Cursed Energy (呪力 Juryoku?) is a power source aligned with negative emotions used by sorcerers and curses to fuel their jujutsu.


Cursed Energy is born from the negative emotions such as grief and anger. These negative feelings are common in human society so almost everyone possesses cursed energy. If this amount is higher than a certain degree, it grants the person the ability to see curses, which is very rare among the human race.

Manifesting Curses

Curses are apparitions manifested entirely from cursed energy. Even their bodies are composed of cursed energy, making cursed spirits invisible to non-sorcerers. Jujutsu related items such as cursed tools, cursed objects, and cursed corpses all contain cursed energy.

The emission of cursed energy from humans collects like sediment until a cursed spirit is born from the collective negative energy.[1] Curses born with strong feelings directed toward a certain aspect are especially strong. The stronger humanity's fear and anger is directed at cursing a certain aspect of the world, like natural disasters, the more powerful curses spawned from those negative sentiments will be.[2]

Cursed Energy Detection

Humans with an above-average level of cursed energy can see curses and jujutsu. The minimum requirement for a human to be considered a sorcerer is the ability to see curses. In extreme cases, humans will gain the ability to see curses when their life is in danger.[3]

Toge taken by surprise when he notices powerful cursed energy.

Using jujutsu leaves residuals of cursed energy behind. Residuals leave spectral footprints that can be used to track the user. Someone can even be identified by the residuals from their jujutsu. Expert sorcerers can be trained to cover up their residuals. The ability to detect cursed energy and understand its flow can be honed, but many cursed spirits are capable of hiding their presence the same way a sorcerer does.

The strength of a sorcerer or curse is generally assessed by their levels of cursed energy. Strong cursed energy can result in physical pressure that instills feel into those who feel it as a method of intimidation. This is one way someone can assess the general level of power based soley on cursed energy. The same concept can be applied to a jujutsu battle. Reading an opponent's cursed energy is an effective way to predict their next move and keep track of their location. Prediction based on cursed energy can backfire when faced with a fighter in cases where a fighter's physical prowess outclasses their cursed energy. Physically fast and strong fighters with low cursed energy are often unpredictable to enemy sorcerers.[4]

Sorcerers can also notice small, vague differences in cursed energy. Suguru Geto, a curse manipulator who must consume curses, has altered cursed energy more associated with that of a cursed spirit.[5] The Inverted Spear of Heaven possesses foreign cursed energy that can cancel out jujutsu.[6]

Cursed Energy Manipulation

Controlling Cursed Energy

A jujutsu user's ability to control their cursed energy and use it to carry out certain functions is the base foundation for all jujutsu. There is a world of difference between being able to sense jujutsu and being able to use it. Yuji Itadori was able to sense the pressure of cursed energy surrounding his school, but was not able to utilize it until enrolling at a jujutsu educational facility. He was first able to utilize cursed energy in combat while he was overwhelmed with anger and fear, but could not do so in a calmer situation a few days afterward.[7]

Yuta learning to fight curses by imbuing his sword with cursed energy.

Control over cursed energy requires innate skill and vigorous training. In order for Yuji to develop his skills, Gojo had him undergo special training that saw him controlling his emotions and his cursed energy at the same time. Yuta Okkotsu, someone with an overabundance of cursed energy, was trained to control it by constantly imbuing it into a katana. By training with the katana Yuta learned to manipulate his cursed energy to a degree and was capable of using it to exorcise curses almost immediately.

Satoru Gojo compares cursed energy to electricity, it's volatile in nature and difficult to use in its rawest form.[8] While raw cursed energy can be used for it's blunt force, it's best used by sorcerers to power their techniques in the same way electricity is best used to fuel electronics. In this case, cursed energy is flowed into a technique to activate a sorcerer's unique abilities.[9] However, cursed energy does not flow on its own. Yuji Itadori's cursed energy used life behind by his superhuman speed when he threw a punch, resulting in his Divergent Fist technique. This delay was due to his inexperience with making cursed energy flow properly throughout his body.[10]

Yuji training to control his emotions as a foundation for learning to manipulate cursed energy.

Proper control over one's emotions is key to channeling cursed energy and every jujutsu sorcerer is trained to do so. This makes it so sorcerer's don't waste their power supply even while they're overcome with emotion.[11] This results in sorcerers leaking much less cursed energy than the average human. So much so, that if every human were a sorcerer, curses would cease to spawn. There are other differences in how sorcerers and non-sorcerers use cursed energy due to their profession, but the real reason lies in how it flows. While cursed energy leaks outward from non-sorcerers, it flows heavily within sorcerer's which keeps it contained.[12]

Most sorcerers have to make cursed energy flow, so most instinctively believe it starts from the negative feelings in their stomach and flows through the rest of the body. However, thinking of one's body as different sections is what delays the flow of their energy. In order to understand this cycle, one must realize that they exist in the world with their entire mind, body, and soul as one. Aoi Todo helped Yuji stop taking this maxim for granted, greatly accelerating his progression as a sorcerer.[13]

Applying Cursed Energy

Yuji channeling cursed energy into his fists.

Applying cursed energy to physical attacks can be as effective as a cursed technique when it comes to gifted combatants who prefer close quarters. Yuji can fight on par with that of a grade 1 sorcerer without a technique due to his seemly union of cursed manipulation and physical prowess.[14] Satoru Gojo was also able to successfully overpower multiple special grade curses using only cursed energy manipulation after deactivating his Limitless technique.[15]

Powerful cursed spirits such as can utilize raw cursed energy as an explosive energy field to attack. The Finger Bearers Yuji and Megumi battled could launch their energy as a projectile or erect cursed energy barriers.[16]

Aoi Todo reinforcing his body with cursed energy.

Defensively, cursed energy coat their skin in cursed energy to harden their body and increase their ability to block incoming curse related attacks.[17] The same application can be used offensively. Imbuing physical attacks with cursed energy will increase their destructive power to superhuman levels. Aoi Todo crushed a cruse, several trees, and broke through Yuji's defense with a single cursed energy infused punch.[18]

Conventional weapons can also be infused with cursed energy to increase their strength. Imbuing too much cursed energy at one time to a normal weapon and compromise its integrity and destroy it, so a sorcerer must only infuse a little energy at a time.[19] Imbuing moderate amounts cursed energy overtime can transform a normal weapon into a cursed tool.[20]

Black Flash

Main Article: Black Flash

Black Flash is a phenomenon of jujutsu where a spatial distortion is born as a result of the application of cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. The distortion causes cursed energy to flash black, more than doubling the destructive power of a normal hit. There is no sorcerer who can use it at will, but those who have unleashed Black Flash gain an advanced understanding of cursed energy far beyond those who have not.[21]

Reverse Cursed Energy

Main Article: Reverse Cursed Technique

Cursed Energy is born from negativity, so human flesh can't be regenerated from it even if it can be reinforced. By multiplying negative energy together, positive reverse cursed energy can be created. This can only be done using a reverse cursed technique, which requires extremely complex and sophisticated cursed energy control.[22]

Vows and Risk

A sorcerer divulging their technique increases their risk and makes it more powerful as a result.

Alongside emotion, risk is a key factor that can affect cursed energy. The greater the risk to the user the more their cursed energy will react. It is believed that the fastest way to raise one's level as a sorcerer is a Binding Vow with their life as the trade off. Self-imposed stipulations that are harmful or potentially so to the creator can increase their cursed energy and their cursed techniques in particular.

For example the rules of a sorcerer's cursed technique establish the general parameters of an ability, and the activation requirements which determine the circumstances in which said ability can be used. By willingly divulging these rules, the user incurs more risk to themselves. Due to the negative emotions induced by potential repercussions, cursed energy grows in response and makes the cursed technique more effective.

Nanami's cursed energy rising after limiting it for most of the day.

This concept also applies to why normal humans can suddenly see curses in a life or death situation. Human senses are heightened when their life is danger because of the the instinctive fight or fight reflex. The same concept applies someone's ability to sense curses. A normal human's cursed energy will rise if their life is in danger of being cursed, allowing them to perceive it.

A jujutsu practitioner can increase the overall power of their individual cursed techniques by self-imposing further restrictions that force more conditions on the user. Kento Nanami's pact restricts the amount of cursed energy he use while on the clock at work. Once his overtime begins, Nanami receives an influx of cursed energy much greater than he would have had if he didn't restrict himself.[23] Mei Mei's Bird Strike forces a crow to commit suicide with it's cursed energy limiter being removed as a tradeoff, resulting in a much more powerful attack.[24]

Kokichi's Heavenly Restriction trading a healthy body for boundless cursed energy.

Applying conditions to abilities to increase their effectiveness goes for barrier techniques as well as innate techniques. By going against the fundamentals of casting barrier techniques and staying outside their own curtain, the caster increases the risk of being noticed and increases the barrier's strength. The more obvious the caster's location, the stronger the barrier[25]

There are a few cases of Heavenly Restrictions has reduced someone's cursed energy to low levels with increase physical attributes as the trade off. Toji Zenin's Heavenly Restriction in the only one in the world that eliminates cursed energy from his body completely in return for unparalleled superhuman strength, speed, and senses.[26] The opposite, trading physical health for cursed energy is also true. Kokichi Muta was born with a fragile physical body and was given expansive cursed energy that spans a wide range in return.[27]


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