Cursed Spirits (呪霊 Jurei?) are a race of spiritual beings born from aggregated Cursed Energy that flows into particular notions, sentiments and things of that nature. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural abilities that exist to haunt humanity.



Negative emotions such as hatred, fear, and jealousy results in Cursed Energy leaking from the bodies of humans. Aggregated Cursed Energy can manifest itself in the form of a Cursed Spirit. They tend to be born in populated areas such as schools and hospitals where many people tend to have negative emotions.

When numerous humans that share negative feelings toward the same thing, Cursed Spirits are born from that sentiment. For example, a Cursed Spirit can be born of humanity's fear of the ocean or people's hatred of one another.

Jujutsu Sorcerer's are trained to keep Cursed Energy from leaking from their bodies. However, if they are killed without the use of Cursed Energy, a Sorcerer's Cursed Energy will be released from their body and they'll be reborn a Cursed Spirit.[1]


Due to their bodies being made of Cursed Energy, Cursed Spirits cannot be perceived by normal humans. They can only bee seen under special conditions by regular humans, such as a life or death situation.

Curses can only be harmed by another curse, meaning a Cursed Spirit must be exorcised using some form of Cursed Energy. A Curse that is too powerful to be exorcised must be sealed away using charms or talismans that are also imbued with Cursed Energy. Jujutsu Sorcerers are resistant to being effected by Curses due to their own Cursed Energy. Cursed Spirits also have the ability to regenerate themselves by manipulating Cursed Energy without a Reverse Cursed Technique.

Curses tend to linger at their point of origin and the spirts have varying levels of intelligence. Powerful Curses tend to be bipedal like humans and are intelligent enough to hold a normal conversation.

Certain Cursed Spirits, such as Shikigami, obey humans after they're forced into submission by their master. Others have the ability to mark a human and haunt them, making them capable of attacking a human even if they're located away from their point of origin.

The only known way to reverse the process of a human spirit transforming into a Curse is by visualizing the knots of Cursed Power controlling that individual and undoing them one by one. All Cursed Spirits are ranked on the same power scaling system that Jujutsu Sorcerer's use for themselves.


Vengeful Spirits

Vengeful Spirits are humans who transform into Curses after post-mortem due to an intense rejection surrounding the circumstances of their death.

  • Rika Orimoto: A Special Grade Vengeful Cursed Spirit created when Yuta Okkotsu rejected her death.
  • Sugawara-No-Michizane: One of the Three Great Vengeful Spirits which the Gojo Family descended from.
  • Tamamo-no-Mae’s Avatar: One of the sixteen registered Special Grade Cursed Spirits controlled by Suguru Geto.

Known Cursed Spirits


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