prepares to tell a joke when his cursed energy reacts. Reggie and Hazenoki get ready for an attack, but Takaba just says "marry me and be my wi-fi", a joke that gets a very silent reaction. Takaba calls everyone a tough crowd but Megumi says that the joke is the problem, reminding him of Aoi Todo.[2]


Takaba helps Megumi separate Hazenoki from Reggie.

Despite his joke striking out, Takaba remains spirited because he's an entertainer. He suddenly hits Hazenoki with a flying dropkick that sends himt crashing into a nearby wall. Reggie recognizes that Takaba's cursed energy output shifted dramatically and he shouldn't be underestimated. Takaba does a handstand and warns his adversaries that he's an old-school comedian who's pro-violence.

Megumi informs Takaba about Hazenoki's body bomb cursed technique and asks him to help split him up from Reggie. Takaba accepts Megumi's request to try and get Hazenoki's points as well on the condition that whatever he does still entertains. Hazenoki recovers from the hit and uses the explosion from a tooth to send a severed eye flying at Takaba with great speed. Takaba uses a paper fan to deflect the eye into the air high above them before it explodes. Then he immediately closes the distance while commenting on his opponent's dangerous technique.

Takaba counters Hazenoki's flesh projectile with a fan.

Hazenoki attempts to intercept Takaba with a punch but Takaba parries him with his right hand to swipe Hazenoki's arm aside. This leaves Hazenoki open, allowing Takaba to hit his opponent's remaining eye with the fan and momentarily blind him. Hazenoki regenerates his left eye and clears his vision but Takaba has suddenly disappeared. Hidden behind Hazenoki in a crouched position, Takaba uses a finger gun with two hands to poke his opponent's rear end.

Initially highly uncomfortable, Hazenoki's discomfort quickly turns to rage as he demands Takaba stop mocking him. However, when he turns around to yell at his playful adversary, Hazenoki is met with Takaba's foot. Takaba immediately followed up the poke with a right high kick that sends Hazenoki crashing through a patio area of a building. Megumi comments that he's glad Takaba isn't his enemy, something the entertainer has always wanted to hear. Takaba bids Megumi farewell and good luck against Reggie, telling him to stay alive.[3]

Takaba parrying Hazenoki before momentarily blinding him.

Takaba and Hazenoki continue to fight throughout the course of Megumi's entire battle with Reggie. Hazenoki bombs Takaba numerous times and the latest one explodes the roof of a tall building. Hazenoki jumps out of the smoke and asks if he finally ended the battle. However, Takaba comedically appears right next to him and tells him he failed but to stay sharp because his opponent is tough. Annoyed, Hazenoki throws a right punch that slips right off the back of Takaba's left shoulder, as if he were covered in lotion.

A random layer of ankake sauce protects Takaba.

It turns out Takaba is covered in ankake sauce, further confusing his opponent. Hazenoki doesn't understand how Takaba has not only survived continuous bombings but come out virtually unscathed when he should've died five times over. Furthermore, Takaba has healed from his initial injuries and it doesn't appear to be the result of a reverse cursed technique. Hazenoki's thoughts on this are interrupted when his Kogane informs him that Reggie Star has been eliminated. Hazenoki is surprised and decides to end his fight with Takaba, turning around and walking away.[4]


Takaba asks what's going on and Hazenoki says that he's going home because he's had enough. This is fine with Takaba, comedically reminding his former opponent to bathe until he remembers what Megumi asked. He follows Hazenoki and begs for his points but Hazenoki denies him and tells him to stop following and die.[5]


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