The Cursed Child Arc is a prequel arc in Akutami Gege's Jujutsu Kaisen. It covers the story from Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School series, taking place 1 year before the series story.


Enrollment to the School

Gojo is talking with the higher ups of the college, about Yuta wanting to be executed in isolation. Gojo says that Yuta is a minor, but the higher ups say that Yuta has a powerful curse attached to him. Gojo then tells the higher ups that Yuta should he enrolled to the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School.

In November of 2016, Yuta is being bulled by some classmates when the cursed spirit attached to Yuta, Rika, grabs the bullies and stuffs them into a locker.[1]

At the school, Panda, Toge, and Maki talk about the new transfer student and the incident that had happened to him. Gojo meets with Yuta and finds out that Yuta had tried to kill himself but Rika has gotten in the way. Gojo says that Yuta is pretty depressed when through he is going to start school soon, which Yuta replies that he is not going since he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Gojo explains to Yuta that he can learn to hardness the power of his curse and use it to help save others.

Later Gojo meets with Maki, Panda, and Toge in the classroom and informs them that Yuta will be joining them today. As Yuta enters the room, the three notice the curse that is attached to him and prepare to attack him while he is introducing himself. As Yuta wonders what is going on, which Maki explains that this school is no place for someone that is cursed. Gojo explains how curses are created and that the school trains people to deal with curses. Gojo then tells the three to back away from Yuta, but Rika shows up and attacks the three. After this happens, Gojo explains to the three how Yuta was cursed by his childhood from, Rika, after she was killed.[2] After explaining Yuta situation, Gojo introduces Maki, Toge, and Panda to Yuta and what they are capable of, except for Panda.

First Mission

Once all the introductions are done, Gojo informs the four that their class assignment will be to work in pairs. Toge and Panda will be working together, while Yuta and Maki will be the other pair. As Yuta tries to get on good terms with Maki, but Maki just insults Yuta which Panda and Toge tells Maki that she is going to far. Panda then apologizes for Maki's behavior, but Yuta says that its alright since what she said is mostly true.

Afterwards, Gojo brings Maki and Yuta to an elementary school were two kids have gone missing. As Yuta wonders why they are going at the school, which Maki and Gojo explain that curses are created at places that have negative emotions attached to them.[3] Gojo then puts up a screen and leaves the two to handle the curses within the school.

When the screen comes down, the two encounter three cursed spirits. Maki takes out all three cursed spirits, and the two then head inside the school. As they explore the school, Maki notices that their are cursed spirits all around them but they are not attacking. Maki wonders if it is because of Yuta, and asks to see his rank but is surprised that Yuta is a special grade shaman. Yuta points to behind Maki, which Maki finds out that their is a large cursed spirit behind her. The cursed spirit attacks them and quickly eats both Maki and Yuta.

Inside the spirit, Maki is complaining that about how they were swallowed by a cursed spirit. Maki asks if Rika is going to protect him, but Yuta replies that he doesn't know when Rika will show up. Maki then says that they will just have to wait for the others to come rescue them. Suddenly they notice the two kids that went missing, which Maki notices that the kids could die any moment. As Yuta says that they have to say the kids, but Maki falls unconscious and Yuta notices that Maki has been cursed. As Yuta wonders what to do, Maki wakes up and asks Yuta why he even join the school. Yuta explains how he doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore, he wants to make a connection with someone, and that he wants the confidence to feel that its okay to live. Maki then tells Yuta to exorcise cursed spirits and that other stuff comes later. Yuta then puts on the ring that he gave Rika when she was still alive, which Rika is summoned and attacks the cursed spirit. Gojo sees the power of Rika and comments just how powerful Rika is. After Rika finishes dealing with the cursed spirit, she notices that Yuta is gone. Yuta is making his way out of the screen, while carrying Maki and the two kids.

Once Yuta makes it out of the screen with the others, Gojo has them all taken to a hospital. After getting everyone treated, Gojo informs Yuta that the other will be fine. Gojo senses that something is wrong with Yuta, which Yuta says that that was the first time that he had summoned Rika and that he understands that he was the one that most likely cursed Rika. Yuta then says that he will release Rika's curse at the magic technical school.

Partnering with a Spellcaster

Sometime later, Gojo meets with the high-ups about how he let Rika out during a mission. As they complain that Rika could have destroy the area, but Gojo says that he would have stop her. Gojo also says that they don't know anything about Rika and that they have to fine out what Rika is capable of. The higher-up tell Gojo that Yuta execution is still only on hold, which Gojo tells them that he will side with Yuta when that time comes. After leaving the meeting, Gojo comments about how he doesn't want to become like them and that its unforgivable to steal the youth from a kids.

Gojo then meets up with Yuta, who is currently training with Maki, as Panda and Toge watch. Yuta remembers when Gojo told him how he will dispel the curse of Rika, and was given a katana in that matter.[4] Yuta continue his training with Maki, which Maki easily defeats Yuta. Gojo talks with Panda and Toge about how Yuta has change after 3 months at being at the school. Panda also realizes that Maki has warmed up to Yuta, and after talking with Yuta tells Maki that she has a chance with him. Maki then gets into an argument with Panda about how it is all a misunderstanding. As Panda and Maki argue, Gojo tells Toge that he has been assigned a cursed spirit to deal with. As Yuta is confused by this, Panda informs Yuta that Toge is the only one of the first years that can handle a mission solo. Gojo also tells Yuta that he will be going along to observe Toge, since their are many ways to exorcise cursed spirits as their are shamans. As Gojo also tells Yuta to not let Rika out, since Rika might go out of control.

Later Kiyotaka bring Toge and Yuta to the Hapina Shopping Distract, and informs then what the situation at the shopping distract is. Suddenly they notice that Toge is gone, which they find out that he had went and brought some throat medicine. Afterwards, Toge and Yuta enter the shopping distract while Kiyotaka puts up a screen around the shopping distract. Once inside, they are suddenly swarmed by a large amount of cursed spirits. As Yuta worries that their are to many of them, Toge uses one word to exorcise them all. As Yuta sees this, Yuta remember what Gojo told him about what a cursed word are. As Toge says something, Yuta notices that Toge's voice has withered and figures that that is what the throat medicine is for. As the two go to leave, they notices that they can't since the screen has not been lifted.

Suddenly another Cursed Spirit appears behind them, which Yuta notices that it is different from the others. As the cursed spirit attacks, Toge pushes Yuta out of the way but is hurt in the process. Toge uses his technique on the cursed spirit, but can only twist the cursed spirit's arm. The cursed spirit attacks Toge, which Yuta manages to rescue Toge. Yuta brings Toge to a safe location, but leaves the throat medicine behind. Yuta wonders why that Cursed Spirit is their but remembers that Toge was hurt. Yuta asks if he is okay, which Toge simply fixes his fingers that were broken. Yuta notices that the cursed spirit is not looking for them and thinks about how they will have to exorcise it in order to leave. Yuta notices that Toge is leaving and asks if he is okay, which Toge simply stops Yuta. Yuta figures that Toge is going to go alone, which Yuta says that he will be fine and that they will do this together.

As Yuta confronts the cursed spirit, the cursed spirit senses Rika and become agitated. Yuta notices that the cursed spirit is agitated and stays focus as he gathers cursed energy onto his blade. As Yuta dodges all of the cursed spirit's attacks, he thinks about how nice of a guy Toge is. As Yuta attacks the cursed spirit, he notices that the cursed spirit is to strong for him to exorcise and is hit by the cursed spirit. Yuta realizes that Toge is strong enough to exorcise the cursed spirit, and get the throat medicine to Toge. After Toge uses the medicine, Toge uses his technique to exorcise the cursed spirit. Toge checks on Yuta, which Yuta tells him that he is fine. Yuta then thinks about how he want to be more helpful to everyone, since he will be a normal human once he undoes the curse on Rika. Above them, someone is watching the two and comments about how he wanted to see Rika. The guy also hopes to meet Yuta again, since he has to return his ID, that the spirit on his should had taken.

Later Yuta meet with Panda, which Panda informs Yuta about how hard of a life Toge has had since he was born with the cursed words technique. Panda also says that Toge is a nice guy and was also worried about Yuta. Suddenly Maki shows up and says that its time for them to train. Yuta says that he is having trouble with applying cursed energy to his sword, but Maki replies that she can't help him. Elsewhere, Kiyotaka informs Gojo about what had happened during the mission. Gojo comments about how he already know that culprit, who interfered with the mission, and that it the worst kind of shaman, Geto Suguru.[5]

The Worst Kind of Shaman

At a certain place, Geto helps a woman that is possessed by a cursed spirit by using his technique to remove it from her. After Geto exorcises the cursed spirit, the woman and her mother are truly great full for his help. Once the two leave, Geto insults the two but his assistance calls him out for it. The assistance also says that the leaders have gathered, which Geto is excited about. Suddenly Kanemori shows up and tells Geto to exorcise him already, which Geto asks about Kanemori. Geto asks what is the situation with Kanemori, which his assistance says that Kanemori has donated any money within have a year. Geto comments that Kanemori is done, which confuses Kanemori. Geto explains how their are two types of monkeys that are useful to him, ones to collect money and ones that collects cursed spirits. Geto says that Kanemori is one of the ones that collects money, and kills him after explaining this. After killing Kanemori, Geto meets with the leaders of his Organisation. As Geto meets with the leaders, he explains that are going to make a paradise with shamans by first taking down the magic college.[6]

At the Tokyo School, Yuta senses something but the others dismiss it. Elsewhere, Masamichi meets with Gojo and comments about how they can't find Geto. Masamichi asks if Gojo is just worrying to much, but Gojo says that he knows that the sense of Geto's technique was at the site that Toge and Yuta was at. Suddenly Masamichi notices Geto's presence and tells all first grade shamans to gather at the front of the school. At the front of the school Maki, Toge, and Panda comment about how Yuta was right, as they watch Geto land with a large pelican cursed spirit. As Maki, Toge, and Panda get ready to fight, but worn the intruders to leave before Yuta get angry. Geto quickly greets Yuta, much to the shocked of the other three. Geto also says that he need Yuta help in kill all non shaman, to create a world for only shamans.

Suddenly Gojo, Masamichi, and other shamans show up. Gojo tells Geto to stop pushing his ideas onto his students, and to get away from them. Geto comments about how Geto is in charge of the first year students that were exceptional, but says that Maki failure of the four. Yuta hears this and tells Geto that he won't help anyone that insults his friends. Gojo then asks why Geto is here, which Geto says that is declaring war and is going to unleash a thousand cursed spirits Shinjuku,Tokyo and Kyoto.[7] Suddenly one of Geto's companion, Nanako, says that the store is about to close, which Geto says that they have to leave. As Geto and his companions are getting ready to leave, but Gojo says that he won't let them leave. Geto summons multiple cursed spirits to attack the college, while he and his companions leave.

After Geto leaves and the college has finished with the cursed spirits, the shamans have a meeting on who Geto is, what his technique is capable of, and how dangerous he might have become. After explaining everything, Masamichi tells everyone that this time they will exorcise the curse known as Suguru Geto.

The Day of the Hyakki Yakkou

On December 24, Geto invades the college and comments about how he doesn't have a chance at winning against the college unless he kills Yuta and takes possession of Rika.[8] Geto also comments about how his plan was not start a war, but to get everyone shaman away from Yuta so that he can kill him.

Inside of the school, Yuta is sitting in a classroom when Maki walks in. Maki wonders why Yuta is in the classroom, Yuta replies that he just couldn't calm down since no one was in the dorms. Maki understands since the others were sent on a mission to back up the shamans as they fight Geto's forces. Maki sees Yuta expression and tells him to just asks why Geto called her a failure. Yuta says that he does want to know, which Maki explains how she was born from one of three clan of the Jujutsu world but she was born without the ability to see curses.[9] Yuta then asks why she is still a Shaman, which Maki explains how she wants to return to the Zenin Clan as a first grade shaman and then destroy it from the inside. Yuta says that that is just like her and that he wants to be a shaman like her. Yuta also says that he will help her out, which Maki says that that will only work if she doesn't it alone. Maki then leaves, but tells herself to not go feeling that she is accepted all the while blushing.Suddenly Geto puts up a screen, which both Yuta and Maki notices this.

In Shinjuku, as the shamans prepare to fight Geto's forces, one of Geto's companions reminds another that their are just the distraction until Geto is finished. Back at the college, Maki confronts Geto but Geto says that he doesn't have time for her while summoning a cursed spirit. In Shinjuku, Gojo notices that Geto is no at the front line and wonders were he is at, when Kiyotaka comes and informs Gojo about what he found out about Yuta. After listening to this, Gojo grabs Panda and Toge and sends them back to the college, while also telling them that they have to protect Maki and Yuta since Geto is most likely at the college right now. Geto's companions notices that Geto has figured out that Geto is at the college, and calls Mimiko and Nanako to start the operation. Miguel then confronts Gojo, but Gojo says that he is busy now.

As Toge and Panda arrives at the college, they notice that it is surrounded by a screen and quickly breaks into it. Geto notices that someone has broken into the Screen, but thinks that it should be a while for them to reach his location. Suddenly Panda breaks through a wall to Geto's location and attacks Geto, but Geto easily forces Panda to the ground. Panda quickly grabs Geto, which allows Toge to use his technique to crush Geto. As the two decides to check up on Maki, but Geto suddenly shows up from the hole Toge crushed him into. Geto easily defeats the two, and comments about how shaman coming to the add of other shaman is exactly the world he wants to create.

Yuta comes across Geto's location and finds that Panda, Toge, and Maki have all been defeated. Yuta gets angry and summons Rika. Geto summon multiple cursed spirit to attack the two, but Yuta has Rika quickly rescue his friends and brings them to safety. Yuta then uses his technique to heal his friends, which Rika gets jealous of Maki and grabs her. Yuta tells Rika that he owes Maki a lot and to treat her carefully, which Rika puts her down and apologizes. Yuta then tells Rika that Geto is the enemy that he hates, which Rika says that she hates him too.

As Yuta prepares to fight Geto, Yuta wonders why Geto hasn't attacked yet. Geto comments about how to heal while using cursed energy and that they he didn't attack to let Yuta concentrate. Geto then launches multiple cursed spirits at Yuta, but Yuta uses Rika power to mimic the Inumaki's clan technique and destroy then all. Geto sees this and figures that Rika's technique is an endless mass of cursed energy that can be shaped at will.[10] As Geto comments about how much he wants Rika, Yuta comments about how amazing his friends are and says that he will crush Geto to pieces.

In Shinjuku, Kiyotaka confronts Mimiko and Nanako and tries to get them to stop. Mimiko and Nanako explain the hardship that they faced as shamans in the countryside, and that Geto is the one that help them. Mimiko and Nanako express how they will get rid of anyone that is in Geto's way, Miguel suddenly comes crashing to their location. Miguel is fight Gojo, which Gojo notices that Miguel's rope has a curse woven in it is disturbing his technique. A Cursed Spirit goes to attack Gojo, but Gojo easily defeats it. Everyone sees this and figure that Gojo is angry, while Miguel also thinks about what Gojo technique is capable of.

Back at the college, Geto prepares to fight Yuta while commenting about the state that Yuta is in. As Yuta attacks Geto, Geto manages to defend himself against Yuta's attacks. Geto manages to get the advantage, but Riko pulls Yuta away from Geto. Geto suddenly expresses what his desire is, in creating a shaman only world. Yuta then continues to fight again, which Geto notices that Yuta has gotten faster. As Yuta pours more cursed energy into his sword, the sword breaks. Geto starts to lecture Yuta, but Yuta simply punches him. Yuta suddenly tells Geto that he doesn't know if Geto is right or wrong, but all he wants to do is keep being with his friends. Geto comments about what Yuta wants, and then summons a special grade cursed spirits. Geto also combines the rest of his cursed spirit into a single cursed spirit that he will thrown at Yuta. As Geto tells Yuta that he is glad that he decided to kill Yuta before he can fully control Rika. Yuta then thanks Rika for everything that she has done for him and says that he will give her everything if she helps him defeat Geto, then kills her. Yuta get excited and more powerful, which Geto realizes that Yuta has removed the limits of the curse. Yuta and Geto release their attacks, which results in a large blast.

After the conflict, Geto is limping away while being wounded. Geto comments about how powerful Rika truly is, and says that he will obtain her next time. Suddenly Gojo shows up, which Geto asks about his comrades. Gojo says that they have all run away, and that Geto had given them the order to run away. Geto says that he is nice while Geto sent Panda and Toge to be defeat and have Yuta power explode. Gojo says that he knew that Geto would not kill them. Geto is amused that Gojo still trusts them, and then returns Yuta ID card that he had taken. Gojo then asks if Geto has any last words, which Geto says that he hate the humans but doesn't hate anyone from the college and that he can't laugh from the bottom of his heart in a world like this. Gojo then deals with Geto.

Elsewhere, Yuta wakes up and finds Maki, Toge, and Panda above him. Yuta asks if they are okay, which they say that they are okay. Rika calls out to Yuta, while Yuta apologizes in keeping her waiting and gets up. Maki asks what is going on, which Yuta replies that he made a deal with Rika to go with her if she help defeat Geto. The three asks why he did that, which Rika suddenly turns to a human form. As they are confused at what had happened, Gojo shows up and says that the dispelling is complete. Gojo also says that they has check up on Yuta, and found out that Yuta is a distant relative of his along as a descendant of Sugawara-no-Michizane.[11] Gojo then tells Yuta that he was the one that had cursed Rika when she had died. Gojo also explains how the cursed was undone. As Yuta start to think about everything that has happened with Rika and those that she has hurt is his fault, but Rika hugs Yuta and expresses how the 6 years she was with Yuta was the happiest she had been. Rika then bids Yuta farewell and passes on.

Sometime later, Gojo tells Yuta that its not his fault that Geto had invaded the college since Geto would have done it even if Yuta was not here. Gojo also gives Yuta is ID card back, and says that it was found by his best friend. The two then meet up with Maki, Panda, and Toge, and then Yuta leaves with them.

Jujutsu Battle & Events


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