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Young Fish and Reverse Punishment ( (よう) (ぎょ) (さか) (ばち) Yōgyo to Sakabachi?) is the ninth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


Yuji joins Grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer, Kento Nanami on a mission to investigate the uncanny deaths of three students at a movie theater. Meanwhile, the witness, a student named Junpei Yoshino, and the culprit, Mahito, decide to become friends and discuss the nature of curses.

Plot Details

Junpei getting bullied at school.

At Satozakura High School, a young student named Junpei Yoshino is being bullied by his peers. Apparently they believe he was staring at their girlfriend's chest. Junpei wouldn't press a button that would make everyone he hates die, but he would press one that kills everyone who hates him without hesitation.

Sometime later, Junpei skips school to see Human Earthworm 3, a movie, at the theater. Unfortunately for him, his school bullies also happen to be attending the movie. This makes him recall how when they bullied him for looking at Tsubasa's chest. She's only using them for attention and they only listen because they want to hook up with her. When he points this out, the bullies beat him harder.

Mahito silences the noisy moviegoers.

The bullies at the theater are eventually killed by the cursed spirit, Mahito, for making too much noise in the theater. Junpei walks up to investigate their grotesque corpses and leaves the theater to track down Mahito. Junpei confronts him in an alleyway, believing there is no way he could be human. When he catches up, Junpei asks Mahito if there was any way he could do the things that he does.

The authorities leave the scene to jujutsu sorcerers. Yuji Itadori and Grade 1 sorcerer Kento Nanami investigate the corpses. Nanami points out the residuals left behind from the cursed technique that distorted the bodies. Yuji takes a moment and learns to see them after focusing, but Nanami doesn't praise him for it. The student suggests they go all out but Nanami argues moderate effort will suffice, making Yuji feel like they're getting along so far.

Gojo introduces Yuji to Kento Nanami.

Satoru trusted Yuji's training on this mission to his dear friend Nanami, the ex-salaryman sorcerer. Nanami explained that he believes sorcerers are horrible but working for companies is equally bad. He trusts Satoru but he does not respect him because he constantly breaks rules and regulations. Additionally, Nanami does not yet view Yuji as a full fledged sorcerer.

In the present, Yuji and Nanami continue to follow the residuals to the roof of the building. As soon as they walk outside in the rain they are greeted by what appears to be a curse. Another one appears so Nanami suggests they each take on one. Yuji doesn't want Nanami to underestimate him, but Nanami feels that he is a child that still requires guidance and protection. Life or death situations do not make you an adult in Nanami's eyes. It is the little losses that build up throughout life that force people to grow into adults.

Nanami shows off his cursed technique.

As Nanami squares off with his opponent, he divulges how his cursed technique works out loud. Yuji struggles to listen to Nanami and fight at the same time. Nanami teaches Yuji that showing one's hand has an advantage in battle. It is a pact that increases the effectiveness of one's abilities in battle. Nanami showcases this by taking out the attacking creature with a single slash of his sword. This leaves only Yuji to deal with his opponent, as he can now focus with Nanami finished speaking.

Yuji shows off the fruits of his training, as he's able to channel cursed energy effectively into his fists. During said training, Gojo taught Yuji that his cursed energy has a time lag, allowing him to turn one strike into two impacts. Yuji strikes down his opponent using this attack: Divergent Fist! Nanami is impressed by this technique and admits he can see what Gojo sees in Yuji.

Mahito teaches Junpei about the essence of curses.

Nanami prepares to finish them off but he realizes that these creatures are not curses. He brings them to Shoko Ieiri, who confirms that they are ex-humans who were mutated by a cursed technique, the same way the victims at the theater were. Shoko assures Yuji that they are not alive and he doesn't have to feel guilty for ending their existence. Yuji is enraged that so many lost their lives, and Nanami is surprised by his genuine feelings. Nanami decides to cheer him up in his own way. He reveals that their target manipulated the residuals to lead them into that trap, so they'll need to use maximum effort to find the curse.

Meanwhile, Mahito takes Junpei to his hideout and teaches him about how curses manifest from humans collective fears. Not only do they fear yokai legends, they fear natural disasters as well. Mahito was born from the hatred humanity feels for one another. The next day, Nanami explains that he was able to track down their targets hideout. However he wants Yuji to follow a lead on Junpei, the only witness to the crime. He will be joined by Ijichi while Nanami continues to investigate the hideout. Yuji and Ijichi find Junpei soon after and follow him with a small curse trapped in a box wrapped in talismans.

"Juju Stroll"

Gojo jokingly asks Nanami out for a date, to which the Grade 1 sorcerer stoically refuses. The special grade sorcerer attempts to say it was something important, but to no avail. After a couple unsuccessful attempts, Gojo successfully makes Nanami read a letter where he drew a simplistic penis, much to the ex-salaryman's annoyance.

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04:35 06:05 Kaikai Kitan Kaikai Kitan by Eve
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09:36 10:02 To Choose How to Die Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 3)
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13:31 15:20 Impatience ft. Paranom and Kasper Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 7)
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23:18 23:45 TBA TBA
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Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the anime, Junpei is shown buying a ticket for the movie.
  • In the anime, the movie they are watching in the cinema is shown.
  • In the anime, Sotomura is shown witnessing Junpei being bullied and looking the other way.
  • In the anime, the bullies can be heard what they were talking about.
  • In the anime, the bullies try to force Junpei to eat a cigar instead of a cockroach like in the manga.
  • In the anime, is raining during all the battle on the cinema's rooftop.
  • In the anime, Nanami explains his technique while fighting.
  • In the anime, Yuji's fight is slightly extended.
  • Unlike in the manga, where Mahito remains in the hammock during all of his speech, in the anime, he get close to Junpei.