Dagon ( () (ごん) Dagon?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He was a Cursed Womb before becoming a fully developed Cursed Spirit.


As a Cursed Womb, Dagon has a red octopus like head with the tips of the tentacles being black, along with two black lines above the tips. Dagon has large muscular arms with four fingers, a caterpillar like body, and wears a white clothe over itself.

As a Cursed Spirit, Dagon has red octopus like head with black dots on the top, red muscular shoulders and arms with the under side of the arms and chest being tan, a black mid section, red legs with tan parts, and a pair of red and black wings on its lower back.



Cursed Training Arc

Dagon accompanied Jogo and Hanami, to a meet with Getou.[1] Dagon sit next to Hanami, while Jogo and Geto discuss their plans.

Later Dagon uses his Domain Expansion within an apartment, and relax in the water while Mahito sits on the beach. When Geto arrives, he comments about how Dagon has a quite the calm domain.

Vs. Mahito Arc

Dagon is mentioned by Mahito, who talks to Junpei about Cursed Spirits and Cursed Energy.

Shibuya Incident Arc

Before October 31, Dagon is playing Hanami and Mahito while Geto and Jogo discuss their plan to seal Geto.

On October 31, Dagon is with Geto while Hanami, Jogo, and Choso deal with Gojo. Once Gojo is sealed, Dagon joins the others. When it is revealed that Gojo has been sealed and that Shamans would be coming to their location, Dagon join in when they decide to combat the shamans.

Dagon is waiting behind a pillar when he encounters Nanami, Maki, and Naobito. Naobito easily manages to capture Dagon and lands a devastating blow that forces Dagon to barf up a large amount of skeletons. Dagon starts to remember his friend but becomes angry when he remembers Hanami, and says that he will kill them for what happened to Hanami. Dagon then sheds its skin and becomes a fully Cursed Spirit.[2] Dagon releases a large amount of water but the three manage to withstand the attack. Naobito starts about picture frames, which Dagon ignores and comments about how he and his allies have names when Naobito simply call Dagon a cursed spirit.

Dagon is then attack by all three, which Dagon manages to defend itself by creating a water barrier. The three start to attack with speed based attacks, which Dagon is forced to retreat. Naobito manages to overwhelm Dagon, which Dagon notices that he can't use his technique because of Naobito's attacks. Dagon then manages to trap all three within it Domain Expansion. Dagon tests the three with his sure hit technique and figures out which to take out first. Dagon uses his Death Swarm attack to take out Nanami first and block Naobito's view. While Naobito's view is blocked, Dagon delivers a blow that send Naobito flying and then swarm him with shikigami's. Dagon attacks Maki with a kick, while also proclaiming that she is the weakest. Maki returns and comments about how Dagon should have killed her with one attack, which Dagon decides to attack her like he did with the other two. Dagon is then shocked when Megumi break into his territory and delivers Maki the Roaming Cloud Cursed tool.

Dagon tries to attack Megumi but Maki wounds Dagon with Roaming Cloud. Dagon this to uses his domain's technique but notices that Megumi is blocking him from using his domain's technique. Dagon tries to attack Megumi, but Nanami protects Megumi. Maki and Naobito then attacks Dagon, which Dagon protects himself by using shikigami's. When Nanami tells Maki and Naobito to retreat, Dagon figures out their plan and chases after them. When Toji enters the Domain, Dagon thinks that that was their plan all along. As Toji prepares to fight Dagon, Dagon thinks about how Toji doesn't have cursed energy and attack with weak shikigami. Toji easily takes care of the shikigami and attack Dagon, which Dagon wonders about the power that Toji has. Dagon attacks with more power shikigami but Toji easily takes care of them. Dagon sends out his strongest shkigami but Toji takes care of them and continues to attack Dagon. Dagon thinks about how he is about to lose to human with no cursed energy, but notices that Megumi power is getting weaker and that he just has to buy time. Dagon tries to escape, but Naobito blocks his path which Toji takes this chance to stab Dagon. Dagon says that its not over yet, but Toji continues to stab Dagon until Dagon is exorcised. Dagon is then mourned by Jogo, who burns Dagon's body.


Dagon is a special grade Cursed Spirit. Dagon has a massive amount of cursed energy that it uses to create multiple high power based attacks.

Physical Power

  • Levitation: Dagon has been shown to be able to be float in the air and keep itself their.
  • Endurance: Dagon has a massive amount of life energy that it can take a lot of damage and still appear that it is in perfect condition.[3]

Weapon Mastery

Dagon has not been shown to use any weapon while in combat.

Cursed Power and Forms

Cursed Technique: it is currently unknown what Dagon's Cursed Technique is but Dagon has been shown to produce a large amount of water and sea creatures.

  • Death Swarm: Dogan summons a swarm sea monsters, which they viciously bite his opponents.

Shaman Techniques: These techniques are ones that any shaman or cursed spirit is capable of using.

  • Domain Expansion: A technique were Cursed Power is used to construct an innate territory with technique that spans the surrounding area.


  • Dagon's name and appearance are most likely a reference to the works of H.P.Lovecraft.


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