Domain Techniques refer to any cursed technique that uses a domain in any way. The most well known of these techniques is the Domain Expansion (otherwise known as Territorial Expansion or Area Expansion). 

Domain Expansion

See Domain Expansion.

Simple Domain

See Simple Domain

Domain Amplification

See Domain Amplification

Differences between Domain Techniques

There are some overlaps in the different abilities, purposes, benefits and drawbacks between  the three techniques. 

  • All three Domain Techniques will nullify the opponent's techniques.
  • When a Domain Expansion or Simple Domain is deployed, the user's attacks are almost guaranteed to hit the opponent. This is not the case when Domain Amplification is deployed.
  • Both a Domain Expansion and a Simple Domain create a definitive area or space where they operate that is larger than the user with the purpose of entrapment. Comparatively, Domain Amplification works in a very small space around the user, which will change shape with the user, and is not used for entrapment. 
  • Both a Domain Expansion and a Simple Domain can outpush the opponent's Domain Expansion, provided they are stronger than the opponent's Domain Expansion, whereas a Domain Amplification cannot.
  • A Domain Expansion is imbued with the user's cursed technique, whereas a Simple Domain and a Domain Amplification is not. 
  • A Domain Expansion in general cannot be escaped, whereas a Simple Domain can be and a Domain Amplification, by nature, is not used to trap. 
  • A Domain Expansion and Domain Amplification do not require an activation stance to be held, whereas a Simple Domain does. 
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