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Disaster Flames is Jogo's innate technique. It grants him powerful pyrokinetic abilities.


This technique allows the user to form and control both flames and lava. Its capabilities are not limited to just close range, but can also be used telepathically, activating the technique directly on or near a target.[1]

Non-sorcerers are burned to ashes.

The flames are immensely powerful, capable of instantly killing non-sorcerers and critically injuring sorcerers.[1][2] These flames are also visible to non-sorcerers and possess properties similar to real flames.[3] A person with superhuman physical toughness is able to survive these attacks entirely thanks to their body, while a sorcerer's curse tolerance might not be enough to save their life.[4]

The technique also grants the ability to telepathically create volcanoes on surfaces. These volcanoes are capable of firing powerful lava towards the user's target.[5]

Domain Expansion

Main Article: Coffin of the Iron Mountain

This Domain Expansion's environment takes the form of the inside of an active volcano.[6] There is lava everywhere and the temperature is high enough to burn up any normal jujutsu sorcerer upon entry.[7]


Jogo using the different temperatures of his flames.

Jogo's innate technique is his primary form of combat and he is exceptionally proficient with it. Jogo is the most powerful of the unregistered special grade curses led by Mahito, in large part thanks to Disaster Flames.[8]

The temperature of this technique's flames can be controlled by Jogo. Normally, they are already powerful enough to greatly injure or even kill most opponents, but Jogo is capable of making the blasts of fire even stronger, to the point where they can change colors from red to purple.[9]

Jogo's telepathic volcano.

Jogo is also capable of instantly forming and immediately firing telepathic volcanoes. This can easily catch his opponents off-guard, and thus making this attack nearly impossible to dodge. The lava fired from these volcanoes is also incredibly powerful, capable of killing even a special grade 1 sorcerer.[10]

Jogo's Meteor remains in Shibuya.

Jogo is capable of morphing his body to direct attacks in a sudden manner, for example, the volcano on his head can be transformed to direct attacks towards an opponent attacking from above.[11]

Thanks to Jogo's immense levels of cursed energy, he can create an unmeasurable amount of flames. The quantity can be large enough to the point of filling up an entire building in an instant.[12]

The amount of energy Jogo possesses is so vast, his creations can form into physical manifestations. This is shown when non-sorcerers can see his flames.[3] The most extreme example of this is with Jogo's Maximum Technique: Meteor, as the technique formed into a physical sphere that remained lodged in the streets of Shibuya even after the cursed spirit's death.[13]

Extension Technique
Jogo using Ember Insects.gif Ember Insects (火礫蟲 Karekichū?)[14]: Large bugs with a sting in front of their heads. Upon stinging someone they create noise and then explode.
Maximum Technique
Maximum Meteor crashing into Shibuya.png Maximum: Meteor (極ノ番「隕」 Gokunoban・In?)[15]: A gigantic sphere of fire that can be hurled it at the user's target, causing immense destruction to the surrounding area.


  • Currently, this technique is the only one in the entire series that has both a Domain Expansion and a Maximum Technique associated with it.
  • Despite being prominent in the series, this technique does not currently have an official name and was only referred to as "Jogo's cursed technique" in the supplementary material.


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