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After the Rain ( () () Ugo?) is the sixth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


In the aftermath of his own death, Yuji comes back face to face with Sukuna. At the same time, Megumi and Nobara begin training for the Goodwill Event. Unbeknownst to them, Yuji returns to life to do training of his own under Gojo sensei.

Plot Details

Sukuna looking down on Yuji.

Thought to be dead, within Yuji's corpse his mind still exists within Sukuna Innate Domain. Pleased with himself, Sukuna sits atop a mountain of skulls and tells the brat not to look up at him without permission. Irritated, Yuji simply replies that Sukuna should come down so he can look down on him. Sukuna feels like Yuji is being hostile which is obviously due to the fact that the curse essentially killed him. Yuji believes they're in the afterlife and is determined to punish Sukuna.

Yuji begins fighting against Sukuna but is quickly overwhelmed. Sukuna explains that this is not the afterlife and they're still in a suspended state of existence within Sukuna's mind. He wants to strike a deal with Yuji to fix his heart and asks for two conditions. The first being that he can use Yuji's body for a minute after using a key phrase and the second is that Yuji forgets this conversation. Yuji refuses to lend his body ever again, but Sukuna promises not to hurt anyone within that minute. Even so, Yuji doesn't believe Sukuna will uphold his side of the bargain.

Yuji lashing out at Sukuna for ruining his life.

Sukuna explains that a pact made with jujutsu cannot be broken or else Sukuna will be punished. It is because Yuji tried to use Sukuna's power without a Binding Vow while the curse was unwilling. Yuji stubbornly refuses Sukuna and punches him, demanding he be brought back to life without conditions. They both agree to fight to the death in order to determine who gets their way, and Sukuna instantly bisects Yuji's head.

Still irritated by Yuji's demise, Gojo vents to Ijichi. Gojo recognizes he has a bad attitude and being a teacher isn't exactly his style. However, in order to change the broken foundations of the jujutsu community, he will need to raise sorcerers with his progressive ideals. Additionally he wants to train strong allies to fight alongside him against curses in the future. He believes students like Okkotsu and Hakari have enough potential to match his own strength. Yuji was another student with potential, so Gojo feels this loss especially.

Yuji returns to the land of the living.

Just as Shoko prepares to dissect his body, Yuji suddenly comes back to life. Gojo is happy to see his student alive and high fives him. He asks Shoko to leave Yuji as deceased in the reports to avoid anyone making an attempt at his life again. Gojo plans on training Yuji privately and will have him ready for the Goodwill Event.

In a diner where Suguru Geto and the cursed spirits are, one of the waiters senses their dangerous presence. Jogo wants to know what would happen if his team of curses all tried to kill Gojo. Geto believes Gojo would undoubtedly survive and could possibly exorcise all of them. Instead, he recommends using the special grade cursed object: Prison Realm. Jogo gets excited and heats up the diner. The waiter senses the coming danger and quits his job, fleeing instantly. His boss goes to greet Geto about his order and instantly catches on fire and perishes. Within seconds, everyone else in the diner catches on fire as well. Jogo claims that he will take Prison Realm for himself and will kill Gojo in return.

Megumi begins to believe in his abilities again.

Elsewhere, Megumi visits Tadashi's mother to apologize for being unable to save him. He gives her the nametag he was able to take so she may have some closure. Immediately after, Megumi arrives to train with the other students. He and Nobara are being trained to fight better at close combat while elsewhere, Gojo trains Yuji to control his cursed energy.

Gojo uses cans to display the difference between cursed energy and a cursed technique. The first can is blasted with pure cursed energy and the second is twisted around using a cursed technique. Gojo compares cursed energy to electricity and cursed techniques to the appliances fueled by it. Yuji believes he's about to learn a good cursed technique but this is impossible. Sorcerers are born with Innate Techniques and this can only happen if the person has enough natural talent. Yuji is discouraged that he won't be able to access 80% of a normal sorcerer's skill set.

Yuji training to control his cursed energy by watching movies.

Gojo wants to imbue Yuji's fighting style with jujutsu, by having him channel cursed energy into his fists. Yuji believes he succeeded in doing so in his last fight, but he can't bring it to the surface at the moment. Gojo explains that sorcerers must train to control their negative emotions so they don't waste cursed energy. In order to teach Yuji to do this, Gojo is going to have Yuji watch movies. The aim of this training regiment is to get Yuji to consistently pour enough cursed energy into another one of the Principal's dolls while watching the movies. If Yuji doesn't sedate the cursed corpse with energy, it will attack him. The movies are meant to draw out all kinds of emotions from Yuji, and his goal is to maintain a steady flow of cursed energy as Gojo raises the level as it progresses.

A brazen assailant comes face to face with Gojo.

Back at the school, Megumi asks how he can use weapons alongside his cursed technique. He thinks back to his exchange with Sukuna and realizes that he can keep cursed tools within his own shadow. Meanwhile, Nobara shops for a new tracksuit and Yuji continues to watch movies. He gets distracted by drinking soda, causing the doll to punch him. Gojo reminds him to focus harder before leaving to meet with the Kyoto Jujutsu High principal. Before exiting, Gojo asks Yuji if he spoke with Sukuna but the student can't seem to remember.

Ijichi drives Gojo towards Kyoto and is set to arrive early. However, Gojo notices a disturbance and gets out of the car, making Ijichi drive off alone. Gojo stays in the middle of the freeway until Jogo crashes down close to him. Curious, the sorcerer asks who this assailant is.

Juju Stroll

The sequence is done in a 4:3 aspect ratio, showing a made-up show called "Gojo Satoru's Go Go Gojo." After Gojo introduces himself, he walks over to Yuji, who is still watching movies, and says that he might be in trouble. The Sorcerer decides to give his student some advice by asking the boy to imagine himself walking down a narrow path and seeing a bunch of college boys. As the metaphor starts devolving into something bizarre, Yuji tells his sensei to shut up.

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Battles & Events


Jogo's Techniques

Cursed Corpses

  • Tsukamoto


Start End Title Album
00:34 02:03 Kaikai Kitan Kaikai Kitan by Eve
03:44 05:15 A Thousand-Year Curse Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 1)
07:14 08:20 TBA TBA
09:30 10:28 Eradicate Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 27)
10:34 10:39 Eyecatch A Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 10)
10:39 10:44 Eyecatch B Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 11)
10:52 11:44 Apology for a Defeat Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 29)
13:52 16:30 Fight Again ft. Chica Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 21)
16:38 18:16 TBA TBA
20:34 21:34 Ryomen Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 8)
23:34 23:44 TBA TBA
23:45 23:53 Preview of The Next Episode 1 Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disk 2, Track 14)

Anime & Manga Differences

  • The contents of the first page of chapter 11 are moved to a later point, where they directly lead into the rest of Gojo's monologue regarding his dream.
  • Sukuna's response to Yuji when the boy is charging at him on top of the ribs is cut from the anime adaptation.
  • Yuji throws a few regular punches in the anime before he attempts to trick Sukuna.
  • The anime cuts the visual callback to the face Sukuna makes in chapter 8 when Yuji says he won't let him use his body again.
  • A visual metaphor of what a Binding Vow is is expanded upon in the anime, including a visual of Sukuna being restrained and then crushed by chains.
    • The visual metaphor of the handshake that appears shortly after is also expanded by having chains wrap around the two hands in the anime.
  • When Sukuna proposes a fight to the death in the manga, he is very clearly grinning, whereas the anime made him serious in that moment.
  • In the anime, Gojo is given an extra line where he compares the Jujutsu Higher-ups to a bargain sale on rotten mikan.
  • The anime switches Hakari and Okkotsu places when Gojo talks about them, having Hakari in the foreground and Okkotsu in the background.
  • Ijichi's shock over Yuji being alive is much more exaggerated in the anime than it was in the manga.
  • The anime adds a short line above Ieiri that says: "In the meantime, put this on!" when she gives Yuji a shirt.
  • The contents of the first page of chapter 12 are moved to the beginning of the scene at the café.
    • The short scene of the waiter running out of the café is moved to before Jogo gets excited about Prison Realm.
  • The scene where Jogo burns people to death is extended and presented more dramatically in the anime, with the customers and staff burning one by one, as well as focusing more on the unfortunate female waiter that gets burned just before she can escape.
  • The anime cuts out Megumi's inner monologue about Tadashi's body being disintegrated along with the Finger Bearer's Innate Domain.
  • The grief Tadashi's mother experiences is made more explicit in the anime, similarly to episode 4.
  • The anime adds a short exchange between Panda and Toge, where the cursed corpse initially claims that he threw Kugisaki for falling practice before the cursed speech user calls him out on it.
  • A short text-only flashback to Gojo saying he's the strongest is cut from the anime.
  • The way Gojo hits the first can using pure cursed energy is slightly altered in the anime.
  • When Yuji says he doesn't get the difference between cursed energy and cursed technique, he is drawn in a realistically shaded manner in the anime.
  • The anime adds a short sequence where Yuji in a disappointed manner lists a bunch of special attacks from other anime that he wish he could've used.
    • Those attacks include Spirit Gun from YuYu Hakusho, Bankai from Bleach, Rasengan from Naruto and Dodon Ray & Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.
  • A small visual of an angry chibi Megumi is added in the anime when Yuji says that he always seems a little ticked off. The visual is promptly smacked away by Gojo.
  • The short scene of Kugisaki being unable to find Urahara is moved to before we return to Yuji watching movies in the anime.
  • The movie Yuji is watching is given more visuals in the anime.
  • The anime has Yuji holding the boxer bear at his arm's length when Gojo asks him about any contracts he could've formed with Sukuna.
  • Jogo screeches at the top of his lungs when he ambushes Gojo in the anime.


  • Starting from this episode, Toge Inumaki, Maki Zenin, Panda, Kiyotaka Ijichi and Shoko Ieiri are added to the group shot near the end of the opening sequence.
  • This is the first episode to properly adapt the many simplistic/comedic expressions Yuji is given in the manga.
  • The movie watched is a reference to a final scene of Juggernaut (1974).