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Deadly Sentencing ( (ちゅう) (ぶく) 賜死 (しし) Chūbuku Shishi?) is a non-lethal Domain Expansion that came by default with Hiromi Higuruma's innate technique.


The domain completely forbidding the use of violence.

This domain reflects a small courtroom where the user and their target stand across from one another playing the roles of prosecutor and defendant. There are numerous guillotines in the background with chopped-up debris beneath them.[1]

Deadly Sentencing is the type of domain that doesn't contain a can't-miss attack, instead, it forces those inside to follow the rules of the user's cursed technique. The domain isn't constructed to be lethal and implements a binding vow requiring the user to explain the aforementioned rules.[2]

The trial-based cursed technique imbued into the domain allows the user to prosecute their target with the shikigami called Judgeman serving as its namesake. There is no violence allowed inside the domain for either side and proceedings begin immediately after activation. First Judgeman will announce the charges against the defendant, which are actual crimes they may or may not have committed. Judgeman automatically knows everything about everyone inside the domain but this information isn't shared with the castor.

The prosecution receiving evidence submitted for deliberation by Judgeman.

The verdict of the trial depends only on the arguments presented by both sides. After the accusation is reviewed, the defendant is given one chance to defend their case. They have three options: silence, confession, or denial. If the defendant chooses to deny the charges, they can lie in their statements. The defendant's goal is to dispel all doubt and win a pronouncement of innocence from Judgeman.

Judgeman announcing the sentencing of a guilty defendant.

The prosecutor also only has one chance to make a statement, but theirs is a rebuttal based on evidence submitted by Judgeman for deliberation. The evidence is literally a sealed envelope with proof inside that's conjured into the user's hand. It's not necessarily conclusive and it will not be opened and shared with the defendant until after their statement.[3] However, the prosecutor knows what's inside prior to opening the envelope.[4]

Once the prosecution and defense have both made their statements, Judgeman will deliver a lawful verdict. If the defendant is found guilty, they are punished with one of what is implied to be several different sentences. Not even the user can be sure of which sentence their opponent will receive.[5] In some situations, depending on the severity of the crime, harsher punishments can be handed out.[6]

One sentence the Judgeman will commonly give is "Confiscation", which prevents them from being able to use cursed techniques. After the verdict, the domain dispels and the punishment immediately affects the guilty party.[7] However, if the defendant is found guilty without an open confession, they can request a retrial that Judgeman cannot deny.[8]


Higuruma explaining the rules of the trial to Yuji.

Higuruma's Domain Expansion came by default when his cursed technique was awakened by Kenjaku. Higuruma is a genius lawyer who is perfectly suited for a trial-based domain. He used it to eliminate several players in the Culling Game and activated it early into his conflict with Yuji Itadori.[9] Upon the domain's casting, Yuji tried to attack Higuruma before the cursed technique activated. However, his kick was halted before it reached Higuruma and he was immediately returned to his stand.

Yuji, the defendant, attempting to deny the charges and proclaim his innocense.

Yuji was put on trial for unlawful entry of a Pachinko Parlor when he was underage. He guessed incorrectly that the evidence would prove he entered the parlor and decided to say he only went inside to use the bathroom. However, this worked against Yuji because he openly admitted he entered the facility. The evidence was just a picture of Yuji at a cash exchange on the day in question. Higuruma took the photo out of the envelope and presented it to the court, stating that pairing it with Yuji's own admission casts doubt on his story about only using the bathroom.

A retrial is forcibly invoked.

Yuji argued it wasn't a fair trial because there's no way he could've gotten off clean. Higuruma revealed that parlors and cash exchanges are separate entities but Yuji was only on trial for the parlor. What he needed to do was deny ever seeing the parlor outright. Judgeman found Yuji guilty and sentenced him to Confiscation.[10] Normally Confiscation stops the use of cursed techniques but because Yuji doesn't possess one, it defaulted to taking away the use of his cursed energy altogether. Higuruma has found that his past opponents' foundational cursed energy control suffered after losing their ability to use cursed techniques, likely due to going against trained instincts.[11]

Without his cursed energy, Yuji was quickly overwhelmed by Higuruma and forced to rack his brain for a compensatory weakness. He realized he could demand a retrial and did so, forcing Higuruma back inside the domain where his assault ceased. Yuji asked for a do-ever but this time Judgeman announced different charges. Judgeman revealed that Yuji was accused of mass murder during the Shibuya Incident. Yuji immediately confessed his guilt and Judgeman responded by angrily giving him the Death Penalty on top of Confiscation, the worst punishment the shikigami can hand out.[12]

The Death Penalty armed Higuruma with the Executioner's Sword, which can kill targets in a single blow. However, the evidence for the retrial proved that Yuji was not responsible for the murders and it was actually Sukuna. Recalling his roots as a lawyer who fought to protect the wrongfully accused, Higuruma dispelled the Executioner's Sword and spared Yuji.[13]


Judgeman sentences Yuji to confiscation.png Confiscation (没収 (コンフィスケイション) Konfisukeishon?): Temporarily makes it impossible to use cursed techniques. If the target does not possess an innate technique, the effect switches to preventing the use of cursed energy. Confiscation is usually an additional punishment that accompanies another sentence.[14]
Judgeman gives Yuji the Death Penalty.png Confiscation + Death Penalty (死刑 (デス・ペナルティ) Desu Penaruti?): The most severe sentence Judgeman can give is the Death Penalty accompanied by Confiscation. First, Confiscation removes the guilty party's ability to use cursed techniques and then grants the user the Executioner's Sword.[15]
Executioner's Sword (処刑人 (しょけいにん) (つるぎ) Shokeinin no Tsurugi?): Empowered to execute the Death Penality, the user's gavel transforms into the Executioner's Sword. Without exception, anyone cut by the Executioner's Sword will die immediately.[16] Executioner's Sword.png


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