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A Cursed Object ( (じゅ) (ぶつ) Jubutsu?) is a curse that exists as an object rather than a fully formed cursed spirit.


Unlike cursed tools, cursed objects are not items imbued with cursed energy, but actual curses bound to the form of a jujutsu artifact. These relics are often leftover from the past eras of the jujutsu world or are the remains of powerful curses and sorcerers.[1] This also includes paper talisman and other sealing methods called Constraints that contain curses as a means to seal other cursed objects.[2]

Cursed objects can leave residual cursed energy just like normal cursed spirits.[3] Special grade cursed objects cannot be destroyed with jujutsu and certain ones can be used to incarnate powerful cursed spirits.

Infant cursed spirits such as cursed wombs can also be considered cursed objects. While Dagon was a sentient spirit while still existing as a cursed womb, his power was very limited compared to his fully realized cursed spirit form. He was able to advance his form through emotional trauma, ascending to a much more powerful state.[4]

Among other artifacts are items that can erect barriers such as Commissioned Curtains or Prison Realm. The former is a common item used by curse users that appears to be wrapped in constraints, allowing the user to program special conditions into a curtain before it is activated.[5] Prison Realm is the remains of a sorcerer monk from a past era, a literal living barrier capable of sealing absolutely anything.[6]


Mahito forcibly incarnating a special grade cursed object using a human vessel.

Incarnation ( (じゅ) (にく) Juniku?)[7] occurs when the remains of a sorcerer have become a cursed object and are ingested by someone. In most cases, the host's body is completely taken over and incarnated sorcerer receives knowledge and common sense from their vessel's brains.

Sukuna is an exception because Yuji Itadori still controls his own body most of the time. His fingers can choose its host and have such a strong presence that they can still attract curses.[8] Once Sukuna was fully incarnated by Yuji, all of his fingers resonated with cursed energy, resulting in the empowerment of several different curses.[9]

The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings were cursed objects created under special circumstances and sealed with a constraint for 150 years. Death Paintings can be incarnated with any vessel, unlike Sukuna's fingers, and result in a fully fleshed cursed spirit as opposed to a sorcerer.[10]

In preparation for the Culling Game, Kenjaku marked hundreds of non-sorcerers and had them ingest cursed objects. These cursed objects were the remains of sorcerers Kenjaku made binding vows with a millennium ago. At the end of the Shibuya Incident, Kenjaku remotely cast Idle Transfiguration and gave strength to those he marked as vessels. Directly after doing so, he also released the seals on the cursed objects. This awakened a thousand malevolent sorcerers in new bodies all carefully selected by the curse user, very similar to Sukuna's relationship with Yuji.[11]

Incarnated Sorcerers

List of Cursed Objects

Image Name Description
Talisman (Anime).png Talisman Paper tag constraints used to seal curses and mediate cursed energy. Cursed objects are normally sealed by talisman but their effectiveness fades over time and is considered to be an outdated sealing method.[12]
Sukuna's fingers (Anime).png Sukuna's fingers The twenty individual fingers of Sukuna's original original body from the Heian Era.[13] Each one contains immense cursed energy and is capable of attracting cursed spirits as soon as they are unsealed.[14]
Cursed Womb (Anime).png Cursed Womb Uterus-like cursed objects capable of spawning powerful cursed spirits.[15]
Juzo's Comissioned Curtain (Anime).png Commissioned Curtains Stakes with large heads wrapped in talismans that can be programmed to activate barriers with special conditions.[16]
Death Paintings 1-3 (Anime).png Cursed Womb: Death Painting Cursed wombs born from a pregnant woman in the Meiji Era which contain human DNA. They can incarnate when ingested by any human, taking the form of a powerful cursed spirit with a physical body.[17]
Prison Realm.png Prison Realm A living barrier capable of sealing its target within another inescapable dimension.[18]


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