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Domain Expansion ( (りょう) (いき) (てん) (かい) Ryōiki Tenkai?) is an advanced barrier technique that manifests the user's Innate Domain and traps their target inside it using a barrier wall to create a separate space. Once inside, the user's cursed techniques are improved and cannot be avoided.[1]


A Domain Expansion's barrier viewed from the outside.

Domain Expansion is the most supreme ability of any jujutsu user. It allows them to realize their innate domain by casting a barrier to create a separate space and use cursed energy to construct an environment within it. The target is trapped within the barrier and the domain is completed once it fully embeds the user's innate cursed technique.[2] A signature hand-sign or another sort of signal unique to the user is required to activate Domain Expansion.[3][4]

Lethal Domains

Complete domains that are constructed to be lethal require immense skill and a lot of cursed energy to create.[5] The trade-off is they amplify the user's cursed techniques and any that are deployed are guaranteed to hit their target. A can't-miss attack used in a domain hits its target instantly and can't even be stopped by Satoru Gojo's Infinity.[6] In the modern era of sorcery, using Domain Expansion is extremely rare and even most grade 1 sorcerers are never able to use or master it.[7]

Not all guaranteed hits aren't necessarily lethal. Kinji Hakari's domain technically possesses a sure-hit function, but it only transfers information to its target in exchange for faster technique activation.[8]

Non-Lethal Domains

Early domains merely enforced the rules of its cursed technique.

In the past, Domain Expansion was a more common technique because domains weren't constructed to be fatal. They only forced targets inside to obey the rules of the embedded cursed technique. As more domains were constructed to be lethal, the number of users greatly decreased over time. Hiromi Higuruma's Deadly Sentencing is an example of an old-style, non-lethal domain that forces his opponent into a trial.[9]

Incomplete Domains

Even after achieving the activation of domain expansion with a cursed technique, a domain can still be incomplete if the user is unable to fully form the barrier. The technique won't provide the guaranteed hit, but unlike improperly cast innate domains, the user's cursed techniques are still vastly improved.[10] Barriers that are forcibly enclosed using the shape of another environment do not incorporate can't-miss attacks either. However, the user's target is effectively trapped and the imbued cursed technique is significantly powered up.[11]


Cursed techniques become unstable after domain expansion.

A high-risk, high-reward maneuver, Domain Expansion provides a great advantage at the cost of an immense amount of cursed energy. Satoru Gojo is considered to be one of the only individuals that can use domain expansion multiple times in one day.[12] Kinji Hakari is only capable of casting it repeatedly after hitting his domain's jackpot to replenish cursed energy and stabilize his cursed technique.[13]

Even if the barrier or the environment aren't fully formed, casting domain expansion will cause the user's innate technique to become unstable for a short time afterward. Attempting to use cursed techniques during this period will cause them to burn out and fail to activate.[14][15]


Megumi creating a hole in Dagon's domain barrier rather than engaging in a tug of war.

The guaranteed hit factor of a Domain Expansion can be countered with a blast of cursed energy, but this method is an impractical application for most. Anti-domain barrier techniques are the only true defense against can't-miss attacks for those who cannot cast their own domain. Simple Domain and Hollow Wicker Basket neutralize the barrier imbued with the cursed technique to nullify the guaranteed hit.[16] If possible, expanding one's own domain is the best countermeasure. This will engage both parties in a domain struggle where the more refined domain will reign supreme.[17][18]

Escaping a domain surrounded by a barrier is almost impossible. However, the more the barrier is reinforced from the inside, the more vulnerable it is to penetration from the outside. In specific situations, an ally of the domain's target can break in to rescue them.[19]

Domain Expansion struggles don't always have to result in one domain conquering the other. Using Domain Expansion against a more refined domain can create a hole in the barrier for them to escape from as well.[20][21]

List of Domain Expansions

Image User Description
Malevolent Shrine (Anime).png Sukuna Malevolent Shrine hits anything within its effective range relentlessly with slashing attacks. Sukuna can customize the range of his technique up to 200 meters. Anything with cursed energy is hit with cleave and inanimate objects are destroyed with dismantle.[22]
Coffin of the Iron Mountain (Anime).png Jogo Coffin of the Iron Mountain traps the target inside a large volcano hot enough to combust normal sorcerers upon entering. In addition to his pyrokinesis, Jogo can control the earth within the volcano to attack as well.[23]
Unlimited Void.gif Satoru Gojo Unlimited Void traps the target inside the Limitless, Once inside, flooding them with endless information , rendering them immobile.[24]
Dagon's Horizon of the Captivating Skandha.gif Dagon Horizon of the Captivating Skandha is a beach area that allows Dagon to freely control vasts amounts of water as well as several dozen fish-like shikigami.[25]
Mahito's Self-Embodiment of Perfection.gif Mahito Self-Embodiment of Perfection allows Mahito to manipulate the souls of anyone caught inside his domain, discarding the condition that requires Mahito to touch his target.[26]
Fushiguro's Chimera Shadow Garden (Anime).gif Megumi Fushiguro Chimera Shadow Garden in its incomplete form allows Megumi to fill an area with thick fluid shadows and summon countless shikigami from them, as well as utilize advanced manipulation of his shadows.[27]
Smallpox Deity Domain Expansion.png Smallpox Deity The Domain Expansion of the Smallpox Deity Disease Curse traps the target in a coffin, buries them underground using a large falling boulder gravestone, and begins a three count. If the victim can't escape the coffin within those three seconds they'll be infected with smallpox and die.[28]
Deadly Sentencing.png Hiromi Higuruma Deadly Sentencing is a court-themed area that allows Higuruma to impose a trial upon his target. All violence is prohibited in the area and the trials are judged by Higuruma's shikigami, Judgeman. The domain's trials may end in two possibilities, a guilty verdict and an innocent verdict.[29]


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