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Dragon-Bone ( (りゅう) (こつ) Ryūkotsu?) is a cursed tool considered to be Juzo Kumiya's masterpiece. Maki Zenin obtained it after Master Tengen informed her of the location of Juzo's workshop.


Dragon-Bone is a thick single-edged blade with three engine-type holes in the back. The blade is connected to a highly mechanical hilt. The bottom section beneath the holes is covered by the extended handguard, which has several square shapes protruding from it. In contrast, it has a much less mechanical handle where the sword is gripped. The handle appears to be is covered in stitched-together cloth and is decorated with a ribbon at the end of the hilt.

This cursed tool has the ability to absorb the impact of kinetic force as well as cursed energy. Dragon-Bone can eject both forces back out of the three engines to propel the blade at the user's will, granting it far greater cutting power than normal.


Maki using the kinetic force and cursed energy provided by Ogi against him.

Juzo Kumiya has a workshop where he built cursed tools. Dragon-Bone was his personal masterpiece, the finest cursed tool in his collection. Several months after Juzo was captured by Jujutsu High, Maki learned of the workshop's location from Master Tengen.[1] At some point, she went there and retrieved Dragon-Bone.

When Maki went to get more cursed tools from the Zenin Family warehouse, she was confronted by her own father; Ogi Zenin. In order to defend herself and save Mai from their cruel father, Maki used Dragon-Bone to engage in a duel of swordplay.

Maki planned on taking advantage of the fact that Ogi was unfamiliar with Dragon Bone's ability. She feigned engaging him in a single-strike swordfight by blocking Ogi's first strike with Dragon Bone in a reverse grip. After absorbing the force of Ogi's strike as well as the cursed energy from his Falling Blossom Emotion, Maki switched to a traditional grip and immediately activated Dragon-Bone's power. Propelled by the increased force provided by engines, Dragon-Bone broke the blade of her father's katana clean in two.[2]


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