Divine Dogs ( (ぎょく) (けん) Gyokuken?, lit. "Jade Hounds") are twin wolf Shikigami that can be summoned by Megumi Fushiguro's Ten Shadows Technique.


Megumi summoning a single hound from his shadow.

Megumi's Divine Dogs are a pair of twin wolves. One hound is white while the other is black, and both have three dots on their forehead of the opposite color.

Megumi summons the dogs by clasping his hands together to form the shape of a dog head, which his shadow reflects and summons the Divine Dogs. He can also choose to summon a single dog rather than both of them.


Megumi uses Divine Dogs to defeat weaker curses with their offensive abilities. They're also useful for tracking scents, able to warn Megumi of incoming Curses or lead him to specific targets.

The white hound was killed by a Special Grade Cursed Spirit[1], but the black hound inherited its powers and can be summoned in a more powerful form.[2]

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