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Disaster Tides is Dagon's innate technique. It grants him powerful hydrokinetic abilities.


The power of Disaster Tides.

This technique allows the user to manifest high volumes of water and control it using their cursed energy. It is incredibly versatile, allowing for use in all ranges. It can be used as a water shield for close and mid-range,[1] and as a large, sweeping wave for long-range.[2]

Its efficiency is dependent upon the cursed energy of the user and as such, can only be utilized to its full potential by someone skilled in the use of cursed energy. If used to its full potential, this cursed technique can produce water that far outclasses that of Max Elephant. The waves can be used as concussive force or just simply overwhelm opponents by mass and speed.

Domain Expansion

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Disaster Tides' Domain Expansion takes the form of a sunny, tropical, picturesque island. It can even be used for recreational activities, something that was taken advantage of by Kenjaku and Mahito.


Due to his special grade classification, Dagon is an exceptional user of this technique. He takes immense advantage of its versatility. He uses it to amplify his defenses and overwhelm his opponents repeatedly.

Dagon's control over his technique.

Due to his massive amounts of cursed energy, Dagon can generate huge amounts of water. By controlling his water precisely, he can make it dangerous to both sorcerers and non-sorcerers. This was seen in his fight against multiple highly capable jujutsu sorcerers in which Dagon not only matched them, but repeatedly overpowered them and pushed them to the point of desperation.

Dagon using his techniques to contend at close range.

When using Domain Expansion, he is able to conjure numerous fish monster shikigami[3] and use them in various ways. He can simply overpower his opponents due to the sheer size of his shikigami[4], or he can hide in the endless rush and attack, catching them off-guard[5].

It is unknown whether the shikigami rush is infinite or limited by cursed energy, however, due to Dagon's immense cursed energy, it might as well be infinite. Dagon credits this ability to the fact that "the sea is the source of constant life"[6].

The Domain Expansion does have its limits though. Like all domains, if another Domain is conjured in that same space, a tug-of-war will ensue. This means that Dagon loses access to his Death Swarm and can be vulnerable[7]

Extension Technique
Dagon using Death Swarm.png Death Swarm ( () () () (ゆう) (ぐん) Shiruru Yūgun?): An endless stream of shikigami that viciously devour Dagon's opponents.


  • Despite being prominent in the series, this technique does not currently have an official name and is referred to as "Dagon's cursed technique" in the supplementary material.


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