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Decay ( (きゅう) Kyū?) is a Rot Technique extension technique used by Eso and Kechizu.


This technique creates a floral pattern on the target that decomposes their body quickly. Anyone who takes in the blood of a Rot Technique user through membranes or wounds can be afflicted with this technique. If anyone takes in one of the user's blood, another user can activate the technique and decay will begin to spread from the point of entry. Sorcerers afflicted by this are said to be killed in less than fifteen minutes.[1]


Eso activated this technique after he struck Nobara with an attack from his Maximum: Wing King and Kechizu was able to spit blood on Yuji's face. Both of them were instantly covered in the floral pattern.[2] However, Nobara used this connection to the brothers against them by hitting herself with Straw Doll Technique: Resonance. This counter eventually forced Eso to deactivate the technique.[3]


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