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The Evacuation of the Eishu Detention Center is an emergency rescue mission assigned to Megumi Fushiguro, Yuji Itadori, and Nobara Kugisaki as a result of the sudden appearance of a cursed womb.


A cursed womb appears.

Jujutsu windows confirm a cursed womb hovering over the training field at Eishu Juvenile Detention Center in West Tokyo City. Currently, five inmates are trapped inside Detention Center Building 2 along with the curse.

Tokyo Jujutsu High Assistant Principal Kiyotaka Ijichi explains to Gojo's students that a special grade curse is likely to be born from the cursed womb.

Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara are tasked with rescuing the inmates without engaging the special grade curse. One of the victim's mother interrupts to ask about her son Tadashi. She asks them to save Tadashi and Yuji becomes determined to fulfill her request.

After Kiyotaka lowers the curtain, and the three students head toward the building. Megumi summons his divine dogs and orders them to let him know if the curse gets close to them. [1]


Megumi stops Yuji from moving Tadashi's corpse.

The three students head inside the building and are surprised to a much larger space than they were expecting. The door disappears and Megumi realizes they've been trapped inside a Domain made of cursed energy. Megumi believes his dogs can help track the way to an exit, relieving Nobara and Yuji of their worries.

They continue and the lighthearted mood is destroyed when the students find the grotesquely deformed bodies of several victims. Yuji confirms one of the deceased is Tadashi and says he's going to return the body to the mother. Megumi refuses to allow him to do so because they still need to confirm the bodies of two more victims.

A special grade curse sneaks up on Yuji and Megumi.

Megumi claims Tadashi wasn't worth saving due to his status as a criminal, irritating Yuji. They get into an argument over why Megumi saved Yuji if he had the potential to hurt people in the future too. Nobara tries to interrupt but she's suddenly dragged underground by a pool of darkness. Confused, Megumi claims his dogs should've tracked the scent of any curses. However, Megumi's dog has been slain and he immediately tells Yuji to flee.

Before they can take a step, a special grade curse appears between both of them. [2]


Yuji and Megumi are both stricken with fear due to the sudden appearance of an overwhelming enemy. They both know it's a special grade and are too scared to move. Yuji remembers his promise to his grandfather and musters the courage to attack with his knife.

However, Yuji's hand is instantly severed and his knife is broken in half. Meanwhile, Nobara is trapped in a pitch-black room with countless white-faced curses confronting her. [3]


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