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Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga (八握剣 (やつかのつるぎ) () (かい) (しん) (しょう) 魔虚羅 (まこら) Yatsuka-no-Tsurugi Ikaishinshō Makora?) is the most powerful shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique. Throughout its entire history, no user of the Ten Shadows Technique has been able to tame it.[1]


Mahoraga is conjured by the user using an incantation that recites "With this treasure, I summon..." before invoking the Divine General's name. Rather than form a shadow puppet with their hands to manifest the shikigami, the user simply extends both of their arms forward at a slight upward angle with their fists closed.

Mahoraga's overwhelming physical prowess.

The shikigami itself is a towering, muscular humanoid figure with four wings protruding from its eye sockets and a tail-like appendage extending from the back of its head. Hovering just above this is a large eight-handled wheel that rotates as Mahoraga responds to new stimuli. Furu's Incantation of the Ten Sacred Treasures and this wheel represent a complete cycle and harmony. Mahoraga also sports black hakama bottoms and a white sash around its waist to cover most of its lower body.

The Divine General possesses the ability to adapt to any and all phenomena. If it is injured by a certain attack, the eight-handled wheel will turn, allowing it to adapt. If its adversary uses that same technique again, Mahoraga will be able to counter it. This works offensively as well, adapting attacking to efficiently break through its opponent's defenses.[2]

Additionally, Mahoraga has the strength to shatter concrete or to hit someone through multiple buildings with a single blow. It also wields the Sword of Extermination, a blade attached to its forearm that is enveloped positive energy, making it especially effective against cursed spirits.[3]


Megumi summoning Mahoraga as a last resort.

Mahoraga is the most uncontrollable shikigami in the history of the Ten Shadows Technique. It has never been tamed or commanded like other familiars in the history of the entire Zenin Family. However, users of the Ten Shadows Technique can summon it via an exorcism ritual in an attempt to exorcise it at any time.

"The ability to adapt to any and all phenomena".

Other people can be included in the ritual, but defeating the respective shikigami will not allow the Ten Shadows Technique user to use them. Generally, this would be considered a useless exorcism. Megumi actually believes that this is an ace in the hole, the last resort he can use if he's in a situation where he might die. By summoning Mahoraga and forcing his opponent to take part in the ritual, Megumi can take his adversary down with him.

Megumi Fushiguro twice reconsidered summoning Mahoraga before ultimately doing so after being severely injured by Haruta Shigemo in Shibuya. Both of them would have been quickly killed if Sukuna had not shown up. Megumi was already injured, so a single strike from the shikigami was able to put him in a state of suspended death until the ritual ended.[4]

Mahoraga hitting Sukuna through several buildings after adapting to his offense.

Sukuna arrived and healed Megumi, deciding to save the young sorcerer for his own plans. The King of Curses admitted Mahoraga was quite strong, capable of adapting to his moves and counterattacking. Its initial attacks didn't work on Sukuna and it suffered heavy damage from his Dismantle technique. Once the wheel on its head turned the first time, Mahoraga was able to send Sukuna crashing through numerous buildings using cursed energy rather than positive energy. It was also able to see and deflect Dismantle the next time Sukuna attempted to use it.[5]

Mahoraga's adaptability is not limited to specific moves, but all related techniques as well. Sukuna believed Mahoraga could have adapted slashing attacks in general after just experiencing Dismantle. To counter Mahoraga's rapid regeneration, it must be defeated by a different attack than what has previously injured it. Sukuna managed to win their fight by using Malevolent Shrine to relentlessly slash the shikigami before finishing it off with a completely unrelated attack, a powerful flaming arrow that incinerated the Divine General.


  • The technique's name is based off of the race of deities "Mahoraga" ( () () () () Magoraga?) in Buddhism, described as having the appearance of an enormous serpent (other variants can describe it has having the body of a man with the head of a snake).
    • The term eight may also be inspired by the Eight Legions of divine races known as the "Aṣṭasenā/Aṣṭauparṣadaḥ" ( (はち) () (しゅう) Hachi Bushū?), which the Mahoraga is one of.
  • The wheel on the Divine General's back represents the Dharma, which the Mahoraga along with the other deities defend from any harm.


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