Domain Amplification ( (りょう) (いき) (てん) (えん) Ryōiki Ten'en?)(aka Territorial Extension) is a type of Domain Technique of unknown origins. Similar to Simple Domain, Domain Amplification neutralizes all Cursed Techniques it comes into contact with; however, rather than remaining in a designated space, it acts as a fluid shield that covers the user's body completely, similar to an aura.[1] Known users of this technique are Jogo and Hanami.


It is unknown how domain amplification is activated, but it appears to be able to be activated without requiring much physical movement. It can also similarly be deactivated as needed by the user. The user cannot, however, use their own cursed techniques while deploying domain amplification.[2]

Domain amplification is able to neutralize the opponent's cursed techniques that come into contact with it. As it is a shield, it surrounds the user's body, effectively protecting them from any opponent's cursed techniques but will not protect from physical attacks.[3]


  • The technique can be operated by any shaman, therefore allowing it to be used by a variety of individuals regardless of ability.
  • The technique allows for significant protection from more powerful opponents.
  • The technique can be activated and deactivated easily and without difficulty.


  • The user cannot deploy their own techniques while domain amplification is activated.
  • Domain amplification does not protect from physical attacks.

Side Effects

  • Unknown

Known Users


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