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Fearsome Womb ( (じゅ) (たい) (たい) (てん) Jutaitaiten?) is the fourth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


The three jujutsu first years are send to rescue inmates of a detention center haunted by a cursed womb. With the potential to spawn a special grade cursed spirit, the young sorcerers are faced with the choice to run and or die.

Plot Details

Assistant Manager Ijichi gives the first-years their mission.

Kiyotaka Ijichi, the assistant manager at Tokyo Jujutsu High, brings first-years, Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki to a detention center where windows have spotted a cursed womb. Five detainees remain inside Detainee Block 2 with what could potentially spawn a special grade cursed spirit. Confused, Yuji asks about the special grade, which Ijichi explains thoroughly. He also warns them that if they end up encountering the special grade, their only options are to run or die.

Their mission is the confirmation and rescue of any survivors. A distraught mother of one of the detainees asks that they please save her son, firing Yuji up. Yuji states to both his classmates that they must save everyone, a notion to which they agree. Ijichi casts a Curtain, a barrier that conceals them from the outside world. Megumi summons one of his Divine Dogs to warn them should any curse approach.

The students enter a Domain created by the cursed womb.

They head inside and Megumi is surprised to see they've entered a curse's Innate Domain. Yuji and Nobara comically begin to panic but Megumi stays confident that his Divine Dog will smell any threats. The trio moves out to find any humans trapped inside and eventually happen upon their mutilated bodies. Amongst them, Yuji finds Tadashi, the son of the distressed woman. He wants to bring their body back outside but Megumi refuses.

Megumi points out that Tadashi is a detainee in this Juvenile Detention Center because he hit a little girl on his second offense driving with a license. He acknowledges that Yuji is stuck on this idea that he can guide people to proper deaths, but Megumi also proposes the question what happens once someone he's saved hurts someone innocent. Yuji counters this by asking why is it that Megumi saved him in the first place.

Yuji is no match for the special grade cursed spirit.

Annoyed, Nobara begins yelling at them both but she's suddenly dragged through the floor by a curse. Confused as to why his dog didn't sense the threat, Megumi realizes that the Divine Dog has been killed without him realizing. Megumi says that they need to run but they're both suddenly confronted by the special grade cursed spirit. Both boys are paralyzed by fear but Yuji tries to act first by attacking it with his knife. This action costs Yuji his hand and breaks the knife.

Meanwhile, Nobara is caught in a strange area surrounded by several large mask curses. Megumi flees the area using Nue and asks neither of his classmates die before he can find Nobara. Before Megumi ran away, Yuji tried to ask for Sukuna's help but he refused. They were attacked by the special grade curse, and although they avoided its cursed energy blast, Megumi was shocked by its power. Yuji snapped him out of it and asks him to go find Nobara.

Nobara surrounded by curses.

Megumi rushes to find her with his other Divine Dog as Nobara's arsenal withers down to her last nail. Without any knowledge of how to wield cursed energy, Yuji is brutally punished by his enemy's onslaught of cursed energy. Yuji tries to hold back the surge of energy coming from the curse, but he's simply too weak, both emotionally and physically.

Elsewhere within the domain, Megumi is able to save Nobara just before she's devoured by the curses. At the same time, Yuji realizes that he can't have a proper death and begins to cry as he realizes he's likely going to die here. However, this helps him realize he must channel his negative feelings into his fist. He charges forward with a fist reinforced by cursed energy and tries to strike back his opponent. The special grade is easily able to catch Yuji's punch, but he buys enough time for Megumi to escape with Nobara and regroup with Ijichi. The Divine Dog howls, giving Yuji the signal that he can safely unleash Sukuna.

Yuji gives Sukuna control to fend off the curse.

Sukuna takes control of Yuji's body and admits that he's been inconvenienced by the annoying brat. He tries to put the situation back to the way it was, but the special grade refuses to work with Sukuna and attacks him. Sukuna effortlessly deflects the curse's attacks while accidentally healing Yuji's body. He believes the curse doesn't want to walk away from its point of origin, so it's chosen death instead. Sukuna easily overpowers the cursed spirit while Megumi sends off Nobara with Ijichi. Megumi asks that Ijichi bring back a grade 1 sorcerer while he remains outside to deal with Yuji should Sukuna rampage too long.

Sukuna's devious grin.

Sukuna continues to dominate the special grade, insulted that they are considered to be of the same rank. The curse heals it's injuries but Sukuna is quick to put it an end to any ideas of it getting proud of itself. He decides to show both the curse and Yuji what real jujutsu is and activates his Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine. This instantly slices the curse into pieces, allowing Sukuna to take back the finger which had spawned the cursed womb in the first place.

Irritated that he's been used for the brat's gain, Sukuna demands that Yuji take back control. However, after hearing nothing back from Yuji, Sukuna lets out a deviously evil grin.

Juju Stroll

Ijichi bows while talking on the phone, making the Yuji and Nobara perplexed. The assistant manager explains that he does this because of getting a bit too into the feeling of "I'm on the phone." The first-year girl understands what he's talking about and brings up how she hurt her neck several times while depilating. Megumi and Yuji reveal certain quirks they have when talking on the phone before Ijichi asks the first-years if they can stay on a call while holding the phone against one of their shoulders. Yuji and Megumi show that they can do so, but when Nobara tries it, she drops her phone, causing its screen to crack upon impact with the ground.

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  • Eishu Detention Center

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the anime, Ijichi adds that the citizens within a 500-meter radius of the Detention Center have been evacuated.
  • The anime adds a short exchange between Yuji and Ijichi where the teen asks the assistant manager for the definition of the term "window." In the manga, the term was explained via a footnote.
  • In the anime, Ijichi explains the different grades starting from the weakest one, Grade 4, and ending with the strongest one, special grade. In the manga, the order was inverted.
  • During the brief cutaway of Gojo saying that souvenirs shouldn't be expected, the anime has him carry a bag over his shoulder.
  • In the anime, Tadashi's mother is already being stopped from entering by a few guards, whereas in the manga, she stopped walking because of a caution tape as we see a single guard approaching her from behind.
    • Tadashi's mother is also made more explicitly distressed in the anime.
  • In the anime, Ijichi first wishes good luck and then announces that he's about to lower a Curtain, this was inverted in the manga.
  • The anime makes Yuji more excited to see a Curtain than he was in the manga.
  • The white Divine Dog howls upon being summoned.
  • In the anime, Megumi stops his friends when they witness the Domain created because of the cursed womb's presence, whereas in the manga, they all stop simultaneously.
  • The anime adds a short sequence where the Jujutsu High first-years explore the Domain.
  • In the anime, Nobara yells at Yuji and Megumi slightly longer than she did in the manga.
  • In the anime, Slaughter Demon breaks because it impales into the ground and the momentum causes the blade to break, whereas in the manga, the weapon breaks because of the impact itself.
  • Megumi exclaims "Divine Dogs" when he summons the black shikigami during his rescue of Nobara.
  • The anime adds a short scene where Nobara ponders that she should've brought more nails, because she's only got one left.
  • After Yuji is blown through the wall in the anime, we can see that the bridge is positioned lower than the hole in said wall, whereas in the manga, it was on the same level as the previous room.
    • Later there is a brief scene of the Finger Bearer jumping down onto the bridge, which wasn't present in the manga.
  • In the anime, the Toad shikigami saves Nobara before Great Serpent eliminates the curse that was trying to eat her. This was inverted in the manga.
    • Toad is also slightly larger than it was in the manga.
  • Sukuna is given a few more short lines of monologue in the anime, which mostly act as taunts either towards Yuji or the Finger Bearer.
  • Megumi's monologue about finishing off Yuji in case things go wrong is moved to after Ijichi drives away.
  • Malevolent Shrine's formation is heavily stylized in the anime compared to its manga counterpart.
  • In the anime, when the Finger Bearer is sliced, all the pieces stay in place in mid-air, whereas in the manga only the central slice stays standing.
  • In the anime, the exorcism of the Finger Bearer takes place on top of the bridge's ruins, whereas both Sukuna and his opponent walked off of them and into the water in the manga.


  • This is the first episode to adapt more than two chapters of the manga.