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Tomorrow (また明日 (あした) Mata Ashita?) is the thirteenth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


Yuji and Nanami engage in the climatic battle against Mahito. They gain the upper hand, but the edge of death inspires the curse into activating Domain Expansion! With his mentor trapped in the palm of Mahito's hand, can Yuji rescue Nanami from certain death?

Plot Details

Mahito keeps an eye on Yuji while preparing to take out Nanami.

Nanami reviews the situation and decides he and Yuji must create openings for each other and exorcise Mahito as soon as possible. In response, Mahito spawns an eye on his right palm and shapeshifts his left arm into a blade. The battle begins and they exchange blows until Mahito turns into a ball of spikes. He quickly realizes this backfired and gets attacked from both sides by the sorcerers. Mahito escapes by turning into a child version of himself, and the sorcerers realize his cursed energy stores up right before transforming.

Mahito returns to normal size because he risks dying to one hit from Yuji. He regurgitates small transfigured humans and mutates them so they can attack Yuji. At the same time, Mahito focuses on getting rid of Nanami. He believes Yuji can't kill humans as the student flees from the small transfigured children, struggling to come to grips with what he has to do. Mahito pins Nanami to the wall and berates Yuji for his foolishness', but the Grade 1 sorcerer believes Mahito is the one who's foolish.

Yuji and Nanami work together to overwhelm Mahito.

Yuji saves Nanami in time, confirming he dispatched the transfigured humans. Now that Nanami and Yuji know Mahito's trick, it's easier for them to time their blows and overwhelm him before he can shapeshift. As they continue to beat Mahito closer to death, he gains inspiration from it, enough to activate Domain Expansion for the first time. Reaching closer to the true shape of his soul, Mahito drags Nanami into his Domain: Self-Embodiment of Perfection. Mahito says he's grateful to Nanami for helping him reach his full potential while Yuji is trapped outside the barrier.

Nanami quickly reads into the situation and realizes that he's literally in the palm of Mahito's hands, this type of Domain Expansion is a guaranteed win. He recalls getting bread from his favorite bakery and how a fly head had cursed the bakery girl. During that time he had quit being a sorcerer and worked as a simple business man. However, he eventually realized making rich people richer wasn't helping anyone in the grand scheme of things, especially not compared to the bakery girl who delivers happiness all the time. The next time Nanami returned to the bakery he decided to exorcise the curse and received the girl's gratitude in return. This gave Nanami the motivation he needed for returning the favor back to humanity as a jujutsu sorcerer.

Nanami gets trapped inside Mahito's Domain Expansion.

Mahito claims he's thankful, but Nanami has already been appreciated by others like the bakery girl. He takes off his sunglasses and says that he doesn't need his gratitude and has no regrets at all. Just as Nanami prepares to die, Yuji breaks into Mahito's domain from the outside. The more resistant a barrier is from the inside, the weaker it is from the outside. This forces Mahito to touch Sukuna's soul, which he is promptly punished for. Sukuna cuts down Mahito, as the king of curses truly couldn't care less about anyone else, other than Megumi.

Injured, Mahito's blood spills furiously from his body. Despite being confused by what happened, Yuji senses the critical moment and attacks. Mahito inflates his body and Yuji strikes it with his Divergent Fist. However, this was a simple distraction and Mahito escapes into the sewers. Nanami quickly calls grade 2 sorcerer Takuma Ino, who's still underground, ordering him to cut off the weakened curse and exorcise him. Nanami wants to pursue as well but Yuji's body finally gives way to all his injuries.

"I told you there wouldn't be a second time."

Mahito gets to safety underground and reflects on Sukuna's presence. His cursed energy levels are lower than Mahito's but his presence is all powerful. Mahito knows that as long as Sukuna is fully resurrected, the age of curses will come. However, he's distracted by his unrelenting urge to kill Yuji. Mahito decides to settle for killing Yuji's soul over and over again and thinks how he'll accomplish this next time they meet.

Mahito looks forward to new ways of crushing Yuji's spirit.

After Yuji wakes up from his injuries, he meets Nanami in a morgue. Nanami explains what happened and Yuji claims that Sukuna saved Nanami not him. He's also feeling guilty for killing people and admits he's not sure what it means to help people reach proper deaths. Nanami says that all people are neither good nor evil and no one dies the same death, so guiding people towards a proper one is impossible. Yuji is still the type of person to try however, so Nanami just requests that he won't die in the process of doing so. Nanami acknowledges him as a sorcerer and states it's his responsibility to stay alive in order to save others.

At Satozakura High School, the faculty implements countermeasures against bullying. Sotomura the teacher meets with Shota Ito and admits they both failed Junpei, but all the troublemakers disguising themselves will be exposed from now on.

Rejoining Satoru Gojo sensei and Nanami, Yuji reflects and tells himself that until he kills Mahito he won't ever lose again.

Juju Stroll

Panda, Toge, Maki, Megumi, and Nobara are sitting together to eat hotpot. Megumi lifts up the lid to reveal a beautiful boiling pot. After taking a bite, Maki comments that the meatballs are great and asks who made them. Megumi responds that he did and that they were easy to make. Maki remarks that it's not surprising that Megumi can cook for himself, to which Megumi says that Yuji actually taught him how to make them. The group quiets at this since they still think Yuji is dead, and Nobara calls the meatballs Yuji's legacy, which Maki quickly objects.

Elsewhere, Yuji sneezes (as his friends are talking about him). He and Gojo are also having hotpot with meatballs. Gojo says that the meatballs are great, to which Yuji replies that they're super easy to make--even Megumi can make them.

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  • This is the first episode to include an insert song.