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Fumihiko Takaba ( (たか) () (ふみ) (ひこ) Takaba Fumihiko?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a failing comedian who was turned into a sorcerer by Kenjaku in order to participate in the Culling Game.


Fumihiko is a tall, middle-aged man with short, slicked back, dark hair, and long tapered sideburns that reach past his nose. He has thick eyebrows and eyes with small light-colored pupils. As a professional comedian, Fumihiki wore a business suit with a checkered tie.

As a player in the Culling Game, Fumihiko wears the costume of the first superhero that ever made him laugh hysterically. It is a skin-tight uniform that is split down the middle color-wise between light and dark. The left side is dark where there are two light stripes on both the arm and leg. On the chest area there is also half of a smiling heart. The collar and belt of the uniform both feature smiley faces as well. Matching gloves and boots complete the costume.


"Marry me and be my wi-fi!"

Fumihiko is an exceptionally goofy individual whose jokes aren't funny, but he still lives to entertain above all else. He found himself failing as a comedian and was down on his luck. A co-worker encouraged him to keep going because there's always a demand for comedians who think they're funny.[1] Takaba acts on those words and has a very energetic attitude. He's very outspoken and comedy-focused in everything he does.

Fumihiko is the only person who thinks he's funny, but he'll still tell jokes in serious situations and get no laughs in response. This is precisely the reasonFumihiko failed as a comedian, but he's able to prosper nonetheless. Despite the awkwardness or seriousness of any situation, Fumihiko will always try to make it fun for everyone around, often only serving to irritate them.

Fumihiko's spirited and eccentric nature.

Fumihiko is completely unphased by the fact he's participating in the Culling Game. He hasn't killed anyone but he helped Megumi because the young man was being attacked two-on-one. Fumihiko saw his attackers as cowards and fought by Megumi's side despite their stark contrast in personalities. The thirty-five-year-old claims he can tell if someone is good or evil by their face. He actually thinks Megumi has a bad face but decided to help him anyway because beauty is "revisionist".[2]

In a dangerous fight with Iori Hazenoki, Fumihiko made jokes the entire time and frustrated his opponent, which played a part in him eventually giving up on the skirmish altogether.[3]


Perfect Preparation Arc

Fumihiko is at a comedy club where he closes his show to a bored audience who slowly clap. In the dressing room, his manager scolds him for his poor performance and tell Fumihiko he should quit comedy or find something else, saddening him. His coworker, Ken tells him his jokes aren't bad, but there are two types of comedians, ones who are funny and ones who think they're funny. He asks which of them is he, and Fumihiko replies he's about 50:50, but then rephrases by saying 70:30.[4]

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

When Megumi Fushiguro is cornered by Reggie Star and Iori Hazenoki, Takaba arrives at the last minute and protects the teenager, taunting his opponents and calling them cowards for going two against one.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Fumihiko striking another sorcerer with a powerful flying dropkick.

Overall Skill Level: Fumihiko Takaba is unsuspectingly strong and his zero score in the Culling Game does not reflect his actual strength. Fumihiki's goofy attitude leads people to heavily underestimate him. He is an old-school entertainer whose pro-violence and his resolve translates into battle. While determined to entertain, Fumihiko's strength increases dramatically. Reggie Star was surprised by this surge in power as Fumihiko was able to overwhelm Iori Hazenoki in a swift exchange. Reggie recognized Fumihiko's elite speed and considered him a strong opponent.[6]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Fumihiko may not seem like a fighter but he's pro-violence and exceptionally adept at close-quarters combat. He was able to overpower Hazenoki with an expertly performed surprise drop kick. Then in their next exchange, Fumihiko parried his opponent and landed a "blow" from behind, before following up with a powerful roundhouse kick. Later toward the end of their battle, Fumihiko was easily able to avoid Hazenoki's punches with the help of ankake sauce.[7]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Great Cursed Energy: Fumihiko boasts impressive levels of cursed energy that flared up enough for Reggie and Hazenoki to be on guard when he was only going to tell a joke.[8] When Fumihiko first attacked Hazenoki, his cursed energy increased dramatically and Reggie took note of the dramatic shift in output. Fumihiko's reinforced attacks were able to knock Hazenoki through several buildings.[9]
Innate Technique
Hazenoki's punch misses Takaba.png Comedian (超人 (コメディアン) Komedian?): When Fumihiko thinks of something he's certain will be funny, it becomes reality. It's a technique with enough potential to oppose even Satoru Gojo, but Fumihiko is utterly clueless of his own power. Thus very little is known about how the technique functions or goes about bringing his humorous thoughts into reality. However, it is likely that Fumihiko's technique is what allowed him to survive numerous bombings from Hazenoki and heal from the first injuries he suffered without a reverse cursed technique.[10]

Battles & Events

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc


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