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Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue ( (じゅつ) (しき) (じゅん) (てん) (あお) Jutsushiki Junten・Ao?) is the strengthened form of the Limitless technique that generates an attractive force.


The strengthened Limitless increases cursed energy to bring the concepts of "negative numbers" and "negative distance" into reality. Doing so forces the area to fill in the negative space by drawing everything toward the impossibility, generating a force of attraction, similar to a magnet.[1]

Flowing higher amounts of cursed energy into the technique generates larger fields of attraction, enough so to tear apart entire buildings. A human body hit with the technique will implode instantly,[2] but it can also be used to hurt targets across great distances.[3]

Like the Limitless Technique in general, Blue is difficult to use and requires precise manipulation of the user's cursed energy, which can cause the user to tire out easily.[1]

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