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Cursed Spirit Manipulation ( (じゅ) (れい) (そう) (じゅつ) Jurei Sōjutsu?) is a type of technique where the user can summon and control naturally formed cursed spirits for a desired purpose and or purposes. The Cursed Spirit Manipulation user cannot create cursed spirits, but instead relies on a pool of cursed spirits they capture. Known possessors of this techniquer are Suguru Geto and Kenjaku who is currently possessing Suguro Geto's body.


Cursed Spirit Manipulation requires a sorcerer to capture, exorcise, or purify, and then store and collect the cursed spirits they wish to use. The sorcerer first must exorcise or purify the cursed spirits by defeating it. Once the cursed spirit is defeated, the sorcerer forms a black ball in their palm, which sucks in the cursed spirits. They then orally consume the ball through their mouth.[1][2] The Cursed Spirit Manipulation user can then summon and control the cursed spirit at will.


  • The user is able to use a variety of different cursed spirits, making them incredibly versatile in combat. The sheer number of cursed techniques the user has access to allows them to overwhelm their opponents with a multitude of different attacks. Even if the opponent can adapt to one cursed technique, the cursed spirit manipulation user may simply unleash more cursed spirits to pile on attacks.[3]
  • When utilizing Maximum: Uzumaki on cursed spirits of a semi-grade 1 or higher, the cursed spirit manipulator extracts their innate cursed technique. Allowing the user to keep their innate cursed techniques and use them as if it were their own.[4]
  • Given that the only prerequisite for the technique is that the sorcerer must exorcise and then consume the cursed spirit, provided the sorcerer sufficiently outranks the cursed spirit, they can take on a cursed spirit with virtually no conditions.[5]
  • There appears to be no limit for the amount of cursed spirits a user can collect. The maximum amount seen stored is 6,461, as Geto released 2000 to attack Tokyo and Kyoto[6] and used 4,461 in his Maximum Uzumaki[7]


  • The collection process is disgusting, as the black ball containing the cursed spirit is said to taste like a rag used to wipe up vomit.[8]
  • Where there is no significant rank difference between the cursed spirit consumed and the sorcerer consuming it, the sorcerer may have to take on conditions of some form in order to obtain the cursed spirit.[9] It is unclear what these conditions are and or how they are formed.
  • The Cursed Spirit Manipulation user can only consume and manipulate naturally forming cursed spirits, not any cursed spirits created by other sorcerer's cursed technique, for example like a shikigami.[10]
  • As stated by "Suguru Geto", once a cursed spirit has been absorbed and "eaten" by a cursed spirit user, said spirit's innate technique will no longer grow any stronger then the level the spirit had managed to achieved when user had first "eaten" them.

Side Effects

  • The cursed energy of Cursed Spirit Manipulation users is markedly different from other sorcerers.[11] It is theorized this is due to the cursed energy of the various different cursed spirits they have consumed, but no further evidence has been provided to support this.
  • It is unclear what happens to the cursed spirits collected by a Cursed Spirit Manipulation user when that user dies.[12]


Extension Techniques
Pseudo-Geto's Uzumaki.png Maximum: Uzumaki ( (ごく) () (ばん) 「うずまき」 Gokunoban・Uzumaki?) is the Maximum technique of Cursed Spirit Manipulation, it combines the cursed spirits the user has absorbed into one and uses it as a powerful attack of super condensed cursed energy. While at glance it seems to negate Cursed Spirit Manipulation's main advantage, its wide arsenal of cursed techniques due to losing access to the curses used in the attack, its true potential is revealed when used on cursed spirits of semi-grade 1 or higher as Maximum: Uzumaki extracts their innate cursed technique, allowing the user to keep the techniques.[13]


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