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Idle Transfiguration ( () () (てん) (ぺん) Mui Tenpen?) is the tenth episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation.


Junpei Yoshino and Mahito speak on what it means to be indifferent. Afterward, Junpei is confronted by Yuji Itadori while Kento Nanami enters Mahito's underground hideout.

Plot Details

Junpei continues to spend time with Mahito.

Junpei Yoshino used to run the movie club at Satozakura High School with a few likeminded friends. They're interrupted by a few bullies who claim to be using the room for themselves. They demand everyone leaves, but Junpei wants one of his DVDs first. This irritates one of the students, who decides to start beating Junpei. The other kids run away scared while Shota Ito and other bullies decide to join in on the beating.

In the present, Junpei speaks with Mahito about Japanese wordplay regarding the popular phrase the "opposite of love is indifference." Mahito shows Junpei a few of his experiments. Using his cursed technique, he can change people's forms. He decides to show Junpei how large and small he can make human bodies.

Ijichi instructs Yuji on his first steps to getting info from Junpei.

To his surprise, Junpei isn't shocked because he already knows how repulsive human begins can be. Mahito explains that people have souls at their core, not metaphorical "hearts". He believes there is no value or purpose to life because life is a just a continuous cycle. Mahito believes Junpei doesn't need to quell his hatred because the two of them can do whatever they want.

After Junpei leaves, he's spotted by Ijichi and Yuji as they drive slowly behind him. Yuji learns his classmates are doing well and receives his assignment. He must use weak cursed spirits known as Fly Heads to test his talent for jujutsu and his possible connection to the theater incident. At the same time, Nanami enters Mahito's underground lair, claiming he doesn't take pleasure in killing humans if they are mutated and beyond saving.

Nanami and Mahito clash!

Mahito is happy to see a sorcerer weaker than Satoru Gojo but strong enough for his experiments to arrive. Nanami replies that they should get this over quickly because he doesn't want to end up working overtime. They engage in battle, making Nanami notice Mahito's similarities to Satoru Gojo. They share a text book superficiality with dark strength behind it. Nanami is able to break Mahito's arm with his technique, catching the cursed spirit off guard.

Mahito decides to engage in a conversation with Nanami, making the sorcerer realize that he must be connected to the special grade Gojo fought. Mahito asks if the body or the soul came first. Nanami says the former but Mahito claims it's the latter. He believes the soul exists before the body and the body is shaped by it. By changing the shape of his own soul and others, he can change their form using his Innate Technique: Idle Transfiguration.

"I'm now going into overtime."

Meanwhile, Junpei notices Sotomura, one of his teachers outside of school. He makes comments that irritate Junpei enough for him to nearly attack. However, Yuji suddenly appears with the Fly Head Ijichi released on accident. Yuji wants to try and talk to Junpei, but Sotomura keeps interfering. Yuji decides to take his pants off and run away with them, forcing him to leave so the two boys can talk in private.

Nanami and Mahito continue to battle underground. Nanami manages to fend off the transfigured humans Mahito uses for their alternated shape. The sorcerer quickly realizes this matchup is a poor one for his technique. Mahito takes his opponent off guard with a burst of speed and attempts to reshape Nanami's soul. However, Nanami manages to protect his soul instinctively with his cursed energy. He was injured but not transfigured. Mahito believes in a few more hits his opponent will cease to be human.

Nanami manages to flee down the sewer tunnel to stall until he's able to go into overtime. As the clock approaches six, Nanami's cursed energy suddenly begins to rise, surprising Mahito.

"Juju Stroll"

Looking for her missing uniform, Nobara asks Megumi where her jacket is before asking Panda. He denies seeing it while wearing her jacket. After getting beaten up by Nobara, Toge enters the room wearing a skirt and gets beaten up by Nobara shortly. As she takes the skirt off Toge's body, Nobara discovers the skirt actually belongs to Maki. Elsewhere, Satoru does an impression of Nobara while wearing her skirt with Yuji laughing with delight.

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Start End Title Album
00:00 00:56 As Usual Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 5)
01:31 02:43 TBA TBA
02:50 04:19 Kaikai Kitan Kaikai Kitan by Eve
06:15 08:39 Fearsome Womb Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 20)
08:55 11:40 Investigation with Ijichi-san Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 4)
11:44 11:49 Eyecatch A Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 10)
11:49 11:54 Eyecatch B Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 11)
12:40 14:32 The Source of The Curse Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 2)
15:00 16:05 Description of The Cursed Spirit Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 25)
16:21 17:20 Investigation with Ijichi-san Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 2, Track 4)
17:58 21:14 Extraordinary Emergency Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disc 1, Track 21)
22:47 23:38 TBA TBA
23:45 23:53 Preview of The Next Episode 1 Jujutsu Kaisen Original Soundtrack (Disk 2, Track 14)

Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the anime, a flashback scene where Junpei is bullied by Ito's gang is added.
  • In the anime, the talk about love and indifference between Junpei and Mahito is extended.
    • This talk is in reference to the author comments.[2]


  • This is the first episode not named after a chapter from the manga.


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