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Cursed Tools ( (じゅ) () Jugu?) are weapons and support items used by jujutsu sorcerers that are purposefully imbued with a curse.


Different from cursed objects, cursed tools are weapons infused with cursed energy. Due to this, even non-sorcerers can use them to combat cursed spirits.[1] Conventional weapons such as katanas can become semi cursed tools over time if the user constantly imbues it with their cursed energy. However, weapons new to the user that are reinforced with cursed energy are not considered cursed tools.[2]

As with sorcerers and cursed spirits, cursed tools are categorized from grade one to four based on their power and potency. The higher the grade, the greater the advantage granted to the user in a jujutsu battle.[3]

Save for Playful Cloud, all special grade cursed tools are imbued with a cursed technique.[4] Additionally all cursed tools imbued with cursed techniques other than, Black Rope and the Sword of Extermination, are special grade.[5]

Powerful cursed tools are extremely valuable. Their monetary worth can range from five hundred thousand to upwards of five hundred million yen.[6][7] All the cursed tools collected by the Big Three Sorcerer Families were stored in a vault called the "cursed warehouse". The cursed warehouse is located at Tokyo Jujutsu High and is protected by Tengen's concealing barrier. Following the Shibuya Incident, the Zenin and Kamo clans reclaimed their respective weapons, emptying out the warehouse of cursed tools.[8]

List of Cursed Tools

Cursed Tool User Description
Team Yuta and Maki.png Maki Zenin Maki's original spear was her signature cursed tool as a first-year, capable of cutting down multiple curses at once with a single stroke.
Maki's original pair of glasses.png Maki Zenin Maki's low cursed energy makes her unable to see curses or jujutsu naturally. Her glasses are actually a cursed tool[9] that grants her these abilities. She was not particularly fond of the first pair and they were broken in her fight with Suguru Geto.[10]
Miguel's rope.png Miguel The "Black Rope" is imbued with an abnormal curse capable of disturbing and cancelling the effects of other cursed techniques. However, the more the cursed tool is used the more the rope disappears with every usage. It apparently took decades for Miguel's allies in Africa to weave the Black Rope and no more currently remains of it after his fight with Gojo.[11][12]
Slaughter Demon (Anime).png Maki Zenin
Yuji Itadori
"Slaughter Demon" is a wide-edged dagger capable of slicing off cursed spirits limbs with ease. It was destroyed in Yuji's battle with a Finger Bearer.
Nanami's Blunt Sword (Anime).png Kento Nanami Nanami's primary weapon in battle with a blunt sword wrapped in a cloth with a splattered black dot design. The sword itself is short with a wooden handle.
Maki's polearm at the Goodwill Event (Anime).png Maki Zenin Maki's wields a new polearm during the Goodwill Event. The blade is a cursed tool but the handle is a normal staff hilt.
Maki takes Kasumi's sword (Anime).png Kasumi Miwa
Maki Zenin
Kasumi Miwa's katana was originally a regular sword, but after imbuing it with cursed energy over an extended period of time, it has become close to that of a real cursed tool. Despite being unable to cut Hanami, it was able to touch him as proof.
Gakuganji faces off with Juzo (Anime).png Yoshinobu Gakuganji Gakuganji utilizes an electric guitar in tandem with his cursed technique. His technique amplifies the melodies played by the guitar and discharges them as waves of cursed energy.[13]
Haruta holding his sword (Anime).png Haruta Shigemo Shigemo weilds a hand-sword cursed tool created by Juzo Kumiya. The hand can move it's fingers to form a fist or grab something. It sword can also levitate and move independently from its user.[14]
Megumi's black sword (Anime).png Megumi Fushiguro
Maki Zenin
Megumi's primary cursed tool was a sword with a jet-black blade, Hanami stated it to be superior to Kasumi's katana in cutting power. Along with a large assortment of other weapons, Megumi keeps this blade within his own shadow.
Maki using Playful Cloud for the first time (Anime).png Suguru Geto
Maki Zenin
Megumi Fushiguro
Aoi Todo
Toji Fushiguro
Special Grade Cursed Tool: "Playful Cloud" is not imbued with a cursed technique, instead it is pure destructive power that reflects the user's physical strength.
Toji exorcises the giant hookworm curse.png Toji Fushiguro Toji Fushiguro possessed a powerful broadsword with a fur tsuba that was capable of slashing giant cursed spirits apart.
Inverted Spear of Heaven.png Toji Fushiguro The Special Grade Cursed Tool: "Inverted Spear of Heaven" is a jutte shaped dagger that nullifies all cursed techniques on contact.
Chain of a Thousand Miles.png Toji Fushiguro The "Chain of a Thousand Miles" is a mysterious cursed chain that can extend forever as long as the user keeps the end of the chain from being seen.[15]
Mei Mei (Chapter 102).png Mei Mei Mei Mei wields a large battle-axe in battle that's almost as tall as she is. It is light-colored and engraved with an insignia on the axe's head and there are bandages wrapped around the lower handle. Mei Mei mainly employs her axe in a fight using her refined close-quarters combat skills.
Nanako angry with Negi and Manami.png Nanako Hasaba Nanako uses her cellphone camera in tandem with her technique. Her innate technique allows her to manipulate anything captured within the photographed image.[16]
Positive Energy emitted by the Sword of Extermination.png Mahoraga The "Sword of Extermination" is a specialized blade used by cursed spirits that is coated in positive energy.[17]
Maki standing off with her father.png Juzo Kumiya
Maki Zenin
"Dragon-Bone" is the finest cursed tool Juzo Kumiya ever created in his workshop. It has the ability to accumulate force and cursed energy before ejecting them out the back of the blade in accordance with the user's will.[18]
Maki and Mai's sword.png Maki Zenin This sword is a symbolic reflection of the last thing Mai left behind for her older sister. It bears a similar appearance to a reed Mai gifted to Maki in her last moments, and is identical to one of Toji's cursed tools. Maki used this blade to take revenge for Maki by annihilating the Zenin clan with it.[19][20]
Higuruma's gavel.png Hiromi Higuruma Higuruma's cursed tool came with his cursed technique by default. It is a gavel that Higuruma can make disappear and reappear at will. This same function also allows him to switch it between his hands. He can also manipulate the size of the gavel and shift its proportions to imitate powerful weapons, such as a battle hammer, staff, hook, and a giant mallet.[21] [22]
Megumi threatens Reggie.png Megumi Fushiguro Megumi wields a second sword to replace the black one he broke against the Finger Bearer. Unlike the last one, this sword has a double-edged blade. The end of the blade is wrapped in bandages with a cylinder hilt connected to a large metal ring that serves as the end of the handle. It is a lightweight weapon and the only cursed tool Megumi currently carries in his shadow.[23]


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