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The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings ( (じゅ) (たい) () (そう) () Jutai Kusōzu?)[1] are nine special grade cursed objects created with the mixed blood of both a cursed spirit and a human.


In the beginning of the Meiji Era, a woman with a special genetic composition bore a half-human and half-curse child. It was a mysterious pregnancy that caused her to be ostracized by her family. With her child in hand, she fled to a temple that was ran by jujutsu sorcerers. However, Noritoshi Kamo, the most evil sorcerer in history, forced them to become prisoners of his intellectual curiosity. The woman had nine pregnancies and nine abortions but all records surrounding this and the woman would be destroyed in time.[2]

At some point Tokyo Jujutsu High were able to secure Death Painting Wombs numbers 1-3. They used a constraint to seal them and hid them within a storage warehouse. All three would eventually be stolen by Mahito in August of 2018.[3]


While still existing as cursed objects, the Death Painting Wombs appear as small fetuses that cannot act on their own. By implanting them into a human vessel, a Death Painting Womb can incarnate into a full half-human half-cursed spirit being capable of using jujutsu. The vessel can be anyone, even a human with zero innate talent or the potential to become a sorcerer.[4]

Fully incarnated Death Painting Wombs are considered to be on the level of a special grade cursed spirits. Due to their flesh and blood bodies, these beings can be seen by normal humans and even sorcerers can have trouble telling whether they are cursed spirit or curse user.[5] Unlike cursed spirits, their bodies do not disappear after death.[6]

Death Paintings 1-3, Eso, Kechizu, and Choso are able capable of using blood-related jujutsu. Choso can even use the prize inherited technique of the Kamo Family due to their relationship with the evil Kamo ancestor. They were each sealed for 150 years together with only the notion of each other's existence helping them survive. None of them have any recollection of their mother or any particular hatred toward sorcerers, they simply exist for each other.[7]

Known Death Paintings


  • Kusōzu (九相図? literally "Nine Phase Diagram") is a Buddhist series of nine paintings that depict the stages of death and decomposition of a corpse.
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[8]:
    • The Death Painting brothers got their common sense from the brains of humans they were incarnated in. Sukuna also got his from Itadori.
    • The more resistance there is from a vessel against the cursed object, the less the appearance of the vessel will alter. But in the case of the Death Paintings, they themselves were always fetuses, so their vessels' changes are arbitrary.
    • Akari Nitta arranged for the Jujutsu High disposal group to handle Eso and Kechizu's bodies.
    • The initial creative process for the Death Paintings is that Gege liked sibling relationships, so they decided to write them as such.


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