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Cursed Humans ( (じゅ) (しゃ) Jusha?) are people who have been afflicted with a curse. This includes those who have been killed by a curse or those still living while being haunted by a cursed spirit.


Bakery girl cursed (Anime)

A young woman unknowingly cursed by a Fly Head.

Cursed Humans are generally non-sorcerers who have been cursed, whether it be by a cursed spirit or a curse user using jujutsu.

Non-sorcerers who have been cursed and can't see the curse will notice strange unexplainable symptoms that are affecting their body. For example, a curse can alter someone's dreams or hold onto their body, creating an uncomfortable weight they can't get rid of. Suguru Geto founded a religious organization dedicated to attracting these kinds of victims. It allowed Suguru to collect cursed spirits from them while appearing to alleviate symptoms as a spiritual priest.[1]

Everyone notices Yuta is cursed (Anime)

Yuta's overwhelming presence as someone whose been cursed.

When multiple humans are killed by curses under paranormal circumstances, the news often reaches Jujutsu High. Sorcerers are sent to investigate and evaluate the curse's strength. Its grade level can increase depending on the number of Cursed Humans involved.[2]

In Yuta Okkotsu's unique case, it was initially believed he was cursed by his childhood friend turned vengeful cursed spirit Rika Orimoto. Due to her immense power, he was registered as a Special Grade Cursed Human. Maki Zenin pointed out to him that Tokyo Jujutsu High is a place to learn to exorcise curses, not somewhere for people who are cursed. However, Satoru Gojo believed Yuta could use Rika's power to exorcise other curses, since she protects him rather than harms him.[3]

List of Cursed Humans

 Saito's Daughter 


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