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A Cursed Corpse ( (じゅ) (がい) Jugai?) is a nonliving object that has been endowed with a curse, allowing it to gain self-control. They can appear naturally as hostile creatures, but more often used as dolls and puppets for sorcerers.


Cursed corpses are defined as inanimate objects possessed by a curse that is capable of standing on its own. These types of curses that appear naturally are hostile to humans.[1] Artificial cursed corpses created by sorcerers have a core that acts as their heart, allowing them to act independently from their creator until the cursed energy used to fuel them runs out.[2]


Masamichi Yaga and his many doll-like cursed corpses.

Masamichi Yaga, the foremost practitioner of puppet jujutsu, was believed to create cursed corpses capable of following a set of pre-determined commands.

However, Yaga was could also able create independent cursed corpses that produce their own cursed energy. He developed the first Abrupt-Mutated Cursed Corpse: Abrupt-Mutated Cursed Corpse: Panda. Panda was born completely sentient and possesses three cores. Each of Panda's cores possesses unique traits, allowing him to switch between them and alter his physical shape at will, making him the most complex cursed corpse to exist.[3]

Around the time of Panda's birth, Yaga was detained due to the dangerous potential an independent cursed corpse presents. The jujutsu higher-ups feared that he could create an army if he so desired and nearly placed an indefinite restraint on him. This did not occur, likely due to the influence of Satoru Gojo. However, jujutsu headquarters used the Shibuya Incident as an excuse to pressure Yaga. They threatened to execute him if he did not reveal the secret to developing independent cursed corpses.

Takeru, an independent cursed corpse developed with Kusakabe's nephew's soul information.

Yaga had developed many independent cursed corpses with self-sufficient cursed energy other than Panda. Rather than an army, he made a family of harmless dolls that live in a forest protected by Tengen.

One of the aforementioned dolls was Takeru, a cursed corpse created with the soul information from Atsuya Kusakabe's nephew to help his sister's emotional state. Yaga made sure that this remained a secret because it could never get out that independent cursed corpses existed. This was proven when he was originally interrogated for creating Panda. Yaga felt that his ability was a curse and kept it a secret until his final moments, and used his final words to pass on the curse from himself to Principal Gakuganji.

Kokichi Muta controlling several Mechamaru puppets.

To create an independent cursed corpse, a sorcerer must replicate soul information from physical information, then input that into cursed corpse cores. Additionally, the creator must put cores containing three compatible souls into one cursed corpse and have them constantly observe each other. Eventually, that will stabilize each of the souls and grant the cursed corpse self-awareness. Within three months' time, the Abrupt Mutated Cursed Corpse will also gain the ability to replenish its own cursed energy.[4]

Kokichi Muta's Puppet Manipulation technique allows him to control his Mechamaru cursed corpses. Mechamarus are much more humanoid in shape and lethal in purpose than most of Yaga's creations. Kokichi can control numerous cursed corpses over an extremely wide range due to his Heavenly Restriction.[5] Kokichi was also able to develop a gigantic cursed corpse that served as a mecha for him to pilot in battle.[6]

List of Cursed Corpses

Image Creator Description
Panda's three cores (Anime).png Masamichi Yaga Panda is an "Abrupt-Mutated Cursed Corpse" that was born sentient and possesses three cores. By switching between them, Panda can change the shape of his body and augment his abilities.
Principal Yaga and Cathy (Anime).png Masamichi Yaga Cathy is one of Principal Yaga's many dolls. It is extremely resistant to attacks, able to absorb the blows, and use the kinetic energy to bounce around the area from the recoil.
Gojo with one of Principal Yaga's dolls.png Masamichi Yaga Tsukamoto is another one of Yaga's dolls used by Gojo to help train Yuji to control his cursed energy. The doll sleeps when cursed energy is used on it, but attacks whenever it awakens.
Mechamaru reveals he is Semi Grade 1 (Anime).png Kokichi Muta

Ultimate Mechamaru is Kokichi's puppet of choice. He used Mechamaru as his proxy while attending Kyoto Jujutsu High since he was physically unable to do so himself. It is armed with a wide array of abilities and attacks generated from Kokichi's cursed energy.

MechamaruAbsoluteP.png Kokichi Muta Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute a gigantic armored puppet version of Mechamaru that is manned directly by Kokichi using the cockpit area hidden in Mechamaru's head. Capable of discharging years' worth of cursed energy at a time with special grade levels of output. Also has a technique charge function that allows the user to upload cursed techniques.
Shibuya Tollgate.png Masamichi Yaga Yaga deployed a team of cursed corpses during the Shibuya Incident to protect Shoko Ieiri's medical tent. Her base of operations was stationed at one of the tollgates with cursed corpses patrolling it. At least four dolls were utilized for surveillance and security purposes.
Yaga's independent cursed corpses.png Masamichi Yaga Yaga developed several independent cursed corpses in secret. They reside in a forest protected by Master Tengen. One of them is Takeru, who was made from the soul information of Kusakabe's nephew.


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