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Falling Blossom Emotion ( (らっ) () (じょう) Rakka no Jō?) is an anti-domain barrier technique and a secret art passed down through the Big Three Sorcerer Families.


Unlike Simple Domain, in which the user manifests their own domain to nullify a domain expansion's auto-hit attack, Falling Blossom Emotion shrouds the user in an armor of cursed energy that counter-attacks the moment a domain's guaranteed hit makes contact. The cursed energy defends the user automatically, countering any attack with equal force to nullify it.[1]

Falling Blossom Emotion changes when its power is applied to swordplay. Not only is the user shrouded in cursed energy, but their sword is as well. This allows the blade to automatically strike anything the cursed energy comes into contact with.[2]


Naobito Zenin

Naobito using Falling Blossom Emotion to survive Dagon's Death Swarm.

Naobito Zenin, former head of the Zenin Family at the time, first showcased this technique in his jujutsu battle with Dagon.

Dagon trapped Naobito's team inside his domain and attacked them with an endless stream of shikigami enhanced by the domain's guaranteed hit. Naobito was able to resist the early onslaught of fish shikigami by using Falling Blossom Emotion to cut them apart as they approached him. Even when the number of shikigami was infinitely increased by Dagon's Death Swarm technique, Falling Blossom Emotion was still able to protect Naobito.[3]

However, the pure endless volume of shikigami never slowed down and it blocked Naobito's view, allowing Dagon to get close and punch him. This proved that while Falling Blossom Emotion can resist cursed techniques, it provides little to no defense against physical attacks.[4]

Ogi Zenin

Ogi Zenin utilized the offensive side of Falling Blossom Emotion in a standoff with Maki. He shrouded himself in cursed energy and prepared to strike down his daughter with one mighty single-strike attack. However, this was ineffective against the abilities of Maki's Dragon-Bone cursed tool, which can absorb and eject cursed energy.[5]


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