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Divine Dog: Totality ( (ぎょく) (けん) (こん) Gyokuken・Kon?) is an improved version of the black Divine Dog shikigami which inherited the power of its fallen white twin. It can be summoned by the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Family.


When a shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique falls in battle, its energy is inherited by another shikigami. In this specific case, the black Divine Dog gained the power of the deceased white Divine Dog. This allows the Divine Dog to take a larger, much more powerful form on command, known as Totality.

By using Totality, the user can summon a stronger, larger, bi-pedal, werewolf-like version of the black Divine Dog. It is a well-balanced shikigami with the ability to attack, defend, and provide support for its user. Its notable traits are its immense speed and powerful claws capable of damaging special grade cursed spirits.


Divine Dog's claws ripping through Hanami's arm.

Divine Dog: Totality is one of, if not Megumi's most powerful shikigami at present. Its speed was capable of taking Hanami off guard and his notably hard shell was even pierced by Divine Dog's claws.[1]

Divine Dog: Totality can appear at a moment's notice and Megumi often uses its speed to surprise attack his targets from behind. After Megumi gained the attention of the Yasohachi Bridge Curse, Divine Dog appeared behind it and slashed the curse in half. It had enough power and speed to take the curse by surprise and exorcise it in a single blow.[2] Divine Dog was also fast enough to grab Megumi out of harm's way and protect him from a special grade finger bearer.[3]

Divine Dog exorcising a special grade.

Megumi can hide Divine Dog: Totality inside of his opponent's shadow along with himself. He first achieved this when his cursed technique was amplified by his Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden allowing him and Divine Dog inside the finger bearer's shadow. One effective strike from Divine Dog's claws ripped through the finger bearer's chest and exorcised it.[4]

Divine Dog: Totality was summoned to aid Megumi and Yuji as they fought Jiro Awasaka in Shibuya. Its claws can damage even a special grade but they had no effect on Awasaka due to his Inverse technique.[5]

Megumi using Divine Dog to outmaneuver and restrain Kirara.

Divine Dog also aided Megumi in his scuffle with Kirara Hoshi and was integral to figuring out their cursed technique. When Megumi and Panda were first caught trespassing by Kirara, the former attempted to restrain them by immediately summoning Divine Dog: Totality. However, as soon as Kirara's hand touched Divine Dog, they assigned it with a star and attracted it back to Megumi with their Love Rendezvous technique. Kirara attempted to retreat to an area where Megumi wanted to prevent them from reaching, so Divine Dog used its speed to cut them off. Due to being assigned the same star, Megumi was instantly attracted back to Divine Dog.[6]

Megumi pretended to dismiss Divine Dog and tricked Kirara into thinking it was gone. To prevent them from attracting, Megumi moved so Divine Dog would be stuck behind a wall. Once Kirara was between the two of them, Megumi set Divine Dog loose and it surprised them from behind. It quickly grabbed Kirara and restrained them to bring an end to the skirmish.[7]

Megumi summoning Divine Dog to fight off Culling Game players.

During the Culling Game, Divine Dog: Totality was the shikigami Megumi immediately summoned to support him when Remi lead him into an ambush led by Reggie Star.[8] Reggie took note of Megumi's strength, seeing Divine Dog's power as sufficient reason to try and recruit him. While petting Divine Dog, Megumi refused to join Reggie's group unless they handed over all their points. Negotiations broke down and Chizuru Hari attacked Megumi from behind but h and Divine Dog fled into Hari's shadow to avoid the attack. While Megumi dealt with Hari, Divine Dog rushed to attack Reggie. However, because Megumi was holding back in an attempt to gain the other player's points, Divine Dog was surprisingly overpowered by Reggie. It had two kitchen knives brutally stabbed into the roof of its mouth, injuring the shikigami.[9]

Divine Dog dealing Reggie a fatal blow at blinding speed.

Megumi deactivated Divine Dog: Totality, leading Reggie to believe he couldn't resummon it during their fight. He considered Divine Dog to be the only shikigami that posed a lethal threat and thought Megumi's options were limited as a result.[10] After getting trapped inside Chimera Shadow Garden and dropped into a pool, Reggie dismissed the idea that Megumi could summon Divine Dog entirely. When their fight broke down to a last-ditch physical brawl, Reggie tried to force Megumi into summoning a shikigami so he could capitalize with a counter move. He believed it would be anything other than Divine Dog and suffered fatal consequences for it.

Divine Dog surprise attacked Reggie from behind and completely sheered off a large portion of the flesh around the left side of his head. This included Reggie's inner shoulder, his ear, and some of his face. Reggie noted that he was hit with incredible speed and Megumi added that his earlier attack wasn't nearly enough to defeat Divine Dog. Megumi was waiting the entire time for the moment Reggie had completely dismissed the Divine Dog to resummon it and deal the finishing blow.[11][12]


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