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Jujutsu Koshien ( (じゅ) (じゅつ) (こう) () (えん) Jujutsu Kōshien?) is the twenty-first episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


In the aftermath of the curses' invasion of Jujutsu High, Geto's schemes for Satoru Gojo move into the next phase of planning. Meanwhile, rather than mourn, the students decide to finish off the Goodwill Event with a competitive game of baseball.

Plot Details

Mahito stops Haruta from killing Hanami.

Haruta Shigemo is walking in an underground cave as he contemplates about not being able to do anything during the invasion. Just then, Hanami suddenly crashes from the ceiling of the cave and collapses as Haruta comments on how Hanami overworked himself. Noticing how exhausted Hanami is, Haruta decides to try and kill Hanami, but Mahito shows up and stops him. Haruta asks if Mahito finished the mission, who confirms it.

Some of the cursed objects Mahito stole.

In a flashback, Geto is seen talking to Mahito, Hanami and Jogo about how Tengen's barrier changes positions everyday. Jogo asks who's Tengen as Geto replies they are an immortal sorcerer, Jogo gets excited over this and asks again who's stronger, Tengen or Satoru Gojo. Geto explains that they don't need to worry about them. When Hanami asks about why don't they seal Gojo within the veil, Geto explains that they don't want to direct his attention to Mahito's main mission. Geto believes that one of the students acts as a landmine for Sukuna, and if they were to kill the student, all of their current plans will be ruined. Jogo suggests for them to kidnap Sukuna's vessel but Geto says Sukuna is a bomb for both them and Jujutsu High.

In the present, Mahito and Hanami are in the underground cave, Mahito helps Hanami up who admits to Mahito it's hard to keep for curses to quell their killing intent, satisfying Mahito, who says Hanami is sounding more like a cursed spirit.

The mysterious monk sided with the curses.

At Tokyo Jujutsu High, Ijichi reads off the list of casualties and confirms it was the work of Mahito who also was the one who stole the cursed objects. Utahime asks if they should inform the students and the other sorcerers about this as Yaga says it's best for them to keep it to just the higherups. When Yaga asks if the cursed user they captured spilled any information, Juzo doesn't provide any useful information and only says that he was tricked by a a white haired monk to participate in the raid. Mei Mei asks Gojo if "androgynous monk kid" rings a bell who denies this. When Utahime asks how they were able to sneak past Tengen's barrier, Gojo believes they were able to sneak past Tengen's barrier because of the work of the special grade cursed spirit the students fought. Gojo also states that Tengen's barrier doesn't work with plants and the barrier is only used for hiding and not protecting. With everything that has occurred, the principals decide it might be best to cancel the Goodwill Event. However, Gojo claims its not for them to decide.

Jujutsu students rest up in the healing ward.

Meanwhile, in the healing ward, Yuji and Nobara visits Megumi while he eats. Nobara asks what's going on with Yuji and Aoi but the latter claims he wasn't exactly himself during that time. Yuji expresses that he's glad Megumi isn't seriously hurt while also commenting that he's now able to eat pizza. Megumi complains and asks for them to give him something easier to digest but Nobara states no complaining. Fushiguro reveals that he was able to get off easier because he was drained of cursed energy, allowing Shoko to remove the Cursed Bud. Megumi comments that Yuji has gotten stronger and claims that he'll surpass him. Impressed, Aoi suddenly appears in between Yuji and Nobara, claiming that he expects such things from his brothers friend.

"Play Ball!"

Upon noticing Aoi, Yuji immediately runs away from Aoi who chases after, asking where he's going. Yuji states that his mindset wasn't normal at that time and is left unable to explain their bond. In the following day, Gojo meets up with the students to decide whether or not they should continue the Goodwill Event. A lot has happened, making Yuji and some other students hesitate about it but Aoi speaks up and says they should continue with the event. Surprising everyone, Aoi starts listing out several solid points which result in the rest of the students agreeing as well. Gojo decides to remove the individual part of the event and has Yuji pick out a team event at random, wherein Yuji ends up choosing baseball, much to the surprise of both principals who were trying to keep tradition. The baseball game begins with Kasumi Miwa batting while Utahime and Momo argue about the rules. Kamo comes up to bat next and asks Yuji, the catcher, why he became a jujutsu sorcerer.

The Goodwill event concludes with Tokyo's victory.

Yuji explains that he wants to help people and so that he won't die alone. Noritoshi only became a jujutsu sorcerer to help his mother, so he understands Yuji's reasoning. Impressed with Yuji, Noritoshi decides not to swing and is easily struck out by Maki. The teams switch sides and Nobara steps up to bat while Mechamaru controls a pitching machine. Angry by the her rival's advantage, Nobara confronts Mai at first base before managing to hit the ball while up to bat. Megumi sacrifices himself on a bunt so Nobara can move up a base while Panda and Maki capitalize, helping the team appear to score three runs. However, as Momo uses her broom to catch Maki's ball. The Tokyo students argue that's cheating while Aoi steps up to bat. He wants to face Yuji, who's the pitcher rather than the catcher, which annoys Maki, who strikes him in the face with the ball. Almost everyone congratulates her on the pitch, and Yuji realizes just how hated Todo is. While the game goes on, the two principals speak about Yuji. Gakuganji admits he doesn't hate Yuji it's simply that the rules mean his presence cannot be condoned. Sukuna could cause mass death but Yaga believes Yuji could save even more potential lives as a sorcerer. All sorcerer's experience a lot of regrets, like Yaga does with his former student, Suguru Geto. This makes it important for the teachers to support the students from now because their regrets as adults can wait.

As the baseball game comes to a close, Yuji hits a home run that helps Toge score two points. The 30th Annual Kyoto Goodwill Event finally reaches it's conclusion with Tokyo High as the winner.

Juju Stroll

The students of Tokyo Jujutsu High are asked if they prefer bread or rice. Panda is lurking in the background as they give their answers, upset that none of them said "Panda." He sits down alone and laments that it feels forced and Yuji saying the showrunners are out of ideas.

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  • During the game each character revealed a random fact about them:
    • Kasumi Miwa: The mango she was letting ripen in the refrigerator is gone.
    • Momo Nishimiya: Baseball experience: 2L
    • Noritoshi Kamo: Practicing cursive, he can write his own name now.
    • Yuji Itadori: First impression of Iekei Ramen: "I poop a lot the next day"
    • Nobara Kugisaki: Awaiting approval for a credit card. (Too hard for a high schooler.)
    • Mai Zenin: Hates mangoes, but got over it recently.
    • Megumi Fushiguro: Prefers breast meat in chicken nanban and thigh meat in oyakodon.
    • Panda: Wants to punch a zebra someday.
    • Maki Zenin: The one thing she can't tolerate is protein powder.
    • Aoi Todo: Won the middle school nationals with Yuji. Yuji denies this.
    • Toge Inumaki: Prefers bread for breakfast. Likes it with ham, cheese, and a bit of tabasco.