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Death Swarm (死累累 (しるる) 湧軍 (ゆうぐん) Shiruru Yūgun?) is an extension technique connected to Dagon's Domain Expansion: Horizon of the Captivating Skandha.


The auto-hit provided by Horizon of the Captivating Skandha takes the form of man-eating fish shikigami. From the view of the targeted, the fish appear suddenly, making them near-impossible to block. The shikigami don't exist until they hit the target, instantly devouring their flesh.

Activating Death Swarm summons countless species of marine-life shikigami that represent the constant source of life in the sea. The man-eating shikigami attack in an endless stream of shikigami that will continue to overwhelm the target and devour them as long as the domain's guaranteed-hit function is active.[1]


Dagon commanding Death Swarm to devour Naobito.

Soon after trapping enemy jujutsu sorcerers inside his domain, Dagon began attacking with his fish shikigami. However, Naobito Zenin was able to resist them using the anti-domain technique Falling Blossom Emotion. In order to overwhelm the sorcerers with pure numbers, Dagon activated Technique Release: Death Swarm. Thirty percent of the technique's power was focused on Kento Nanami and the other seventy percent on Naobito.

Nanami appeared to be eaten alive by the swarm within seconds. Naobito's secret art protected him from the shikigami, but the volume of fish made blocked his view. Unable to see any incoming attack, Naobito was vulnerable to being hit. Dagon hit him into the air, dispelling his barrier. Immediately afterward, the shikigami of death swarm appeared to devour him as well.[2]

Death Swarm's effectiveness was only nullified when Megumi Fushiguro entered Dagon's domain using a domain expansion of his own. This automatically dispells the automatic hit provided by the domain, forcibly disengaging Death Swarm.[3]



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