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Domain Amplification ( (りょう) (いき) (てん) (えん) Ryōiki Ten'en?) is a barrier technique that covers the user in a fluid shield that imitates the effect of a domain, neutralizing any technique it comes into contact with.


Domain Amplification is similar to Simple Domain, but it surrounds the user in a fluid aura as if they were surrounded by water. The chance of the user's attacks missing aren't improved but they will always neutralize any technique they come into contact with.[1]

The caster of this technique cannot activate Domain Amplification and their innate technique at the same time.[2]


Satoru Gojo believes Jogo and Hanami learned to use Domain Amplification from a curse user, like Pseudo-Geto. During their battle on the Fukutoshin Line Platform, Jogo and Hanami used it at the same time to deactivate Satoru's Infinity.[3]

Satoru deactivated the Limitless to lure Hanami into activating his innate technique. Unable to use amplification at the same time, Hanami was instantly vulnerable to Satoru's offense. He also countered their amplification by strengthening his Limitless technique and exorcised the weakened Hanami by crushing him into dust at close range.[4]


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