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Disaster Plants is Hanami's innate technique. It grants him powerful chlorokinetic abilities.


This technique allows the user to form and control a variety of cursed flora. Its capabilities are normally initiated telepathically, activating the technique next to the user or near a target, but can also be deployed from the user's body.

The absorption of plants' life energy.

The plants created by this technique can vary in size, shape and physiology. Anything from simple flowers to giant wooden roots is possible to be formed. The flora of the technique is however still made from cursed energy, meaning that curse-like plants can be created quickly and deactivated instantly.[1]

The technique also grants the ability to absorb the life energy of real plants into a flower offering and convert it into cursed energy for the user. This ability can give a giant boost of cursed energy.[2]


Hanami swiftly escapes.

Hanami's innate technique is his primary form of combat and he is quite experienced and proficient at it. He has a good grasp of his abilities, knowing exactly how to use them. Hanami can also use his plants as a source of transportation, giving him the ability to go past barriers and curtains.[3]

Hanami summons a giant cursed plant.

The technique arms Hanami with a wide variety of cursed plants, each with different capabilities: wooden skewers that can pierce his opponents,[4] branches that can bind them,[5] as well as flower-like curses that can nullify his opponent's will to fight.[6] Hanami's cursed wood can also be used to create wooden monsters.[7]

The flower offering awakens.

Hanami's technique is innately combined with his body. He can use his right hand's fingers to form cursed plants.[8] When Hanami's left arm is exposed, he can use it to siphon the life-force of nearby plants and convert it into cursed energy. Plants do not embrace cursed energy, so Hanami cannot manipulate them. He can create cursed energy from plant life and send it all to the flower offering on his right shoulder.[9]

The big advantage given by the flower offering is a massive boost of cursed energy. Hanami can keep this energy stored within his body for prolonged periods of time. The main ability Hanami can use with this boost of cursed energy is Domain Amplification.[10]

Extension Techniques
Roots (Anime).png Roots (木の根 Kinone?)[11]: Hanami can create roots that emerge from the ground. When he limits the reach and numbers of roots, their power and speed increase. Vise versa, he can greatly expand the number of roots and their range by sacrificing speed and destructive power.
Wooden Balls (Anime).png Wooden Ball (木の毬 Kinomari?)[11]: Hanami can create a single or multiple wooden balls from cursed energy. The balls propel one or two sharp branches to skewer their target and then disintegrate. Hanami can also use these to suspend himself in mid-air.
Cursed Bud (Anime).png Cursed Bud (呪いの種子 Noroi no Shushi?)[11]: Hanami can launch buds that feed on the cursed energy of whoever they attach to. The more cursed energy the sorcerer uses to protect themselves from a cursed bud projectile, the deeper it will plant its roots into them. Hanami can also create a giant flower that spawns a barrage of these cursed buds.
Flower Field (Anime).gif Flower Field (お花畑 Ohanabatake?)[11]: Hanami can create a circle of flowers around his opponents, distracting them with a curse that takes away their desire to fight. Hanami can launch a long range projectile that can activate this ability as well. Flower Field can be weakened depending on Hanami's injuries. Aoi Todo considered it to be one of the spirit's weaker moves.


  • Despite being prominent in the series, this technique does not currently have an official name and was only referred to as "Hanami's cursed technique" in the supplementary material.


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