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Flowing Red Scale ( (せき) (りん) (やく) (どう) Sekirin Yakudō?) is a Blood Manipulation ability used by Noritoshi Kamo and Choso.


Blood Manipulation allows the user to control all aspects of their own blood composition. Using Flowing Red Scale, the user can increase their body temperature, pulse rate, and the number of red blood cells to give themselves greatly increased energy and physical abilities.[1]

When this ability is activated, a blood marking appears over the user's eyes. Noritoshi Kamo's mark is an x pattern over his right eye while Choso's mark is two vertical lines that cross over each of his eyes. When using Stack, the vertical lines over Choso's eyes become longer while the line over his nose becomes thinner as well.


Enhanced strength and speed granted by Flowing Red Scale can be used to boost the user's capabilities in hand to hand combat.

After using his last arrow to obscure his opponent's view, Noritoshi chose to employ a direct attack against Megumi, a Shikigami user. His speed was great enough to catch Megumi off guard even though his view was only obstructed for a second. Noritoshi's strength broke through Megumi's tonfa using his bare hands and threatened to do more damage if not for his Jujutsu Protection.[2]


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