Cursed Technique ( (じゅ) (じゅつ) (しき) Jujutsushiki?) is the use or manipulation of Cursed Energy into a certain technique or pattern. Cursed techniques can broadly be categorised as either general techniques shamans may be able to perform or 'innate' techniques, which tend to be unique to the user or to their family or clan.


Cursed Energy is volatile in its raw form. It can be considered metaphorically as electricity; it is volatile and dangerous by itself, but it can be more useful when this electricity is distributed through an appliance or device.

There are as many cursed techniques as there are sorcerers.[1] Techniques tend to be either inherited and passed through generations or created by the sorcerer themselves. Family techniques have both the benefit of having a manual on them, as they are passed down through the generations, but also the drawback that people know about them.[2] Some family techniques are not shared with the entire family, however.[3]

Techniques differ wildly in substance and form depending on the sorcerer. They can vary from creation of objects out of cursed energy [4] to infusing Cursed Energy into things such as cursed words[5] or cursed dolls[6] to manipulating pre-existing objects in certain ways[7][8] or manipulating space itself (for example in Chapter 14).

Sorcerers manifest their techniques between the ages of four and six.[9] They are sometimes referred to as “innate techniques," but it is unclear what exactly makes them innate.[10] This could be because other than simple Shikigami or curtains, a sorcerer's Cursed Technique is carved into their body at birth.[11] 80% of a Jujutsu Sorcerer's true strength comes from their Cursed Techniques.

List of Techniques


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