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Boring (退 (たい) (くつ) Taikutsu?) is the eighth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


The Kyoto Principal visits the Tokyo Campus to discuss the upcoming Goodwill Event. Megumi and Nobara are suddenly confronted by rivals from their sister-school. Gojo takes it upon himself to challenge Principal Gakuganji and the jujutsu conservatives himself. Meanwhile, Yuji begins a new investigation.

Plot Details

Megumi and Nobara encounter visitors from Kyoto.

Somewhere on Tokyo Jujutsu High grounds, Megumi and Nobara are running errands for Maki. Panda is concerned about the meeting with Kyoto's principal. Maki doesn't believe the principal will pull anything in the middle of the day but that's not quite what Panda is worried about. It's likely that students may have come with him, because they love to talk trash.

Aoi Todo and Mai Zenin arrive to confront Megumi and Nobara. They came with the principal and Mai claims they're checking on them since their classmate died. Mai taunts them by mocking their dead friend, annoying both first years. Aoi is completely uninterested in this and claims he only came to confirm that Yuta Okkotsu's replacements will be entertaining.

"As long as a person is compassionate.. then I don't need anything else."

Aoi asks what kind of girls he likes and claims depending on the answer that he'll beat him half to death. He declares that his type of woman is tall with a big butt. Megumi doesn't want to discuss his taste in women with a man he just met and Nobara adds that it's too hard for an antisocial like him. Aoi believes that a person's taste in women says everything about them. If they having boring tastes, then they're boring people and Aoi does not like boring people.

The Goodwill Event is something Aoi looks forward to and he can't accept that it might be boring. He demands an answer and Megumi tells him that an unshakable character is all he requires from a potential partner. He wants to avoid confrontation but Aoi is unsatisfied with this answer. He tells Megumi that he's boring and immediately attacks him.

Aoi attacks Megumi for being boring.

Nobara wants to help but Mai wraps her arms around her from behind. She claims Megumi doesn't stand a chance and Nobara notes that Mai is much less appealing than her sister, irritating the Kyoto student. Aoi hits Megumi outside and says that the boy has trampled all over his kindness. Megumi recognizes Aoi's name for being the Sorcerer who single handedly exorcised all the cursed spirits in the Shinjuku to Kyoto Night Line of 100 Demons. Megumi heard that he didn't even use his Innate Technique to defeat five Grade 1 and one special grade curse. Aoi dispels this rumor and reveals that he used his Innate Technique against special grade, shocking the first year.

Megumi combines Nue with Toad to create winged toads from his Bottomless Well technique. This fails to stop Aoi from continuing to brutalize Megumi with pure force. They manage to slow him down, but Megumi eventually has to be saved by Panda and Toge. Before taking off, Aoi tells Yuta's former classmates to give him a message.

Gojo takes over the meeting with the Kyoto Principal.

Meanwhile, Nobara ends up on the ground after being shot by Mai. The Kyoto student tells her Tokyo rival to pick her fights better. Maki arrives to help and both sisters argue over who's more useless. Nobara suddenly gets back up and scuffles with Mai using Maki as a distraction. Nobara demands that Mai hand over her summer uniform but Aoi arrives to get Mai so they can leave. Aoi needs to get going so he can meet his favorite pop idol, Takada-chan. As they leave, Mai leaves Nobara with a parting message that annoys her.

Nobara and Maki walk off and talk about Maki is unable to utilize cursed energy which is why she uses cursed tools. Nobara asks Maki why she wants to be a Sorcerer and the second-year reveals she wants to spite her Sorcerer Family who spent her entire life belittling her. Elsewhere, Satoru Gojo arrives to meet with Principal Gakuganji. Gojo was able to stiff arm Ijichi into giving Yaga a false schedule in order to make this meeting happen.

The next mission begins.

Gojo believes that Gakuganji is head of the jujutsu conservatives that had Yuji killed. As such he has little respect for the principal, prompting the student present, Kasumi Miwa, to urge Gojo to mind his manners, despite being a fan of his. Gojo reveals that unregistered special grade curses and students with high potential will surpass the status and traditions of the old jujutsu world. He believes that the coming age will surpass the special grade classification and they'll all be fighting to erase the old society. Gakuganji gets irritated with Gojo and he decides to leave after saying Yaga won't arrive for another two hours. Gakuganji asks Miwa for some tea, but she runs off to get a picture with Gojo. At the same time, Aoi is able to meet his favorite idol at the meet and greet event.

One month later, three heavily mutated corpses are found in the Kinema Cinema Movie Theater. Mahito walks away from the scene but he's noticed by a young man who's able to see him. Yuji Itadori and another sorcerer are tasked with investigating this mysterious incident.

Post-Credit Scene

Miwa successfully manages to get a selfie with Gojo, thanking him for it before she happily goes back to Gakuganji. Unfortunately for her, the Kyoto Principal reminds the girl that she forgot to buy him tea.

Juju Stroll

Mai is standing next to the line of Takada-chan fans, much to her disgust. Once Todo comes back to her, he insists that his schoolmate uses the other ticket he has to shake hands with the idol. Not willing to argue, Mai agrees. Once she has her revolver confiscated, Mai finally encounters Takada-chan. The idol is herself surprised to see a girl in line, telling Mai that she'll remember her. When Mai returns back to Todo, she is uncharacteristically quiet, mumbling to herself that Takada-chan wasn't so bad.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the anime, the scene where the corpses of the three students are shown is obscured.
  • In the anime, Nanami's face is shown before entering the cinema.


  • Starting from this episode, all the characters presented in the first opening have been showcased in some way.
  • This is the first episode to have a post-credit scene, other than the "Juju Stroll" segment.
    • Coincidentally, this is the first episode to include both a post-credit scene and a "Juju Stroll" segment.
  • This is the first episode to adapt an extra sketch from a volume.