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Black Flash ( (こく) (せん) Kokusen?) is the nineteenth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


The special grade cursed spirit Hanami has invaded the Goodwill Event! Can the students survive the onslaught and escape the curtain with their lives?

Plot Details

Toge stops Hanami's wooded attacks.

Megumi, Toge, and Noritoshi run through one of the buildings with Hanami's roots in hot pursuit. Toge has been training his technique keeping Hanami at bay as they've tried to create distance. Megumi checks on him as he drinks cough syrup to help sooth his throat. Hanami gets close and tries to skewer the three boys with spears from wooden balls. Toge commands Hanami to stop, halting his assault. Noritoshi follows up with Blood Manipulation: Convergence - Piercing Blood.

This time, Noritoshi is able to injure Hanami by hitting the branches on his face. The trio of students starts running again and Noritoshi goes over the game-plan in his head. They use Toge to stop Hanami and then Noritoshi and Megumi attack before creating distance. Their goal is to retreat outside the curtain or at least somewhere they can get help from fellow students.

Cursed speech fails and Nue is countered by Hanami.

Hanami chases the boys outside and Megumi sends Nue to attack, believing Toge will stop the curse. However, Toge's throat gives way to the backlash from his cursed speech due to the difference in strength between himself and Hanami. Without Toge's support, Noritoshi is pummeled into the ground. Megumi grabs him before Hanami's wooden balls skewer the unconscious third-year. Before Megumi decides to make a move, his senpai steps up to face Hanami alone. Just before they get within Hanami's range, Toge uses the last of his strength to force Hanami to blast away.

The special grade curse withstands the attack but gets sent crashing away. Maki appears behind him with Kasumi's katana, but Hanami claims a blade like that can't cut him and blocks it with his forearm. The katana snaps, but Hanami is open to an attack from Megumi. He uses his black blade cursed tool and cuts one of the branches of the curses face. This confirms Hanami's weak point but he's able to instantly regenerate and commends the strength of Megumi's sword. Maki claims she has even better and Megumi pulls out a three-section staff from his shadow. He gives it to Maki, arming her with the special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud!

Special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud!

Maki sends Hanami flying across the battlefield far away from the building with a single swing. Megumi runs through the forest and summons Divine Dog Totality. It injures Hanami's arm with blistering speed and Maki comes from behind to attack. Hanami blocks but realizes Maki is using Megumi's sword. The boy suddenly appears and strikes Hanami from behind, then the two students swap weapons again and strike off Hanami's eye branches. Their attack seems successful, but a cursed bud sprouts from Megumi's gut. It loves cursed energy, preventing Megumi from using jujutsu. Maki is concerned, leaving her open to getting her arm skewered by a wooden spear.

Hanami claims jujutsu sorcerers are always open when an ally is injured. Divine Dog dispels and Maki is quickly subdued shortly after. Megumi pressures himself to do something but Maki assures him it's time for them to tag out. Right on cue, Yuji and Aoi Todo crash down from the sky to rescue Maki. Meanwhile, Momo Nishimiya moves Toge and Noritoshi to safety on her levitating broom. She believes if there's one thing about Todo, he's strong. Megumi urges them not to fight but Yuji assures him it's okay and Panda takes him and Maki away.

Black Flash!

Aoi Todo states he won't help until Yuji unleashes the Black Flash. Hanami notices Yuji is Sukuna's vessel and wonders about Todo's strength. Aoi has less cursed energy than Hanami, but there is something ominous about his poise. Yuji begins by asking Hanami if he knows a patchwork face curse and attacks. He gets the opening he's looking for after a brief exchange but thinks of injured Megumi and Junpei before landing his strike. Yuji fails to use Black Flash, so Aoi smacks him and tells him not to rely too heavily on anger. He helps Yuji to refocus and calm down, who acknowledges him as a best friend.

Black Flash is a distortion in space created when cursed energy is applied to a physical hit within a trillionth of a second. It delivers two and half times the power of a normal hit and is a technique no sorcerer can utilize at will. The difference between those who have used black flash and those who have not are like heaven and earth. Yuji drools from the concentration and before the saliva even hits the ground, Yuji blitzes Hanami and successfully unleashes Black Flash!

Yuji and Aoi work together against Hanami.

Aoi watches proudly from the sideline and states that Yuji has grown. Yuji is surprised by the volume of his own cursed energy and Aoi explains that he's finally gained an understanding of cursed energy as an ingredient. Up to this point, he's been throwing it haphazardly into a pot without knowing what to expect. In Aoi's analogy, Yuji is twice the chef he once was. Hanami recognizes Yuji's strength and heals his arm, ready for the next clash. Together, Aoi and Yuji take their stance as best friends and state it's time to get to cooking. Hanami reveals his left arm and declares that it's time for him to get serious as well.

"Mahito... I'm enjoying the thrill of the fight!"

Hanami summons giant roots that attack Yuji and Aoi, surprising the former with incredible attack range. It sacrifices speed and power for range, allowing the duo to get in close on Hanami and strike him at once. They try to follow up, but the roots manifested from cursed energy suddenly disappear. Without footing, the two sorcerers fall. However, they kick off each other's feet to avoid Hanami's next attack. Impressed, Hanami thinks back to a conversation with Mahito. He encouraged Hanami to give into his instincts as a curse in order to enjoy himself.

The battle reignites on the ground as Yuji and Hanami continue to trade blows in close quarters. Aoi follows up to help and as they're fighting, Hanami admits that he's enjoying the thrill of the fight. With the battle ramping up, Aoi decides that it's time to unleash his cursed technique.

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