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Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue ( (じゅつ) (しき) (じゅん) (てん) (あお) Jutsushiki Junten・Ao?) is the strengthed form of the Limitless, a powerful extension technique passed down in the Gojo Family.


Blue is achieved when the Limitless user greatly amplifies the amount of cursed energy poured into the technique. This brings the concepts of "negative numbers" and "negative distance" into reality, forcing real space to compensate and fill in the area by drawing everything toward the impossibility. This generates a strong force of attraction, similar to a powerful magnet.[1]

Flowing higher amounts of cursed energy into the technique generates larger fields of attraction in return. The magnetic force is powerful enough to tear apart entire buildings apart in moments. A human body hit with the technique will implode instantly,[2] but it can also be used to attract two targets to one another across wide distances.[3] This same effect can also be sued to move the user at high speeds, so fast that it makes them appear as if they're teleporting.[4]

Like all cursed techniques associated with the Limitless, Blue is difficult to control due to the precise manipulation of cursed energy required to use it. Constantly charging the technique with great amounts of cursed energy can drain the user's stamina quickly.[1]


Satoru producing a large field of attraction.

As a second-year student at Jujutsu High, Satoru was already recognized as the most powerful sorcerer alive and a proficient user of the strengthened Limitless. Unable to use Red at the same, Satoru relied on the neutral Limitless and the power to attract.

While attempting to rescue Mei Mei and Utahime, Satoru produced a large blue orb as the center of attraction and ripped the roof of a cursed mansion. Soon after during his mission to escort the Star Plasma Vessel, Satoru used Blue to defeat several clones of a curse user. He attracted two clones, smashing them together to dispel them, and also used Blue to force the main body of the curse user closer to himself.[5]

Satoru applying Blue behind Toji in an attempt to force him back.

Faced with a strong opponent in Toji Fushiguro, tried to blast him away with Blue but he was fast enough to avoid it. When Toji charged him directly, Satoru was able to force him away by applying a field of attracting that blasted Toji inside a building. When Toji suddenly disappeared after getting hit, Satoru amplified Blue with maximum cursed energy and cleared out the entire area. He attracted buildings and everything in the area to a giant blue orb, leaving his opponent nowhere to hide.[6]

After mastering the Limitless and the ability to use Red, Satoru maintained the ability to apply Blue's effects at will. He neutralized Juzo Kumiya in seconds, imploding his body in on itself, ripping off several of his limbs.[7]

Maximum Cursed Energy Output
Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output Blue.png Cursed Technique Lapse - Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue (術式順転出力最大「蒼」 Jutsushiki Junten Shutsuryoku Saidai・Ao?): A highly amplified version of Blue unleashed when its been charged to its full power in order to achieve maximum cursed energy output. This produces a gigantic field of attraction capable of clearing out an entire area.


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