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Deadly Sentencing ( (ちゅう) (ぶく) 賜死 (しし) Chūbuku Shishi?) is the Domain Expansion used by Hiromi Higuruma.



Higuruma developed this domain shortly after Kenjaku remotely activated Idle Transfiguration, giving him the ability to use barrier techniques and Cursed Energy.


Deadly Sentencing takes the form of a courtroom with two opposing stands; one for the prosecutor and one for the defendant. The stands are surrounded by numerous guillotines.[1]


This domain doesn't work like most modern ones. It does not have a sure-kill factor, and no acts of violence are permitted in it. It only requires those inside to conform to its rules.

The shikigami standing behind Hiromi, Judgeman, knows everything about those in the court. It then presents evidence to the court. The evidence doesn't explicitly prove one guilty. The defendant is given three choices: confession, denial or silence. Once the defendant has spoken, the prosecutor uses the evidence to make a statement. Based on the evidence and statements, Judgeman then gives a verdict. If the defendant is found guilty, they are then unable to use their cursed technique. However, if they do not have a cursed technique, the punishment changes to being unable to use cursed energy. If the defendant does not confess and prove himself guilty, he can be allowed up to two retrials.

However, in certain cases Judgeman can give the defendant the death penalty. Once that happens, Higuruma gains the Executioner's Sword. Without exception, everyone touched by the Executioner's Sword will die.[1]


Hiromi first used this domain in his fight against Yuji. He then used the evidence presented, leading Judgeman to declare the first year guilty. Once they were returned to normal space, Hiromi used the gavel given to him to pressure Yuji and injure the first year.[1] However, Yuji figured out the downside of the domain and called for a retrial, only for him to declare himself guilty.[2] This then led Judgeman to give the first year the death penalty. Higuruma then gained the Executioner's Sword, and once again engaged Yuji. However, Yuji tricked Higuruma and lured him into a head-on confrontation. However, Higuruma had a change of heart and deactivated the Executioner's Sword, allowing Itadori to punch him and win the fight.[3]


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