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Narrow-Minded ( () (ろう) (しゅん) () Korōshungu?) is the eleventh episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


Nanami and Mahito's clash comes to its chaotic conclusion while Yuji befriends Junpei over movies and even meets his mother. However, after her mysterious death, Junpei's heart falls down a dark path. Will Yuji be able to rescue him?

Plot Details

Ratio Technique: Collapse!

As Nanami goes into overtime, Mahito realizes that he's used a time based vow to limit himself in order to gain greater power once he goes into overtime. Nanami divulges his technique, further increasing his power and forcing Mahito to take him seriously. The sorcerer runs off with great speed, considering two options as the curse continues to chase him. He can either try and wear down Mahito until he runs out of cursed energy, which isn't practical. Or he can try to annihilate him with full force in one blow.

Nanami jumps and strikes one of the walls with Ratio Technique: Collapse, an expanded cursed technique so powerful Nanami's punch shatters the wall with shockwave by streaks of his cursed energy. Mahito decides he better avoid this attack, but Nanami suddenly cuts his leg off and announces that he's retreating. Shortly after, the falling debris from the wall lands on the curse, appearing to crush him.

Yuji and Junpei spend time talking about their experiences with movies.

Meanwhile, Yuji and Junpei are still together outside some stairs close to a river. Yuji tries to get in contact with Ijichi but he's busy trying to catch the other fly head. While he thinks about what to do, Junpei recognizes the swirly button on his uniform and realizes that Yuji is a sorcerer. Yuji decides to be straightforward and asks about what happened at the movie theater, but Junpei denies seeing anything and claims he's only been able to see curses as of recently.

Yuji believes him and decides to sit down with Junpei while Geto watches them from above, happy to see they've made a link to Yuji. The two boys discuss movies until Junpei's mother, Nagi Yoshino, happens to meet them and invites Junpei's new friend to dinner. Geto travels underground to find Mahito, impressed by the state Nanami left things in. Mahito is happy to have learned a lot more about himself from the battle.

Junpei's mother gets cursed by the sudden appearance of a Sukuna finger.

Ijichi catches the fly head and calls Yuji back, worrying that Nanami will discover how irresponsible he's been. Before he's able to pick him up, Nanami calls and asks that he drive him to Jujutsu High. This is so Nanami can receive treatment from Shoko. While Ijichi is on his way, Nanami thinks about the potential danger Mahito presents for such a young cursed spirit.

At Nagi Yoshino's house, the three of them manage to get along well over dinner. They talk, eat, and laugh until Nagi falls asleep. This reminds Junpei of how fond he is of his mother and brings him closer to Yuji as well. They want to watch a movie, but Ijichi comes to pick him. Before Yuji leaves, Junpei asks him what he would do if he's forced to kill someone. Yuji answers that he would try not to because the value of life would become even more unclear.

After Yuji leaves, Junpei thinks about how people don't have hearts. However, there are good people like Yuji and his mother so he could never kill anyone. That night, Nagi wakes up at her dining room table to find one of Sukuna's finger, which draws a curse to her and ends her life.

Mahito feeds into the hatred building in Junpei's heart.

Nanami and Yuji prepare to make a move on Mahito, but Nanami doesn't want Yuji to be forced into killing transfigured humans. He asks him to continue monitoring Junpei, who is being mislead by Mahito. The curse feeds into Junpei's broken heart and points his anger towards Shota Ito, the same student who bullied him out of the movie club.

Junpei returns to school after donning his mother's black clothes. Mahito and Geto watch from afar, with the former casting a curtain over the entire place. They plan on leveraging Yuji into making a binding vow with Sukuna by using Junpei. They also were the ones who placed the Sukuna finger at Junpei's home.

Junpei takes his revenge.

All the students in the school's auditorium pass out when Junpei enters the room. Only Shota and the teacher Sotomura remain conscious. Junpei asks Shota if he's the one who put the finger in his home, but the student has no idea what he's talking about. The newly awakened sorcerer uses jujutsu to poison Shota's skin and beat him before lifting up his battered body.

Just before Junpei can kill him, Yuji enters the gymnasium and yells at his friend about what's going on. Junpei simply tells the jujutsu sorcerer to stay out of this.

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00:24 01:56 Working Overtime Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 6)
02:17 03:46 Kaikai Kitan Kaikai Kitan by Eve
03:49 04:26 TBA TBA
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23:45 23:53 Preview of The Next Episode 1 Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disk 2, Track 14)

Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the anime, Nanami cuts off Mahito's leg instead of breaking it like in the manga.
  • In the anime, Junpei only asks her mother to stop smoking, while in the manga he also takes the cigarette out of her hand.
  • In the anime, Mahito comes out under the rubble after Geto arrives, while in the manga it is before.


  • This is the first episode to end at the same narrative spot where a volume had ended, specifically ending at the same place where Volume 3 had ended.