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Fumihiko Takaba ( (たか) () (ふみ) (ひこ) Takaba Fumihiko?) is one of the players participating in the Culling Game.


Fumihiko is a tall man with his short dark hair slicked back and tapered sideburns. He wears a typical business suit, a white shirt under a black jacket, black pants and a checkered tie.


Fumihiko seem to be an uncertain person, but loves his job as a comedian and was disheartened by his managers word of quitting.


Perfect Preparation Arc

Fumihiko is at a comedy club where he closes his show to a bored audience who slowly clap. In the dressing room, his manager scolds him for his poor performance and tell Fumihiko he should quit comedy or find something else, saddening him. His coworker, Ken tells him his jokes aren't bad, but there are two types of comedians, ones who are funny and ones who think they're funny. He asks which of them is he, and Fumihiko replies he's about 50:50, but then rephrases by saying 70:30.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about his abilities.


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