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Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event - Team Battle, Part 1 ( (きょう) () () (まい) (こう) (こう) (りゅう) (かい) - (だん) (たい) (せん) ①- Kyōto Shimai-kō Kōryū-kai -Dantai-sen ①-?) is the fifteenth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


The Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event has finally begun! The Tokyo Team hatches a plan to use Yuji to distract Aoi Todo, but little do they know the entire Kyoto Team is targeting Yuji! When all odds are against him, Yuji finds an unlikely new best friend.

Plot Details

Yuji steps up to face Aoi Todo for his team.

As the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event prepares to begin, Gojo speaks over the loudspeaker. He abruptly hands it off to Utahime, who's unprepared to speak. She hesitantly gives the students some advice before Gojo cuts her back off and begins the event. Both teams run directly into the forested area. Yuji asks where the grade 2 curse could be and Panda suggests that it's likely moving around. Maki reminds Yuji of their squad's plan as they follow Megumi's Divine Dogs to a weak grade 3 curse. They prepare to exorcise it when Aoi Todo suddenly appears to confront the entire team by himself.

Yuji acts quickly and smashes Aoi's face with a flying knee. Megumi and Maki go off in one direction while Nobara, Toge, and Panda go another away. The plan was for Yuji to hold off Aoi alone using his brawn. All he needs to do is buy time but if Yuji is going to fight, he plans on winning. Aoi quickly recovers from the initial attack and responds with a fierce punch. It blasts apart the grade 3 curse and sends Yuji flying through a few trees on impact. Before Yuji can get his bearings, Aoi stomps his face until he appears to fall unconscious.

"What type of girls do you like?"

Aoi prepares to move on, but he's surprised when Yuji gets back up. Annoyed, Yuji yells at Aoi for possibly making him dumber. The Kyoto third-year replies Takada-chan likes dumb boys so it's fine. Yuji claims he doesn't follow idols and Aoi decides to ask what kind of girls he likes. Aoi is shocked when Yuji reveals that he likes tall girls with big butts, just like him. This triggers a memory where in the past, Yuji helped Aoi get over being rejected by Takada-chan.

Despite this memory never actually happening, Aoi believes it to be real. He and Yuji are best friends and no one in their hometown could beat them. Yuji watches confused as Aoi sheds sudden tears, but their moment is interrupted when the rest of the Kyoto Team ambushes Yuji. The lone first-year is able to avoid Mai's bullets and Kasumi's swordplay before getting surrounded. He quickly realizes the Kyoto Team is actually trying to kill him.

Aoi Todo stops his team from trying to kill Yuji.

Annoyed with his peers' interference, Aoi claps, activating his technique. This switches places of everyone in the area, saving Yuji. Aoi confronts Noritoshi and demands he leave at once. Noritoshi reluctantly agrees on the condition Aoi kills Yuji and leaves with the other 3 students. Aoi only claims that he won't hold back, not even on his best friend. Meanwhile, Momo watches from above and feeds information to her team. Megumi's Nue appears behind the girl and uses its electroshock wings to knock her out of the sky.

Noritoshi immediately notices this and asks Mai and Mechamaru to secure Momo. As soon as they split off, Noritoshi and Kasumi are attacked by Megumi and Maki. Megumi's tonfa clashes with Noritoshi's wooden bow and he asks if the Kyoto Team is trying to kill Yuji. Both Panda and Megumi noticed the Kyoto Team moving around the area where Yuji is and deduced they were trying to kill him. The two squads immediately turned back to save Yuji while Toge continued to search for the curse.

"Are you guys trying to kill Itadori?"

While Momo is recovering from her paralysis laying in a tree, Panda and Nobara arrives to taunt her from the ground below. At the same time, Noritoshi denies having a reason to kill Yuji but Megumi believes the Big Three Sorcerer Families have plenty of motive to kill Sukuna's vessel. Aoi and Yuji fight, beginning to trade punches on even terms. Aoi is even impressed with Yuji's skills, toughness, and clever ability to use the environment to his advantage. However, he feels Yuji's Divergent Fist is all wrong. He expresses this by yelling loudly that it's wrong, so loud that everyone else on the battlefield can hear.

"That's the spirit... best friend!!"

Maki notices Aoi's screaming and realizes he's why Yuji is still alive. Kasumi apologizes for her class's actions and explains she's fighting in the event to get noticed by higher-level sorcerers. Sorcerers of a higher grade can recommend lower-ranked sorcerers for promotions. Kasumi wants to get scouted so she can raise her rank and earn more money for her poor family.

Aoi asks Yuji if he's okay with being weak relying on the Divergent Fist. Initially, Yuji doesn't care about being Aoi's best friend, but he refuses to stay weak. Impressed, Aoi tells his best friend that this is the correct response.

Juju Stroll

The female characters are asked "What kind of person is your type?" Maki says it's someone who's stronger than her, Mai refuses to answer, Nobara can't stand a UBSSD (useless, broke, smelly, stingy, dead), Momo names Sebastian Stan, Kasumi describes a hot guy who's fun to be around and makes her feel like he's the only one for her. Meanwhile Gojo remembers a girl with bangs who seemed nice and Utahime, through process of elimination, concludes it's Kasumi.

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