Fearsome Womb, Part 2 ( (じゅ) (たい) (たい) (てん) () Jutaitaiten -ni-?) is the fifth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


Yuji is unable to take back his body due to repercussions from overusing Sukuna. The King of Curses takes advantage of that and decides that he's going to take the body hostage and kill Megumi. Feeling responsible for dealing with Yuji, Megumi prepares to face Sukuna on his own.

Plot Details

"He's not coming back."

While waiting outside the detention center, Megumi notices the cursed womb's Innate Domain has disappeared. He believes that all he has to do is wait for Yuji, but Sukuna arrives to tell him that won't be happening. In an uncharacteristically good mood, Sukuna blames Yuji for overusing his power without a pact. He tells Megumi that Yuji can't switch back just yet and in order to prevent him from taking back control, Sukuna rips out Yuji's heart.

Sukuna effectively takes Yuji hostage now that switching back means death. In addition, Sukuna eats another one of his fingers to strengthen his control. He prepares to kill Megumi and Sukuna admits it's for no particular reason. Megumi sees the irony in the situation and believes he and Yuji's positions are switched since when they first met.

Sukuna takes Yuji's body hostage.

Megumi believes the only thing fair in the world is that the world is unfair to everyone. He tells Sukuna that Yuji will switch back even if it means taking his own life. However, Sukuna argues that Yuji is a coward who was just crying inside when he was fighting against the special grade. Megumi ignores him and notices that Sukuna can use a Reverse Cursed Technique. He plans on fighting Sukuna, believing that he's at a disadvantage without a heart and can be forced to heal.

Megumi begins by summoning Nue and engaging Sukuna at close range. Sukuna simply toys with him until Megumi unleashes Orochi and lifts him into the air where Nue can strike repeatedly. However, Sukuna destroys Great Serpent and uses the open space to throw Megumi around using power and agility. Without even using jujutsu, Sukuna overpowers Megumi and he's forced to release Nue.

Megumi fights to save Yuji.

Sukuna notices how Megumi's technique works and appears impressed by it. So much so, he asks why Megumi would run and waste his talent instead of standing his ground against the cursed womb. Faced with an impossible obstacle, Megumi recalls how his sister was unfairly cursed despite being a good person and how his father left him. Megumi doesn't believe karma is automatic and therefore almost nobody gets to enjoy true fairness. That is why Megumi will save people unequally, based only on his own conviction.

Megumi saved Yuji simply because he didn't want to see a good person die. Despite his reservations, Megumi had Yuji spared. He believes that this is okay because he's a sorcerer and not a hero. Yuji takes back control of his body as he listens to Megumi admit he never regretted saving him. Out of time, Yuji succumbs to his wounds and tells his friends to live a long life.

Yuji's last smile.

In Tokyo, four mysterious figures walk amongst the regular crowd of people. They discuss why the sorcerer among them used a Sukuna Finger in order to test Sukuna's strength. Eventually they stroll into a café where everyone can only see the man despite the cursed company he's keeping. Meanwhile, Gojo meets with Ijichi in the school morgue. Gojo believes Yuji was set up by the higher-ups, who purposely sent Sukuna's vessel on a dangerous mission in his absence. Irritated, Gojo threatens to kill all the higher-ups. School Doctor, Shoko Ieiri arrives and admits she's surprised to see Gojo so emotional. She asks permission to dissect Yuji's body and Gojo asks that she make good use of him.

The Jujutsu High second-years.

Saddened by Yuji's death, Megumi and Nobara sit on stairs together. They try to act like they're not upset since they haven't known Yuji very long, but they can't hide it. The second-year jujutsu students arrive to find them sulking. Maki asks why they're looking so glum but Panda reveals that their classmate died. This is Nobara's introduction to their senpai: Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda. Megumi also mentions Yuta Okkotsu but he's studying overseas at the moment.

Evil forces must clear two obstacles to engage in war against the Sorcerers.

Panda apologizes for Maki's rudeness and asks that they participate in the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event. Since the third-year student is suspended at the moment, Tokyo High needs more participants. The second-years explain that the Goodwill Event is an annual battle between schools where sorcerers compete against one another. It takes place in the slow season for sorcerers since this year is slowing down on incidents. In order to get stronger for Yuji, both the first-years agree to participate.

Elsewhere at the meeting between the sorcerer and cursed spirits, the curses explain that they want to make their kind the true beings of the Earth and gain the dominant position the humans currently have. They've come to ask how to defeat the jujutsu sorcerers. In order to go to war, they will need to render Satoru Gojo unable to fight and make Sukuna their ally. The curses believe Yuji to be dead but the sorcerer isn't so sure. Somewhere inside the residuals of Yuji's soul, Sukuna is looking down on him.

"Juju Stroll"

Maki and Panda argue about whether or not he stinks. The cursed tool user tells him that he should take baths, to which Panda responds by saying that he doesn't sweat and uses Febreze every day. Megumi and Nobara are asked by Maki to smell Panda and tell what they think. The shikigami user comments that Panda smells like the sun, much to the surprise of his female peers.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The scene of Sukuna pulling out Yuji's heart is longer and more graphic in the anime than it was in the manga.
    • In the anime, Sukuna also throws the heart off the path he's on, while in the manga, he threw it right next to his feet.
  • In the manga, Sukuna swallows the finger he got from the Finger Bearer while holding it with his right hand, in the anime, he swallowed the finger using his left one.
    • Similarly, Sukuna later wipes the blood off his mouth with his left hand instead of his right one.
  • The anime adds a visual of gears in a clock moving as well as a visual of Tsumiki's body (referencing the visual from Chapter 59) when Megumi talks about the unfairness of life.
    • The visual of Tsumiki's body is later re-used when Megumi has a more extended inner monologue on the subject.
  • In the anime, Megumi forms the hand sign to summon Nue after his inner monologue about making Sukuna restore Yuji's heart, whereas he did so at the beginning of the monologue in the manga.
  • The initial scuffle against Sukuna is extended in the anime, it also adds a brief sequence of the King of Curses asking for more.
  • Megumi summons Great Serpent with his right hand in the manga, whereas he did it with his left one in the anime.
  • Nue's electrical powers are more apparent in the anime than they were in the manga.
  • The way Sukuna rips apart Great Serpent is slightly altered in the anime.
  • In the anime, Megumi is thrown through a bunch of trees before he flies into the sky, whereas in the manga, Sukuna threw him directly in the air.
  • Sukuna's beatdown of Megumi in the air is extended in the anime.
  • In the anime, Megumi has an inner monologue about using up Divine Dog White and Great Serpent before he deactivates Nue.
  • The inner monologue Megumi has about the unfairness of life is given more visuals in the anime.
  • The visual of Tsumiki standing in the field of sunflowers is omitted when Megumi explains his reason for saving Yuji in the anime.
  • In the anime, most of the initial talk between Geto and the cursed spirits takes place before they cross the road, whereas it started while they were crossing it in the manga.
  • The anime shows the cursed spirits walking past Geto as he orders a table for himself at the café.
  • Ijichi is given a couple more lines about warning the first-years in the anime before Gojo makes the assumption that the mission was planned by the higher-ups.
  • In the anime, Ijichi greets and even bows to Ieiri when she enters the morgue room.
  • A couple more lines of dialogue are added between Maki and Panda before he tells her about Yuji's death.
    • Panda asking Maki to be kinder to the underclassmen is added in the anime.
  • In the anime, Jogo doesn't tap the table when he explains the goal of his group to Geto.
  • The visual of Jogo's eye is shown earlier in the anime.
  • The anime adds Jogo asking about the two conditions before Geto reveals them.
  • The shot of the camera flying into Yuji's chest wound is added in the anime.
  • The anime adapts the last page of chapter 10 in a more stylized manner, omitting Yuji and his response to Sukuna. The scene was adapted faithfully in the next episode.


  • This is the first and so far only episode to adapt the finale of one arc and the start of another.
  • Due to the nature of how Hanami's speech is done in the anime, it is actually possible to decipher it. In this episode, he says: "He's the King of Curses, right?"


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