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Frost Calm (霜凪 (しもなぎ) Shimonagi?) is an Ice Formation extension technique used by Uraume.


Frost Calm lowers the temperature of the air around the user, allowing them to channel a frosted mist around their hand. Then the user blows air from their mouth that spreads the cold air into a cloud of icy mist sent toward their target by the guidance of their hand.

The cloud of icy mist instantly materializes on contact into thick sheets of solid ice. This freezes the user's target in place, completely immobilizing them. While covered in several layers of ice, one wrong move and the target could end up ripping themselves apart.[1]


Frost Calm was the first Uraume showcased in Shibuya. It proved extremely effective at incapacitating an entire group of Jujutsu High sorcerers. In one fell swoop, Uraume used Frost Calm to trap Panda, Noritoshi Kamo, Atsuya Kusakabe, and Choso at the same time.

Noritoshi was surprised to be hit by such a high-level cursed technique of ice. Choso believed he could counter the amount of ice used to bind him using Flowing Red Scale. Uraume was ready to stop him from escaping but Yuji Itadori was able to dropkick Choso and break him out of the icy prison.[2]


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