Divergent Fist ( (けい) (てい) (けん) Keitei Ken?) is a punching-based technique utilizing cursed energy manipulation developed by Yuji Itadori.


While training with Satoru Gojo, it was discovered that Yuji's Cursed Energy has a time lag. By striking with his fist using a thin layer Cursed Energy, a second wave of Cursed Energy is unleashed a few moments afterward, effectively creating two impacts with one punch. [1]

Yuji channeling his Cursed Energy into his fists.

Direct hand to hand combat fighting styles are greatly complimented by the Divergent Fist, and is an effective way for a close combat fighter to learn to utilize cursed energy. Divergent Fist is especially effective on curses, who are usually taken off guard and defeated by the second impact. [2]

Even against Special Grade Cursed Spirits like Mahito, Divergent Fist is effective. By perceiving Mahito's Soul, Yuji was able to use Divergent Fist to Mahito's soul directly, succeeding where attacks such as Nanami's Ratio Technique failed.[3]


Yuji applies Divergent Fist to his brawler-like fighting style when combatting Curses or Curse Users. While his physical attacks would normally fail, Divergent Fist makes Yuji's strikes extremely effective against Curses.

Yuji first used it against a Mahito-modified Human and defeated the curse-like creature with the delayed hit. He also used this technique all throughout his fight with Mahito and attempted to finish the Cursed Spirit off with an extra-powerful shot that used up all Yuji's remaining Cursed Energy[4].


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